What Is ‘Zcsers’ – Is Zcsers.com Scam or Legitimate Online Shopping Store?

By | April 16, 2020



Where Is ‘Zcsers’ – Our Zcsers.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

There are scams and there are scam networks that produce en-mass fraudulent e-stores. Unfortunately, Zcsers.com is part of a huge online scam network targeting online shoppers and so we will detail why we are saying this. Please report any e-store that uses the quote of “…we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…is our core vision..” to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 section. What Is ‘Zcsers’? Put in for a refund now – nothing or nothing correct is coming for your payment.

We have a SCAM REPORTING TOOL for people that wish to submit their own reviews. Of late, people are not leaving the FULL URL’s of fake e-stores and so we regratably have had to delete those reviews. Also, they have been too short and so likewise can’t approve. Please place small comments in the comments section.

Time to begin now our exposing of ‘Zcsers’ in our Review and see comments for real customer reviews in the comments below this article. If there are no reviews at this time then feel welcome to let us know your own experience with ‘Zcsers’. 




Whos.com is a brilliant resource that is free to use. We simply type into it ‘Zcsers’ and we see some registration details. Since they are a blatant scam then we will not see anything transparent. And so the only thing that we can trust is that www.zcsers.com was registered online on the 2019-09-29 for a year.

One or two years for a business is not time at all and that is the start  up time for any online endeavor. I know, only after two years of adding to my own site is it now starting to show signs of great potential.

Fake sites get popular fast though because they lie through their teeth about their prices and unfortunately people on social media share the hell out of their fake ads offers. Please report all fake Facebook ads to our site and we will expose them.

Within WHOIS  we can also an address I have seen countless time – many hundreds of times actually! This because their hosting provider gives them that address as part of their privacy service for a small yearly fee. So the founder has opted to hide their true identity, which is no surprise, as scammers depend on hosting providers to hide them for their criminal activities. Thank you all incompetent hosting providers – you are aiding online crime that is now worth billions. Enjoy your mansions.

Not even is there a founders name and now we can’t have anyway to find out who these people are without a court order. Problem is, that still would not help. Why? Well, unless you and your mates want to invade China then there is no way to stop them! 

Only way to stop this as far as I can see is to partition the Internet, which would be a very sad thing to happen. Kinda like closing borders online.

We see two bits of data on their site. Lets Google them for fun! Their email is YTJYTUKUIKJYTJ4563@gmail.com. An email that does not reflect their sites name or brand name mostly indicates a scam site. This is like giving out your business card with a different company name, but in this case, a gibberish company name.

Once we Google that email we can see several reports online already warning others about that site. So that all people that expose online scams can be lying – there are legal considerations.

(718) 458-5305 is their number and we see similar warnings. There is no business address or contact name anywhere online or their site. This is far too unusual and so we always stay never do business with any e-store that does not want to give out their business information. 99% of the time they are just scam sites.

1% of the time they are legitimate work from home entrepreneurs doing drop shipping for commissions. Unfortunately, maybe due to a lack of training, they often too seldom tell people their biz address, name and phone number and so they look like scams.

However, since they are working from home no one expects this data – but they still need to assure everyone they are legit! People like these murky the waters no end when they fail to clarify.




‘Zcsers’ Scam Sites List Updated – Please Continue to Report them to us.

There are more of these scam sites then I have ever seen with any other online shopping scam network. There has to be a whole professional team of scammers setting these up at record speed for minimal costs for next to know risk of getting caught. Our only collective defense, since all other online platforms are too busy shoveling in the cash, is to report these scuzzy sites to sites like ours and other online scam busting resources.

Your own ultimate defense is however to not be lazy and always look up for reviews on any new e-store. If there are no reviews then just ask us – book mark our site and we will get back to you soon as possible. So beware of the following sites – they all have the quote of “…we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…is our core vision..” with nothing but scam reports about every site!

careinshop.com, homedeals.vip / ‘homedeals8’, dormylife.com, aeijstsale.com, lasrn.com, tiamokx.com, emythall.com, stylegos.com, voetxwpr.com, faqousshop.com, neltha.com, azcozy.com, speciatime.com, fashionmeu.com, meiaer.com, kaviry.com, pantercos.myshopify.com ffhri.myshopify.com, vhnjb.myshopify.com, dressiu.com, sollover.com, soleget.com, bxcol.com,

lovetossya.com, next2day.com, qunlong.myshopify.com, babeysy.com, perfectsu.com, recith2.myshopify.com, devaleg.com, afnwfir.com, weonw.com, irelia.store, aztook.com, youthislikefire.com, murphynel.myshopify.com, igirl.shop, avtenkushop.com,  naleksand.com, dkaoin.myshopify.com, cattigirls.com,

zwinznc.com, logmodels.com, cottageder.com, eyourf.com, myphotowallet.com, seausaloughpq.myshopify.com, mghmg.myshopify.com, lifespace.shop, ansbwf.myshopify.com, ragleagh.com, nightlullaby.com, brilliantme.store, beayos.com, dowfeel.comvhweipwe.myshopify.com,

actcat.store, wantbuy1.com, jeansunlimited, tzshop.orgrosesimin.com, formaer.com, toanycity.com, psoyvj.myshopify.com, Thoasea.MyShopify.com, mvipbsell.club, coffeetabla.com, greenbobs.store, restudeyle.myshopify.com, walverhampton.com

comfortablelifedress.com, oeirag.com,silinggy.top, fragnrt.com, zorabch.comholiyays.store, sosogo.store, therichnet.com, keithy.shop, decenniumstruggle.com, 3xion.com, modelands.com, yopopstyle.com, highfun.store, remelala.comhitsaver.com, flowershave.store, worldlotm.com, beautiegirl.com, vernalike.com, and please see the list below of the current active scams we have not the time to expose!


wodeair.com, glimmerconnect.com, curtyer.com, vibrantneo.org, tomosushi.it, pudaier.com, statuegift.com, losimeet.com, jastore.co cheerwise.net, myfaceboxer.com, customamore.com, larke.store, trowboy.com, weufhfbwoei.rocks clothingsee.com, specialfashion.store, sieluna.com, cherryaa.com,ahlsen.vip, culber.com, fetany.com, noosbest.com, remewa.com, lerenty.com, remadiel.com, sharesfy.com, arshine.shop, befillus.com, plak-smacker.com, teforty.com, now-here.vip, malayall.com, atokitmall.com,

zomori.com, tidenow.com, mamideal.com, midlandscbd.com, hooyal.com, mizlan.com, lovermorer.com, fasighy.com, oceaufly.com,jane-z.com, kaaibaby.com,  stooree.com, stunningtime.com, lemonscandy.com, halowish.com, urmsun.com, beyoqo.com,biutiflow.com,worldwidedsg.com, alangarza.com, elvsis.com, xmalltech.com, alldreamland.com, hooyal.com, mizlan.com, lovermorer.com, fasighy.com, oceaufly.com,jane-z.com, kaaibaby.com, mendressed.com, enterlanch.com,

chiclisa.com, supplymore.net, tiehop.com, zenojewels.com, biutiflow.com,worldwidedsg.com, alangarza.com, elvsis.com, xmalltech.com, alldreamland.com, colorcici.com, cpanda.com, allareblue.com, pepsicar.com, idaelspace.com, dictshop.com, silhouettes.vip, mimoreon.com, cours.store,

  starriersky.com, easybuy999.store,carcooptools.com, antbuotic.com,deerfamy.com, sayhiyou.com, wavedlong.com, beaudresses.com, pochtonjara.site, efancy.store, gooryou.com, alex-gifts.com, getphotoblanket.com, marcissa.com, swiftsan.com, marmasty.com, bayfere.com,moochoal.com, coolyulify.com, battergo.com, nadely.com, fieeddy.com, teemolulu.com, zadressfully.com, jewelstembalter.life,

milihoom.com, caladuo.com, beauladies.com, kalimasoo.com, latestep.com, fetcle.com,suaylla.com, pipkmo.com, romanticshe.com, allibest.com, saledaily.com, ruonanjiejie.com, goodibay.com, plaicely.city, doraemongg.shop, supplysuper.net, hahaag.com, adsmanagergg.com, kaladoo.com, hunterstel.life, meuin.com, diquen.com, baitijo.com, paulsmes.com, vindblomst.com, blinka.store, wk-lik.com, whawas.com, erpgmaster.store, efanchic.com, mencarb.com, tixisy.com, sunfirefly.com, insglobalshop.com,

myphotoboxer.com, waykingshop.com, beautyzone.shop, mencutter.com, astrasignature.com, trogeo.com, owroppyee.com, mosskindy.com, rosewig.store, rocywig.shop, dcipik.com, kiuoko.com,whiloeuy.com, freeimfo.com, bosjaa.com, ideaofsea.com, lopovico.com, doggytaste.com, ivests.com, myphotomugs.com, chiczzle.com, sombera.com,afacesocks.com,easyfun.store, coolageclothing.com, woodzwatch.com,

cooldealwow.com, ownxmas.com, bestcustombobbleheads.com, belliar.com, adcood.com, haiiyi.com, ecobaok.com, impressclub.store, hygonet.com, einfinite.store, angelclassy.com, honeywigs.com, thxben.com,nequare.com,topmanlab.com, supplymore.net, floramood.com, lellir.com, 

hapqeelin.com,overera.com, counitys.com,sausagesave.rocks,photoboxer.com, veyom.com, etherealed.best,ouryee.com, goodstoreshopping.com, wokten.com, anyyoyo.com, onlyfireoutdoor.com, thorchic.com, 2019goodgifts.com, alotsave.com, sonovivi.com, agendin.com,docoqo.com, goyodeal.com, customweekend.com, salsafiestagrill.com,

superfuncar.com, blazerplz.com, facesocksusa.com, leafdares.com, sanivdra.com, menunique.com, meryseason.com, movieam.com, unbshop-my.com, planetoidly.lfe, shooksquad.com, penamuo.com, readymi.com, yourniceholiday.com, psycical.com, vanando.com, lc-museum.com, keepfay.com, carreuto.com, reachssgf.com,naivetee.shop, joanayoyo.com, aquamarine.vip, mendindom.com,lovelywigs.com, feelmonday.com, nanzeo.com,

unconceivable.shop, samoslay.com, jshanmeisport.com, sunnyvivy.com, breezemonody.com, fouxshop.com, samofestival.com,bestrcracingusa.com, hasbroken.com, davidwigs.com, northaug.store, meetinglucky.com, carmodelist.com, dolmt.com, wrethy.com, viwinn.com, popmila.com, onebuymart.com, wonveful.com,

hseigfneo.rocks.com, kobemb.com, bulkgoo.net, luckyfacesocks.com, anestionoric.com, inocse.com, medlarly.best, amsk.store, cnsoue.life, findaugust.com, crystalsunning.com, minimalstore, andynightlight.com, chiccrush.com,





The Secone Worst Online Shopping Network – One Post To Rule Them All!

So! Now you now the quote to watch out for that signifies automatically their horrible scam sites littering the net. However, there is another highly deceptive almost equally determined alone shopping scam network. They operate with different addresses and emails, all of which we have proven extensively all fake fan crooked. Once again, all these sites have nothing but scam reports about the. We will give you their main scam points so you can recognize those sites when you see them.









Cs.ChooGoGo@gmail.com and the ‘Vinayotap’ Scam Emails to Avoid.

Anywhere you see these emails then please report them to us anywhere on our site. They belong to this second biggest online shopping scam network that I personally have encountered. Once again, they are from China.


service1@vinayotap.com, service2@vinayotap.com, service3@vinayotap.com, service4@vinayotap.com,
service5@vinayotap.com, service6@vinayotap.com, service7@vinayotap.com, service8@vinayotap.com,
service9@vinayotap.com, service10@vinayotap.com, service11@vinayotap.com, service12@vinayotap.com,
service13@vinayotap.com, service14@vinayotap.com, service15@vinayotap.com, service16@vinayotap.com, service17@vinayotap.com, service18@vinayotap.com, service19@vinayotap.com and service20@vinayotap.com including cs.choogogo@gmail.com!


So, for this second scam network we know them by their emails above – that is all of them. Service6@vinayotap.com right now is cropping a lot lately per the reports we have been receiving from the ScamWitness.com Community. Thank you all for your kind support and yes it really does help many people save their own hard earned cash. 

Below are their Scam Sites!




Updated Scam Sites List for ‘Code Poolg’, ‘ButtOvt’, ‘InfoGadas’, ‘Turnkenow’, ‘Holebrk’, ‘YekYekMarket’, ‘Blouseale’, ‘BalaneSale’, KonectaOnline’, ‘Umberazil’ etc Network – Updated!


lemonateu.com, donalek.com, orgersc.com, coleetin.com, hosieptwi.com, yekyekmarket.com, partrsy.comvibacker.com, bteclubs.com,turnkenow.com, brastocker.com, balanesale.com,dressseale.com, buttovt.com, infogadas.com, mageonc.com, linealeale.com, holebrk.com, tnfon.com, numtwin.com, roulevrs.comselvedica.com, drillpong.com, blouseal.comeedwtes.com, konectaonline.com, proilivel.com, veloulora.com, revercader.com,

grainnak.com, muffeale.com, coatovery.com, blotper.com ,kenbroer.com, depritomall.com,staplerouw.com, patterbias.com, hillorest.com, lakk.fun, vanvatt.com, hasible.com, starfiledh.com, heautuin.com, radsaler.com, tantarsale.com,blousuit.com, laceson.com, cousinator.com, conscientiaresearch.com, lawnsetv.com,

tallour.com,odefender.com,codepoolg.com, backale.top,markwn.com, latexore.com, fringerco.com, hsmionline.comsheesible.com, hacarangoods.com,tuesfail.com, wincaser.comcarrbelt.com, intimuaq.com, vascnes.com, umberazil.com, vogueinus.com, crotchdart.top, acrylices.com, vapourton.com, dailtsy.com, killeriss.combinboner.com, annefly.com,

adaptrly.com,worsover.com, trouserale.com, attesale.com,lengthale.comykhajoni. xyz, dazzlenoco.com / turnnacy.com, wrinkery.com,waistear.com, ripperoky.com, avizaomarket.com, worstmere.com, hikkeng.com, cottonesale.com,formaer.com, forkurist.com,pattesale.com, spokesale.com, angfitonline.com, with many more still unreported.


















list of scam websites.



2 thoughts on “What Is ‘Zcsers’ – Is Zcsers.com Scam or Legitimate Online Shopping Store?

  1. Debi

    I ordered from this place never recieved confirmation didn’t ask me for an email, I was hesitant and did very little research. The money was taken from my account immediately, I have recieved NO product.. I cannot reach customers service and the email provided is also no good. I am so mad at myself. Please be careful ordering on line.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Seek a refund from your payment provider Debi. So if you paid by credit card then cal your bank and get a refund via them.


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