ZodBuy.com Reviw – Is ‘ZodBuy’ Scam or Legit? – Customer Reviews Here!

By | May 25, 2019

What Is ZodBuy.com – Our ‘ZodBuy’ Review.

ZodBuy.com is a new e-store that sells rugs. So, what is ‘ZodBuy’, are they a scam or honest and legit? Our short review is to see if there are indeed a fraudulent site where the prices are too-good-to-be-true? We will look up their sites business information and see if that checks out. Also, we will look for scam signs to try to determine if they are safe or not.

Those that may have made purchases from that site are welcome to leave that information in the comments right below this article. The more the online community shares what you know then we can do a very positive service to highlight bad sites, and also, to spot-light honest ones.







ZodBuy.com Review.

  • Incidentally, I used to work in a shop that sold carpets many years ago. I kinda know the quality of carpets you would expect for between 20 to 50 quid range. I see patterns that are a bit more intricate, seeming smoother material with much more intricately skilled labor for the price of this range. It does not seem right.
  • However, I am not qualified enough in this area of knowledge and so not qualified to pass an educated judgement for I fear it may be wrong. Like I said, it was many years ago.
  • So we start by looking up for founder name, business address, contact information and the age of their site. We see in WHOIS that their site was registered in 2019/03/06 and only for a year. So our first question why is their business only setting up their business for such a short time period?
  • This is a point of contention with scam sites as it follows a scam-pattern well followed by cyber-crooks. However, this point alone is not enough to say ‘scam’. It is only one point. We see that they are using a proxy address of 14455 N Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. That address is being used by many other website companies.
  • This address hides the real location of this business owners. We go to their site and we see an address of 3961 Sherwood lakes BLVD Jackson, MI 49203 United States. Google images for this address seems to show up a residential property.
  • This is a bad sign, but if we consider that we could be dealing with an honest work from e-store owner, then that is fine. But, I am also concerned that if that is the real address of the owner of this store, why leave your home address?
  • Founders Name per their own site is Christina Gilliland. Email address of christinagilady@gmail.com and we do not find a customer service phone number. When I Googled the email address then I could see their phone number in the snippet of search results. That is (304)345-2986
  • That number is now not in their ‘CONTACT US’ section and one has to ask why. Have they removed it from their site or is it located in another part of their site?
  • Positively speaking there appears to be little to know scam reports and that is a good sign. They are new and so we must always use caution with new sites. 




Final Thoughts.

So your customer reviews will yield the truth about the site in question. Those that have made purchases are welcome to let us know if you got a receipt for your purchase, tracking information that is legit, time of delivery or are you still waiting, customer support ignoring you or not?

This is not to be insulting to the site owner of the site in question but only to isolate the good sites from the positive ones.


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Don’t Forget To Report To Us Here At ScamWitness.com also anywhere on our site 🙂 . Hope this helps Guys.




That is all about ZodBuy.com and very much looking forward too your customer reviews below in the comments.




35 thoughts on “ZodBuy.com Reviw – Is ‘ZodBuy’ Scam or Legit? – Customer Reviews Here!

  1. Lawrence

    LoL, Pretty much same scenarios as below. Didn’t think to check for a scam before ordering. But anyway its been 5 days since placing an order from Zodbuy for a Rockshox bicycle fork. I got no confirmation message or any other correspondence. Zodbuy order summary still says paypal pending, so I checked my paypal summary tonight and it says item shipped and gave a usps tracking number, tracking info below. It does say under category: clothing, which is not even close to what I ordered, but we shall see if/when or what arrives. Will Update later.

    May 29, 2019, 4:15 pm
    Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item
    COMPTON, CA 90220
    Shipping Partner: DHL ECOMMERCE
    Your item departed a shipping partner facility at 4:15 pm on May 29, 2019 in COMPTON, CA 90220. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date.

    May 28, 2019, 5:18 pm
    Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item
    COMPTON, CA 90220
    Shipping Partner: DHL ECOMMERCE

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Laurence for your very informative review of Zodbuy.com. Looking forward to your update as well.

  2. Marsha

    Glad I looked this up before ordering a mini Segway which they advertise at $64.99 when everyone else is charging $249.00- $390.00 Didn’t make sense to me which is why I checked up on them. Thanks for the heads up on this scam site.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Yes, the prices too seem very off to say the least. I am glad this article was of use to you Marsha and thank you for taking the time to place a comment here.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Will for your comment and look forward to any up date you wish to share with us in the future. Thanks again and good luck with this Jackie.

  3. Shawn Dee

    It’s fraud made a order haven’t received anything but took my money.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Definitely put in for a refund if nothing has showed up and let us know if you win that dispute or not Shawn if you have the time.

  4. Courtney Covell

    I just recently made a purchase yesterday a double stroller sit an stand and now I’m seeing this site is a scam. What do i do now. Will they drain my account I’m in awe right now. 🙁

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Keep an eye on your account and question any unauthorized transactions, if any. See what happens I guess and if nothing arrives etc put in for a refund. Let us know how things go Courtney and thanks for your questions here.

  5. John Pinzone

    I bought a Netgear Router from them. Paid thru PayPal and got no confirmation of purchase other than their order # 507496. Sent a couple to E-mail to their address and again, no response. I believe this is a scam site from China

  6. j

    Ditto, ordered an NVME drive at a price too good to be true, no confirm email, no response from a request for confirmation sent to christinagilady@gmail.com. Have to conclude that this is a scam, should have heeded the inner voice that said something that seems too good to be true probably is. I also paid by paypal, and am contesting the payment now.

  7. Nick

    How is Google recommending this site? They’re offering 200$ motherboards for 60$ there is just no way unless they’re totally broken.

  8. R Almeter

    Last week (5/25) after searching Google I purchased a Delta mobile base for a drill press (mfg’s #50-345) from ZodBuy. Their listed cost was the lowest of all the others listed by $25.00 . I paid via PayPal to ensure I could dispute it if it were a scam. I never received any email confirmation on the purchase or a tracking number from ZodBuy.com. After the purchase I Googled for he same item but this time the offer from ZodBuy does not appear. I tried a search of the item # from my google statement and mfg’s p/n on their web site and nothing comes up. The item # they give me in the pay pal statement is listed as clothing when in fact it should be listed as a tool or hardware for a drill press (50-345). I have tried several time to log into the account I created but I’m getting rejected. When I try to reset the password I get no email reply for a reset. After reading the other posts with the same exact results I contacted Pay Pal and opened a dispute with ZodBuy.com. It appears that this site is some kind of Scam. The phone # listed above (304)345-2986 has been disconnected.

  9. richard k fettig

    yes I thing a scam bought a router base for 70.00 have not heard a thing from them just lookin now what a fool I am lucky I used paypal

  10. sarada gollamudi

    I have purchased “Prismapremier Color pencils 150 set” on Zodbuy using Paypal. I have used my debit card to make the purchase. So far there is no response from them. I tried calling the phone number and sent emails to the email id listed on the website as well as 1686864589@qq.com listed on the order. There is no response so far. I will try contacting my bank and Paypal to see if they can help me get the money back. Not reliable.


    I purchased an item last week (not a rug) and paid via PayPal to ensure I could dispute it if it were a scam. At this point, I’m leaning toward the fact it is a scam simply because I have not received any email confirmation on my purchase nor for signing up for an account on their page… Strike 1. I have emailed them through their website as well as to the email address listed on their page however have received a reply yet… Strike 2. Lastly the PayPal transaction goes to: Jiu Jiang PIN Yue Mao Yi You Xian G, obviously a foreign name… Strike 3. I’ll most likely be contacting PayPal this week for a refund.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you C. Thompson for your scam report regarding Zodbuy.com. Sorry you are having this trouble and thank you for taking the time to report them to us.

  12. Blake Laney

    I purchased a bike (EuroBike- xc550 road bike) I search Google for that bike. eBay offered the bike for 199$ zodbuy.com offered it for only 69.99 no brainer I purchased through zodbuy.com didn’t receive any receipt. I’ve emailed the laddys email from the site no response. Paying for the bike I went through a PayPal setup. And payment went through Charged my card for it. And haven’t received anything like a tracking number or anything….. So it’s been a week now. So I’m going to my bank tomorrow to report the fraud.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          You can always put in for a refund with your payment provider and don’t feel bad as there are tens of thousands of people daily being ripped off by sophisticated scams. Thank you JB for taking the time to report to us your experience and you are welcome to leave any updates going forward.

  13. S. guetersloh

    search on Google Shopping for western digital hard drive: WDBS4B0020BBL-WESN
    and a link to zodbuy.com comes up with pricing that is 50% of everyone else.


    Going to zodbuy you see a “rug” company. and you cannot search for the hard drive from the zodbuy site. however, if you are on the link that was redirected from Goggle Shopping, zodbuy allows you to add this item to your card and will charge you for it.

    Pretty suspect, I must say

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Indeed S. Guetersloh. Very much so. I could not see anything other than rugs on their site. Thank you kindly for reporting this illuminating information about ZodBuy.com and also for being the first to open up this discussion. Much appreciated ~ Philip.


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