What Is YouOption.Net – Is YouOption.Net/MyOption.Net Scam or Legit?

By | October 30, 2018

In Truth, What Is YouOption.Net and What Is MyOption.Net – Fully Exposed!

While they look professional they really are not what they appear to be. What Is YouOption.Net about? What Is MyOption.Net? Is YouOption Net fake, fraudulent, scam, dishonest, crooked or Is You Option Net genuine, real, legit, good, honest and paying out? This YouOption and MyOption.Net Review will lay out why they are not legitimate and what they really are about. They are saying they are working with the best traders in the trading community, but they don’t provide any proof of that. There is also a $25 sign up bonus but that will forever remain as pending and you will never see a penny that you pay in. However, is it possible to earn with them? 

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What Is YouOption.Net / MyOption.Net And Why They Are Fraudulent – Owner(s)? Credentials? Proof Of Profits?

YouOption.Net and MyOption.Net belong to the same scammers and operate identically. There are some surface differences but both are fake. We begin by trying to find out who owns these sites. We need to locate founder name, address of their ‘legit’ business, contact support details as well. When these details are missing then we can immediately a real online scam in full swing.

I see when their sites were both registered that they did so on the 02/03/2018 and both end on the same date in 2019. They have been online for some time without having been exposed sufficiently up until this point. They follow the same old tired script as any other fake Forex trading, crypto mining etc story, and really they can never proof anything they say. However, they all have one thing in common – They Are All Ponzi Schemes when the criteria for determining a scam has been proven.


YouOption.Net Site

www.youoption.net – don’t login!


There is a founder name of Oleg Samolov and really that cannot be proven anywhere online to be connected to either of these sites. There is also no real world address and also no real contact information to help their members. These are all very bad signs of dealing with dishonest people online. This is an intentional attempt to hide themselves, so when they are obvious to all they are scammers running these sites, then they can run off with the money generated by their members on their sites.

OK, we have now established they are not showing us who they are and why that is so.


Credentials – Can They Prove Their Business Model?

Both these sites have very little data on their ACTUAL PRODUCT they say they use to generate their sites revenue. They are too vague and only a semblance of content to pretend they are legit. Again, they speak ever so briefly on something about being connected to the best traders in the trading community. That is pretty much as transparent as they get.

Then they say each investor can set their investment level for guaranteed returns. This is not as you can’t control how trading fluctuations. Not even the most sophisticated trading software can get this right but only for about 50% of the time So, legit investment sites can only offer a 50/50 chance of earning from your investment. 

Since zero proof of how they are making vast sums of money to pay out so much to their members, then we can say, they are nothing but a binary options scam. And since their entire business model is based solely on the investments of others where most of the money floats upwareds (donations – cash gifting) then we can say they are a Pyramid Scheme. And because they have not defined their product, for which they don’t have one and offer vast sums of money relative little investments, then we can say they are a Ponzi Scheme, as mentioned.





Here are a few pointers on both of YouOption.Net and MyOption.Net (near identical sites by same scam owner) that you can apply on all sites online:-

They have indeed supplied an address on their site. While I said they have not supplied an address, do understand, they have not supplied a REAL ADDRESS! So, their fake address is:- 181 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH5 1B3, Scotland, UK. Their Support Email is support@youoption.net. That is either a fake email address that will deliver your message or a phishing email.  – – Yet, let us compare the address they supplied when they set up and registered their site with:-

ul.Lenina, 17, kv.23,


Krasnodarsky kray,


RU – RUSSIA! <<<—>>> Russia, unfortunately, is flagged as a very well know country that supplies the internet with a seemingly never ending stream of fraudulent sites. Not to say all sites from Russia are scams, as that would just be a stupid thing to say, but the origin of a sites country is a sign if they are a scam or not, in your own online research.

Obviously, the address they supplied on their site from Scotland, and the one supplied at site registration from Russia, clearly don’t match!

There is no copyright date at the bottom of their sites. That is highly unusual, as the older a site becomes, then the age of the site inherently instills a sense of trust when it has aged significantly. Without a date at the bottom of any site then that is surely another scam sign and NOT a mistake.

They have bad reports online.

Other bloggers and You-Tubers have already exposed them with evidence of being a scam. 

I Googled their number for Partners – AND ACTUALLY FOUND ANOTHER SITE WITH THE SAME PHONE NUMBER AND FAKE ADDRESS CALLED REDOPTION.NET! 🙂 – That is clearly another one of the same persons site as they have the same registered name attached to it upon site registration. The rabbit hole deepens…

Their Phone Number for Advertisers shows up a site saying that is a fake number. Oh well, that is their sites completely disproved as real and legit.



  1. Founder name can’t be proven as real and only shows up social media accounts not connected to these sites.
  2. Used a number that is supplied by a site that supplies fake phone numbers – for some reason.
  3. Contradictory addresses at site registration and on their websites. 
  4. Both sites look nearly identical with small surface changes.
  5. No proof of how they generate cash.
  6. No proof of them having an real world trading products/instruments they use to trade with.
  7. Zero evidence of a team of experts doing anything other than expertly ripping people off online.
  8. Partner number shows up another scam site, with same owner names of the sites being exposed now that uses same fake address, and there could be more.
  9. I don’t see any payment proofs online. They may never have paid out to any.
  10. They are a Ponzi Scheme.
  11. Cash Gifting Scheme – where you give money, then two or three others will give you money in return, and that is not a legal way to earn online or anywhere else.
  12. Pyramid Scheme as nearly all or all the money is going straight to the founder.
  13. Ponzi Scheme as they have not clearly defined their product that they say they use to generate their site revenue.








Were You Scammed By One Of The Sites Exposed? Report Them Below – Thank You.




Final Thoughts.

These are fake binary options scam sites. There are clearly multiple copies online. Some of their sites look completely different, but the founder was kind enough to leave me some clues, and so I will search down all of his sites based on name/phone numbers. SO long as this scammer keeps those details the same then I can set up alerts for when these new sites come about. You will not get paid by these sites and they are only looking to scam you and all others you refer to them. 

Do you have any questions on What Is YouOption.Net? Or on What Is MyOption.Net or RedOption.Net? You are very welcome to ask below in the comments section where I will be happy to further lend a hand. Those interested, as previously stated, in learning how to make a full time income online are welcome to check out my #1 Recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate. You may click the banner below or the link at the start of this article. I really hope this article has opened your eyes to how fraudulent binary options scams operate, and certainly hope you can take that with you, and apply it to other sites online. Thank you for coming by and do leave a comment if you have time – even if it is just to say ‘hi’. Good luck guys!

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6 thoughts on “What Is YouOption.Net – Is YouOption.Net/MyOption.Net Scam or Legit?

  1. Amit

    It’s a fake website tried and tested. They don’t have any payments and withdrawals . Support email and tool is also fake as there is never no response.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Amit,

      I am sorry to hear about your experience with YouOption.Net scam website Amit. But also, unlike everyone else who were scammed by YouOption, you had the courtesy and courage to report them. Most don’t and really that is how the scammers go unnoticed and kept in illegal earnings.

      So, thank you Amit for your report on their fake website as it really does vindicate this article – much appreciated 🙂 ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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