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By | February 9, 2019

Find Out What Is Zevymo.com at www.zevymo.com Before You Get Scammed.

You are welcome to our answer on What Is Zevymo.com found at www.zevymo.com. Is Zevymo com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, dishonest or Is Zeveymo Legit, honest, genuine, safe and real. This www ZevyMo com Review is a scam alert. That is your answer, they are not legit. Please leave your own reviews below this article to help warn others. Seek a refund and get your card cancelled. Below is why they are not legit and then you can decide for yourself.ย 

Many shopping sites are being made daily that are coming out of China. This is where most of these fake e-stores are coming from. They appear to have the ability to manufacture, or purchase, very cheap goods, shoddy goods, inferior wears and you may receive damaged, stolen or counterfeit products for your hard earned cash.

These cyber-crooks may send you out something that could only be worth $1 or $5 but nothing close to what you paid for, usually. Worse case scenario is that they will send you out nothing at all or some kind of empty parcel. The ’empty parcel’ trick is only to produce a legit tracking number to win pay disputes. Unfortunately, even when bad sites have been reported to payment providers (somehow) they can side with the scammers.


Scam Or Legit Reviews



The Only Review You Need On What Is Zevymo.com.

Still waiting on your order? Perhaps support has stopped responding to you or ignored you from the beginning? Maybe your tracking code is not real? Whatever your reasons for looking for this review on What Is Zevymo.com – your suspicions are well founded. Below is our own research to alert to why they are not a good site. Real and honest businesses will make available contact information, who the owner is and where they are located. This is pretty standard info to have available, but, scam sites will try to deceive on these points.



Watch out for www.zevymo.com!


The start of this sites life began online in 2018/11/16 and they only invested just one year to make it online. That is our first scam sign. The usual patter for honest e-stores is that they will invest for many years with their own online business. Sites that go for only one or two years is indicative of hit-and-run scams.

Address is 96 Mowat Ave, Toronto, ON, CA and that is an address that is being used by many other sites. So, that is their address and scammers will try to hide behind any address not to be found.

Founder name is not listed and that is normal for fake sites. There is no email address listed and so we have an intentional cover up. We have to go to their site now to see if they have left anything of this nature.

1380 Boul. Rene-Levesque O. Montreal Quebec H3G 0E4. Quick Google search on that address and we can see that it is an apartment. That is not their address either as businesses do not have apartment addresses as their biz location.

support@zevymo.com is their support email. ย I see that they have put 1390 Rene-Levesque etc as their address in their ‘ABOUT US’ page. Typo? Perhaps, but it is definitely a lot different to the address they have at their sites registration. Where we find multiple addresses then that is a sign that your order could be coming out side of your own country.




ZevyMo Scam Signs.

At this moment they have completely failed the identity test. No one really knows who the owner is, where they are really based. Those that have received packages may notice an address on it – you are welcome to share that in the comments to shed more light on this popular scam site.

So, lets get on with the scam signs. Knowing some of these could potentially save you from any future scams.

  • No founder name.
  • Multiple addresses.
  • Prices-too-good-to-be-true.
  • Their About Us Section verbiage is the same as another site I will be exposing soon. How can two companies, that appear completely different, ‘coincidentally’ use word-for-word paragraphs in the same sections of their sites. I mean, what are the odds of that? So they must own that site as well. And since we know for sure that Zevymo is not a good site, so it follows, the other must also be a scam.
  • They have made an error, or deliberately try to confuse people, on their address as they have submitted it in the ABOUT US section and CONTACT US section.
  • The pop-up showing sales is far too frequent and I see that with many other fake online stores. It is to pressurize you into making a purchase in case stock runs out.
  • In their Terms and Conditions we see that “the company” is owned by Canadia Media Buyers Incorporated. There is a site called canadianmediabuyers.com Google regarding that company. Sometimes when scammers shut down old sites, they will simply copy and paste, to make a new site. Point being, they may forget to take out the old sites name in various sections. I see it happen often. I don’t know right now if that canadianmediabuyers.com is a scam or their potentially good name being used by scammers. Stay tuned for more on that point.




How The Scam Typically Runs.

Here is how these kinds of fake sites get so popular and con so many people so fast. Social Media has had a mass migration of fake e-stores in all niches using their platforms. The scammers pay their ad fees and that is it – they are now mass targeting many people

For some odd and very strange reasons, people trust social media platforms, and assume that all ads are vetted and secure sites. That is so far removed from the actual reality I wonder if one day these sites will get hid hard by fines.

I said exactly that to a friend of mine just two days ago. He laughed at me! LOL – ๐Ÿ™‚ . I asked him what was so funny, and here is what he said.


Those platforms do not care if people are being scammed so long as they get their ad fees. ‘You’ think they are afraid to pay fines? They have the money!! It does not matter if they have to pay a fine of 100 million or 1 billion, they can pay it like its nothing, and still make it back quickly on those ad fees and continue!


I ‘like‘ to think I am not easily stumped. But he got me good on that one! What are your thoughts about scam ads circulating across all of social media? What should be done? Should we even boy-cot platforms for one day, week? I would love to hear from you on this point as there is many complaints online, and at scamwitness.com, about this situation.

Anyways, social media is but one place where many people are clicking on fake ads and getting re-directed to scam sites. Since it seems like half the world is hanging out on social media – it is prime hunting grounds for cyber-crooks.

Once there they may make a purchase. Now they have just given their payment information to scammers who may randomly charge their card for sport. Please keep an eye on your account and alert your bank to this situation.

After payment did you receive a receipt? Pay Taxes on your order? Is your tracking code working? These are three very common errors by scam sites and is something to watch out for. Take images of everything, even your emails, as evidence if you suspect anything for a pay dispute later on.

They say that your delivery may take about 5-7 days – fair enough. Many times with fake sites people can wait for 2 or 3 months. In this time support may get rude, ignore you, ask you to be patient, sympathize and understand their plight in trying to get your order (that you paid for) to you.

Watch out for unprofessionally written emails with broken English and errors. Any of this sound familiar to you yet?

Perhaps you got a delivery for your cash? Was it damaged, wrong item etc? For me, they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. They are very popular right now because their prices are too low for goods that seem to high quality. This is how bad sites out-shine good sites and become so popular so fast.



*It should be said, views in this article or on any article at scamwitness.com is not an accusation to any social media site (mentioned or otherwise) least it be construed as so. I am simply going by the scam reports online of the many dismayed people who got scammed by such ads on various platforms and reporting on the personal view of a friend.




Final Thoughts.

What are your views on the site just exposed? For me, they can’t be trusted. They have taken steps to expertly hide who they are, where they are from and the contact information is next to done. I would never hand over money to anyone who claimed to be so-and-so without checking their ID and so it is the same online.


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7 thoughts on “What Is Zevymo.com – Is Zevymo.com Scam or Legit? – Zevymo Review

  1. Jeff Smit

    I have ordered health products online in January 2019 and the goods are still in transit. The price were not even competitive I just needed to try out the product! Their support is not only rude and supply the same old tracking which is still on route!

    They are scam artists …do not order anything from ZEVYMO they are also on Instagram under a different name as their name has been taken

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jeff,

      Do you know of that other name you believe they are under? Let us know if you can and we do not mind to look into that. Thanks Jeff for your Zevymo.com Customer Review – it is appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ ~ Philip.

  2. David Ramsay

    I ordered through Zevymo for some Car Interior Product. Became suspicious when after a couple of weeks could not Track Package. I contacted them received a Reply and was told don’t worry it’s on its way could take 25 to 30 Working days. Well 2 Months later and still no product not replying to emails. So I put a claim through Paypal Resolution centre and did receive a refund. Very Dodgy Site makes it hard to even trust honest sites after a experience like this.

    1. Bronwyn

      My experience seems to be the same, NO parcel, NO contact, NO response, and absolutely NO way of tracking๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
      A disgusting company

  3. Joan Cummings

    I ordered ONE pair of magnetic socks from Zevymo on Jan 30,2019. I received a reply that my order had gone through and that the total for the order was $11.20 (8.23 plus US exchange and NO shipping charges and they were sending me the order within 10 days. Then they sent me another email stating that my order for 2 pairs of socks…I did NOT place a second order. I sent several emails to them to try and straighten this out, but have NOT received any replies. My Visa account has been charged twice!! I looked up their website and only found an address, no phone number or any helpline. I am very upset and mad about this whole mess. I cannot get my money back for what I did not order.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Joan,

      Good to hear from you Joan and sorry to hear bout this. Have you tried contacting your payment provider and telling them about this? You maybe able to get a full refund. Thank you for reporting on Zevymo.com’s antics and I know your report is going to help others come forward and stay clear of their site.

      Let us know if you get that refund Joan if you think of it – thanks again for our site ~ Scam Witness.com.


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