‘Zerli’ Reviews – Is Zerli.Top Scam or Legitimate Online Shopping Store?

By | June 17, 2020



What Is ‘Zerli’ – Our Zerli.Top Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Hello and welcome to our quick ‘Zerli’ Review about Zerli.Top. They are selling all kinds of summer fun outdoors paraphernalia. Very well. The only problem is that www.zerli.top is a duplicate site and it is also a fraudulent e-store. We have stumbled on a few copies of this before. If you gave them your payment info then ring your payment provider for a refund. It is highly doubtful you will receive anything for your payment. Should you have stumbled upon another fake e-store then feel free to report that to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2020 / 2021 Section where we may review them.

Your customer reviews are very much welcome here in our forum. Those that may have additional information not present in this short article are invited to share that below in the comments section provided.

Time to detail our findings regarding ‘Zerli’ and see the comments for real customer reviews. If the comments are currently empty then as mentioned do spare a moment to help inform others who may be looking for your thoughts.



www.zerli.top was registered online on the 20-03-30. That was done for just twelve months and one or two years in business is deemed to be suspicious. This because most fake websites register for these time frames which may indicate a hit and run site.

There was no founder name submitted when they registered their URL. No business address along with no contact data for their customers to view. Why would a company deny this data to the general public when it is clearly needed?

There is next to nothing on their own website either. We see an email of service017@manyhnice.com. Manyhnice.com does exist as a fashion e-store with the email of service@stcooltre.com. So this is too odd and no way a genuine company uses the email name of another company.

So those sites must be owned by the same person or people as ‘Zerli’. It is often common practice for scammers to make mistakes like this because they are in a rush to make as many fake sites as possible, or simply they just do not care.

We can also see their email is not reflective of their own site branding or URL name. So when we find generic emails like this then that is a bad sign. Why wouldn’t a trustworthy company not use an email with their own companies name present as is the norm?

Least their Facebook Social Media Icon Button Works and many times scammers just link off to such platforms. We did not see any scam reports on that page as yet, though we did not check all comments. So that is a good sign but it still does not change the fact they are untrustworthy.

Having researched that email further we see that there are other stores using the same email. So it is not usual, and actually it is outright impossible, for that email to be used on so many seemingly different company online stores. So where you find that email then know the site using it must also be a scam.

They also have a weirdly worded COVID 19 message top of their site. They are saying they can “…only sell the inventory at a loss for the company to maintain.” What the hell is that supposed to mean?! No company can ‘maintain’ if they are intentionally running their business at a loss!

That is an odd statement and a huge scam sign that should have made you somewhat suspicious. Weirdly worded statements, bad grammar, etc, is always a scam sign. Professional companies promoting to English speaking regions would not have that worded as such in their own e-store.

What does ‘Zerli’ even mean? They have given it no definition/meaning and there is not a definition for it online. It is not even a word. So we know companies can coin new words to be very unique and specific to their company’s niche and style. We do not see this here. Just a word saying ‘Zerli’ to represent their own company.

Their prices are just incredibly silly. There is no way they can offer items with such discounts. We see a family-sized pool at $38 reduced to just $8.99. Would that even cover the postage and packaging? Maybe, but it is certain if that price and those prices were real, we have to wonder how the e-store owner and manufacturers are aspiring to profits.

Reading the nonsense Privacy Policy Page they are saying they are ‘book nerds‘. Wait, we thought they were selling swimming pools and the like? So this tells me immediately they only copied and pasted that section from another e-store. So how many e-stores are there using the quote of:-


Instead of offering a huge. unoriginal collection, we carefully curate just a few unique pieces perfectly suited for book nerds like us. We focus on items that will get you excited about shopping again because buying online should be fun.”


Highlight that paragraph. Go Incognito on your browser. Paste that paragraph and we see that there are fifteen pages in Google seemingly showing all the e-stores using that quote. So this is a huge scam network to avoid and we hope you share this research to help warn others. Thank You.















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