What Is Zappom.com – Is ‘Zappom’ Scam or Legit E-Store? – REVIEW!

By | April 13, 2019

Find Out What Is Zappom.com – ‘Zappom’ Review.

This review on What Is Zappom.com is designed to save you time and perhaps some cash. www.zappom is a brand new store but are they safe? Is Zappom com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive or Is ‘Zappom’ real, safe and legit? This www Zappom com Review suspects that store to be a scam. We will leave some points below to detail why we believe this.

Those that have made a purchase from this store are welcome to detail their experiences below in the comments. This will help everyone to know if they are legit or a scam. Customer reviews helps the Internet at large to separate the legit stores from the scam stores and so I hope you share what you know.








What Is Zappom.com about?

There is an incredible amount of e-stores that are bad from China. It seems many times these stores have the ability to manufacture cheaper, shoddy, inferior versions of what they advertise on their sites. Those that have given over payment data to such stores are advised to contact your payment providers for a refund and to cancel your card. This will stop cyber-crooks from occasionally unfairly charging your card.

‘Zappom’ was registered online in 2018/12/10 and one year is the length of that registration. WHOIS shows us they have not registered a founders name. There is  no address that is legit because they registered with a proxy address. This is being used by other sites. It is hiding their real location.

There is no nothing on their site for founder name, business location, no customer service phone number but only an email of service@zappom.com.

We can see on their site as well that the price discounts are relatively high. Also their site has been put together very haphazardly and so not very professional. That is typical for fake sites not to take much pride in their e-stores like this.




Final Thoughts.

There is no transparency on who they are or where they are from. No Trust Seals like McAffee to let us know they have been vetted and approved. For these the reasons stated we are not happy to say they are safe and real. 

Those with reports are welcome to report them below. That is it on What is Zappom.com and they are going into our sites List of Internet Scammers. Looking forward to hearing from you all on this site.

List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!





13 thoughts on “What Is Zappom.com – Is ‘Zappom’ Scam or Legit E-Store? – REVIEW!

  1. Yolanda

    Hola, yo ordené un kit de herramienta en febrero y en junio me llegó un paquete de cubrebocas en lugar del kit, mande un correo y me contestaron que se equivocaron, pedí el reembolso y me dijeron que me puedo quedar con el paquete sin costo alguno y que si quiero me pueden enviar el kit, les pedí el reembolso porque ya no confío y me dicen que tendría que pagar $20.00 dlls americanos por material handle.
    Es increíble como pueden hacer esto y no hay ningún número telefónico para hablar con ellos. Es FRAUDE esta compañía tengan mucho cuidado.

    Google Translation:-
    Hello, I ordered a tool kit in February and in June I received a package of face masks instead of the kit, I sent an email and they answered that they were wrong, I asked for a refund and they told me that I can keep the package at no cost And if I want they can send me the kit, I asked them for a refund because I no longer trust and they tell me that I would have to pay $ 20.00 US dollars for handle material.
    It’s amazing how they can do this and there is no phone number to talk to them. This company is FRAUD, be very careful.

  2. Jim Matheny

    I purchased an 18 volt 6 piece tool set on April 14,2020 was given a tracking number always said was in transit from china then in May said my merchandise would be delivered May 30 I got a 4 pack of face masks when reporting the error I was told they would correct the mistake and would send my merchandise with new tracking number ,waited 11 days no tracking number. Requested a refund which is $58.92 the next day they sent a new tracking number tried to track it all I could get was package found but no explanation on where it was or when I would receive it. Today is June 20 and still no tool set .Requested a refund a second time. THIS IS DEFANTLY A SCAM Jim

  3. Kelly Erwin

    I Ordered the 14 pc tool kit. They sent me a text saying that I needed to confirm my payment. ???? And when I got back to Zappom sales, they said my order didn’t go through and needed my CC info. I told them about how I read reviews about them being a scam. They replied we are not a scam. I asked for their address and phone number before I send them my CC #. All I have got back was ” Your order didn’t go through and I can pay by either cc or PayPal. Let me think for a minute. Hmm….. NOT. Stay away from these joker’s.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Well done Kelly on avoiding these a potentially bad situation and thank you very much for leaving us your comment.

    2. Mike D Jackson

      If it’s a scam like many other that you see online why are they allowed to I have a website why can’t they be shut down if there are scam they need to be shut down so they can’t rip other people off lot of people don’t know to check to make sure that they are legit or not especially if they’re from China.

  4. ron M Darter

    I want to report this site a SCAM. I did his backwards, but I ordered something, and then went to their website and found the other reviews. I called BBB and they have no records off this company. Do not order from ZAPPOM!!!!!!!

  5. Bogus bob

    I ordered both the dewalt 14 price set and the husky tool set for 140 and some change .. not only did I rece8both items in about 13 days but they also.included a Milwaukee headlamp a 70 dollar value for free …. I highly recommend them as they are strong straight up store..

    And if you believe all that then anything you order and don’t receive is your own falut

  6. Rodney Brown

    I purchased a 14 pc dewalt set for 69.95 that was one 12/11/19.as of this comment still have not received my merchandise. Money withdrawn on 12/12/and they will not answer any of my emails. SCAM!!!!!

  7. Eric

    I bought and paid for a 1025 piece Husky tool set. Obviously I knew something was up when I saw it listed for 69.95. Decided to buy it with my credit card. After almost a month, I received a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses which I’m sure are fake. Anyways time to speak to credit card company.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to read this Eric and thank you for your review about Zappom.com scamming you. Your report will help others understand what that e-store is really all about. Good luck with your refund as well and feel welcome to let us know how that goes.

      Good luck Eric and thanks again man 🙂 .

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.


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