ZZJacketen.com Review – Is ZZJacketen-com Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | November 19, 2019

What Is ZZJacketen.com – Is ZZJacketen.com a Fake Canada Goose Vendor?

There is no evidence to suggest that ZZJacketen.com is associated legally with the brand name of Canada Goose. Furthermore, we have located several online e-stores using the name ‘Canada Goose’ but in reality they are selling counterfeit versions, if they send you out anything. Those that gave payment info should contact their payment provider immediately as we believe ‘ZZJacketen’ is a scam and not legit. Read our review below to find out why.

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do not login into www.zzjacketen.com!





ZZJacketen.com on Why they are a Scam.

  • So ZZJacketen.com is running a Black Friday Sale for fake Canada Goose goods along with all the other fake sites online. Beware of Social Media as they appear not to have control over scam-ads cropping up everywhere. There is now a 3-dotted reporting function for all ads you see, so if you got scammed via a Facebook Ad etc, then do report that to them and to us below in our comments or really anywhere on our website at scamwitness.com.
  • We will now declare why we are saying ‘ZZJacketen’ is a fake and not a real store. We begin to go to WHOIS and see they registered their site on the 2019/10/04 for one year. That is not very long and we expect legit businesses to be registering for a lot long. Closer to about 5 years or more.
  • It can take up to 2 years to make ends meet when you begin to work on your own business. So 1 year is more typical of a hit-and-run site than of anything else. We must always look out for the work from home entrepreneurs who earn commissions from home though. We are confident that is not the case this time.
  • NO founder name, email address, phone number or real business address was left. Only we know they appear to be from the USA. That is all. How are customers meant to contact them about their orders? We have to go to their website to see what they have left for us.
  • Now we see they have have some people working in a factory and a very unhappy looking boss. Not the kind of ‘inspirational’ promotional materiel that would make the grade to impress others for sales.
  • Anyways, they are saying they are authorized dealers of Canada Goose? That is what all their fake sites say. However, that image that says they are safe and legit is not clickable. That is only eye-candy to convince people they are legit that are quickly glancing over their site on first impressions.
  • There is nothing in their ‘CONTACT US’ page by means of any real contact. Only they have a phishing form that will be no doubt to phish you for your information.
  • Cyber-crooks are notorious for phishing people with those contact forms. There is no phone number for customer service, eve we have found many fake e-stores without an email address and ‘ZZJacketen’ is no different.
  • No found name and also where is their business address? Do they not have offices to run the logistics and promotion of their products? Have they no warehouses to make and process orders? So this is all very typical of a fake site.
  • Their social sharing icons do not link off to any of their social media pages or groups. So it appears they have not such extensions to their sites promotional means which is unusual for legit sites, but once again, this is all standard stuff for fake ones.
  • We have to ask what about the URL name? Why does a Globally Recognized Brand Name have ‘zz’ in their site address? What does it mean this ‘zz‘? So fraudulent sites do not put a lot of thought into their site name. 
  • It is only enough to put in the word ‘Jacket ‘en‘ <- which I am not sure even if that makes any sense. Point being, where you have URL’s that struggle to be logical then that is another scam sign to watch out for.





Final Thoughts.

Pretty much no forms of contact. Limited forms of contact is nearly always a sign of a fake site. Legit sites will inundate you with options and so I could not give over payment information to an e-store without knowing the above about their credentials. Otherwise I be giving over my sensitive pay info to a complete stranger online whom I have no idea is a good or ill-intentioned person. Be sure to leave your own reviews below on what you know about ZZJacketen.com.




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