What Is ZoMoney.Club – Is ZoMoney.Club Scam or Legit?

By | September 25, 2018

What Is ZoMoney. Club and is the Paid Advertising Viewing System a Paid to Click Scam Network?

You have just saved yourself from a scam site! Those asking What Is ZoMoney. Club (www.zomoney. club), Is ZoMoney Club fake, scam, crooked, dishonest or Is Zo Money Club genuine, real, legit? This ZoMoney Review will answer those questions and leave you with little doubt that they are indeed a fake and fraudulent Paid Advertising Viewing System Scam. Watch for ZuMoney. pw as well, same scam by same owner.This article will research founder and website credentials, what they offer as paid work and what really is happening behind the scenes. Lastly, I will know how they intend to trick you out of money and definitely use your work efforts and waste your time. TreMoney. Club, FotMoney. Club, TuMoney.pw, WorMoney. Club are just a few of their new ones. Check out LerMoney. XYZ for more of an extensive list.

While there is no way in Hell I would ever promote ZoMoney as legit, there are good ways to make money online. Those interested in online business, to make real money up to a full time income and more, are welcome to read How to Get Started Online and for Free. Those happy with their answer so far, and don’t want to read anymore, are welcome to sign up to my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate HERE. WA has been online since 2005 showing stay at home moms/dads/students/retirees/unemployed/everyone how to earn from home.




What Is ZoMoney. Club – The Only Review You Need.

ZoMoney.Club Site

You already have your answer on What Is ZoMoney. Club, however, this point forward this article is going to prove why they are a scam and not to be trusted. ZoMoney was created 23/09/2018 and was reported by a reader of this website in the comments section. The address supplied at the time of site registration online is ‘PANAMA’ – scammers ‘address’. Obviously, the address is incomplete and a sign of a cover up ID.

The reason why some sites will hide all of their ID is so when they are obvious to all they are fraudulent they can close the site and take all the cash. Since absolutely no one knows the founder then he, she, they can’t be pulled up on it. Legit sites that offer paid work from home on their websites nearly will always feature their founder very proudly.

Here is what I do know for sure:- They sites intention is to pass as a Paid Viewing Advertising System. That is their mantra and herald themselves as probably one of the best ways to earn online. Their is tons wrong with the login on their site per their industry and that will be exposed, as well.

The crooks behind these viral sites have been earning substantial cash from these sites since 2014. They come in three languages and they are English, Russian and German. The scam comes from Russia with many IP addresses been located across the world like UK, Russia, Germany, Canada, USA etc. Every few weeks there are dozens more to expose. Also, they pull in new members like the plague to scam and this is why I am always exposing their new sites. Maybe 200 of them has been exposed by Scam Witness.




Their Fake Work Offer and Everything That is Wrong with That.

Here is how it all works. Members sign up for free but they will never be asked to confirm who they are by email. Those that used their best email, will probably have used that email with the same passwords, for most of your online accounts. Scammers know that and so your email and data they can get on you online will be sold onto scammers in the dark web. This is very profitable for scam sites to do this. To that end, they are a phishing site.

The work is easy with 10c per catpcha and ad viewed. You can also earn 50% of your sign ups earnings. Problem here is, 10c per view is promised to all members. Where does the extra 5c a click come from if you are taking it? Now we see that the site does not have enough money to fulfill its payment promise

The average earnings a day is $50 to $300! You can make $4800 every calendar month for those that view 1000 advertisements. Problem here is no PTC site (paid to click) will ever pay that amount out. Max you will earn is about 3c on legit sites, and that is high end. Most sites will just pay you fractions of a cent which makes all PTC sites useless ways to earn anything online that is big enough to collect.

Cash Out is when you will know  you have been had! Here, when your fake earnings reach $300, you will be told to make 40 new member sign ups. This is not mentioned anywhere on their site. You can look, but its not there. Once you make those sign ups then you will be asked to pay money. Those could be about $20. Once paid you are locked out of your account or stuck where you are if you don’t pay.

Fake YouTube Videos Promoting ZoMoney Type Sites Should Be Ignored! Should you have come across videos saying they can show you how to cash out, then just know, they are the scammers behind this site. You can never ever ever ever ever cash out!!! I emphasis that because all too many times people ask me how they can get their earnings from such sites, and then I wonder why they just didn’t read my article, so then I have to write a condensed review in the comments section wasting valuable time. Those that don’t have the work ethic to do their research and read one article don’t have what it takes to Make Money Online.

What is the point of their site if it is fake – are they earning money from me?

I am afraid they are getting paid for all of your actions you have performed on their site since day one. You see, the ads are real ads from real advertisers who pay ZoMoney some very few small pennies for each ad/captcha complete. When you make new members to their site, Google sees that it is popular and so make think they are legit, and so rank them high in search engines. It takes time for any search engine or website to get reports on scam sites. I only know 100% for sure they are fake because I have been exposing this scam network for quite some time now. The founder keeps all funds and will always do so for all of their sites.



Final Thoughts.

So, I am sorry for all that bad news. I know its disappointing to read especially if you have spent some significant time looking forward to getting your earnings. I know the feeling because I have been scammed online myself a few times. Not nice. ZoMoney is one site out of 1470 English copies doing the rounds, where some have shut down, several more take their places per every one. There has never been a single report of payment from any of their sites since they were founded in 2014. Run an Anti-Virus check to make sure they did not download anything nasty to your device. ZoMoney Is A Scam Site!

Have questions on What Is ZoMoney. Club? No worries, you can ask me below in the comments section and I will be happy to help. Have a new scam site to report? Place it below and I will expose it if they haven’t been exposed already. Those seeking good and trusted online work may read up on Wealthy Affiliate or sign up HERE for your two free websites and 20 free training videos to get started in online business for real. Thanks for coming here and looking forward to all of your comments.



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