What Is YouthWigs.com & What Is Boutice.com- Scam or Legit?

By | March 4, 2019

bFind Out What Is YouthWigs.com and also What Is Boutice.com – ‘YouthWigs’ and ‘Boutice’ Review.

You are welcome to find out more on What Is YouthWigs.com and as well What Is Boutice.com. Is YouthWigs com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive and bogus or Is ‘YouthWigs’ legit, real, safe, genuine and honest? The owners appear to be the same for that site and also for www.boutice.com. What has your experience been of either site? Were you happy with your order? You are welcome to leave your own reviews below this review.



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What Is YouthWigs.com All About and to What Is Boutice.com?

Our research is presented for your own consideration if you are in doubt about What Is YouthWigs.com and What Is Boutice.com. Our initial findings is that they are both owned by the same people. That is not necessarily a sign of a scam but it did strike me as unusual. Anyways, we are now going to be taking a finer look at their sites and then we are going to open this forum to you.

This forum is dedicated to those that have contact with either site and you are welcome to share what you know. Without such reports then we would all be left in a mystery about sites online that are new or sites that we do not know. Since social media is now well known for not vetting scam-ads, ‘YOUR’ reports, views, reviews is a paramount form of defense from online scams.




scam alert on www.youthwigs.com and www.boutice.com?



Let us find out more about these two sites.

Back Ground Check.

So we are going to find out when they registered those sites. Also, addresses of businesses, phone numbers, emails and also who the founders are. Then we are searching for reports online to see if they have been keeping their ‘word’ per their service or not.

‘YouthWigs’ was registered in 2018/11/12 and 1 year is all that they have registered for. So it is normal for sites to register for longer than just 1 or 2 years and is historically indicative or hit-and-run sites. However, that is not what we are saying about them. 1 ‘sign’ is not a ‘scam site’. 

MD, CN- China, is the only address submitted at site registration. That is not a good sign so now we have to have a look at their site to see if their business has a real world address.

No founder name at site registration.

It may also indicate that the owner is trying to see how their 1st year in business for that site goes i.e. if there is traction for traffic.

‘Boutice’ was registered in 2017/12/2019/28 and so 1 and yes even 2 years is typically not long enough historically speaking with busineses that are legit. However, see above for the alternative other possible reasoning for this.

Beigjing, CN is there address but it is not a complete address.

Checking Websites.

On ‘Youth Wigs’ we see that they have:-


‘QANDIES LIMITED’ we have seen on other sites, sites, that were deemed online as part of a scammers website. I am not saying this about these site, only that I have seen this connection elsewhere.

I have to ask why there is a UK address when their address in WHOIS is China?

‘Boutice’ as the exact same address.

The names on theirs sites are the following:-

Facebook ID:Mariki Hill (onlineservice)

Facebook ID:Yi Zhang (onlineservice)

Phone number is 0592 9469 135. That phone number does not even link back to their sites when you Google it. I imagine that it should if it is indeed unique to their businesses.





Final Thoughts.

We have an incomplete address in WHOIS from China and one address from the UK with a ‘QANDIES LIMITED’ connection. I am now opening the ‘floor’ to all of whom have encountered either or both of these sites to hear what you have to hear about them?

Where discussions occur about these sites then we can all know the truth and feel that bit safer online. That is all on What Is YouthWigs.com and What Is Boutice.com. Looking forward to hearing from you and others below.






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