What Is ZeloraFit.com – Is ZeloraFit.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | November 30, 2018

What Is ZeloraFit.com and What You Need To Know Before Making Purchases From www.ZeloraFit.com.

Welcome and here you will find out What Is ZeloraFit.com (www.zelorafit.com). Is ZeloraFit com fake, dishonest, scam, crooked, bad or Is ZeloraFit genuine, legit, safe, real, good, honest? This Zelora Fit Review is going to compile the available online research to help you decide for yourselves. However, there are complaints online of people who paid and still did not receive their purchase order. Please do leave your experiences with the site in question in the comments below this article – thank you.

Right now, I am leaning towards www.ZeloraFit.com being a scam! There are a number of key scam signs that are making far too suspicious of them to even think about ordering from them, should I wish to. There are also a number of other shopping sites you should definitely avoid, who are heavily promoting themselves on social media. So, do watch out for NokEast, SenMok, FairySeaon, Auate, AmeliaQuilt, FarmZily, HobbiLaunch, Sleepious, LeMaxShop, Phoneiei, GoodsZily, VogTrend, OMGTrue, Choies, LaddyDress, HomeApShop, etc. Those are all fake online shopping stores. Do report your complaints about the. below if you have any. Let us not continue with this Zelora Fit Review.




What Is ZeloraFit.com – Why I Do Not Trust Them.

As said, there are a number of complaints online that no legit and honest company should be getting for the time they have been online. Main complaint it seems that people are paying good money and then no item is delivered. I don’t see anyone other blogger, as yet, having reviewed and so I thought I would see if they are a scam or just having a few ‘teething’ problems.

We start with the founder, as we do with every article at scamwitness.com, to see if we have ownership transparency. Where we find a short supply of owner name, real world address, contact info etc then we can say that we could indeed be looking a real online scam site. Let see…


ZeloraFit.com Site

beware of www.zelorafit.com – use caution!


The website Zelora Fit was submitted online for registration in 2018/07 with only 1 year short life registration. Considering they are trying to convince people they are a real and legit business, that deals in women’s fashion and accessories, that is indeed a very suspiciously short term to register for. Also, it is a key sign of a fraudulent site, who like to stick around for 1 or 2 years, and then make off with the earnings.

The address is Pennsylvania, USA. That clearly is not a complete address. They are supposed to put an address that you can contact them from. So, that is another bad sign of a deceptive site. No email or cell/phone number listed to make contact for customer queries. This is typical of the many 100’s of online scams I have exposed. 

Address on their site is Simi Valley, CA. That is it! Not good enough to convince me they are legit.

No Founder Name attached anywhere online to their website. That is key foot-note of a scammer expertly hiding their identity online. So when problems arise, as they surely have by now if the complaints are anything to go by, then the owner can’t be located and – as said – make off with the money. 

There is no contact info or names on their website either. Their returns section does not supply a return address. This is all very telling of a cover up for identity and that is enough for me not to buy from them, personally speaking.



Complaints – How Their Fraudulent Site Appears To Operate.

As said, people have complained that they have paid for goods, waited up to 2 months with tracking numbers, and still no product. Unhappy customers report that they have tried to make contact with them on a number of occasions just to be ignored. All classic signs of a fake online e-store.

However, sites like these don’t always NOT send you an item. They typically manufacture low quality goods, then advertise high quality goods on their site. When you order your high quality item as advertised by them then, IF you get an item, its sure enough going to be of a lesser quality then what you paid for. This ensure that the fraudulent company does indeed make a profit from that sale, even with free shipping.

They appear to be successfully selling a lot of leggings that they are not delivering on. Even ‘Free Active Leggings’ but then charge $10 for the shipping fee. Even then, there is no delivery. Just don’t order from them at all.

ScamAdviser.com have given them a trust rating. This rating is only a 10% Trust Level and is a real warning sign you need to stay away from ZeloraFit! That is an extremely poor rating of having been online for only 125 days of time of this article. ScamAdvisor says they are CANADA BASED, BUT MOST LIKELY FROM THE UNITED STATES

Most fake shopping sites actually are out of China somewhere. This does not appear to be the case with their site.


Were You Scammed By ZeloraFit? Feel Free To Report Them Below In The Comments Section To Help Warn Others – Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

For those that paid money for an item, and still nothing has arrived, do contact your payment provider to dispute those charges. There is a chance you could get a refund once they see, if they see, that you were scammed by an online scam site. Also, all scam reports on any site (including the one exposed in this article) are welcome below and deeply appreciated. Please supply the URL to avoid confusions between sites.

Should anyone have questions on What Is ZeloraFit.com are welcome now to ask below where I will be happy to respond. While I endeavor to expose many online scams as time permits, I also show others how to earn online, and for those interested then you can click on the image below. That will lead you to how I earn money online, sitting at home on my laptop, creating myself a full time job. Its possible for all to do this and so, should you wish, you can join Wealthy Affiliate (my #1 Recommendation) where I will help mentor you to online success. Thank you all for coming by and looking to all of your comments to come.


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