What Is “YifCloset”? – Is YifCloset.com Scam or Legit E-Store / REVIEW!

By | April 28, 2019

Find Out What Is “YifCloset” Here – Our “YifCloset” Review.

Excellent researching skills as you have found the answer to What Is “YifCloset”. Have you seen those discounts at YifCloset.com? Too-good-to-be-true prices always gets me suspicious. Is YifCloset com actually a scam, fraud masquerading as a legit store? Or is www.yifcloset.com safe, legit and real? Those with customer reviews are welcome in the comments.

They are a new site and so how can they be giving out such generous discounts. There is an online store selling since 1999. I seen a TV ad recently and they were only able to offer a 15% discount – after 20 long years of being in business! And sites offering huge discounts so soon after opening usually screams scam. Lets find out more below.



scam or legit



What Is “YifCloset” Really About – Scam Check.

Can we find out who the owner is? Is there a real business address? Contact information like a customer service phone number? This is where we begin to get a clearer picture on What Is “YifCloset” at YifCloset.com. WHOIS is always our starting point for our research.

Their site was registered in 2018/11/30. One year is all the time they have registered their site for. Of course they can renew their site if they are run by a legit e-store owner that is just seeing how things go. But, it is indicative of a hit-and-run site. It is common fake sites scam for 1 or 2 years and they can shut down any time.

“CN” is their only information for their address. That clearly is an incomplete address and that is suspicious. Why not leave a full address for your customers? No contact data either at site registration or founder name. Typically, all pretty bad signs.

Their own site, in their ‘CONTACT US section’, shows no contact information. Not even a founder name and we see no email for their customers. Limited contact support is another sign that something is wrong. Where are their founders name and department heads?


Scam Signs.

  • Those prices are far too generous for such a new site.
  • No business transparency on who they are and where they are from, exactly.
  • Contact information is limited to a contact form.
  • Defaced image. They have cut out the heads of the models and that is associated with scam sites. Why deface the product images you are trying to sell? Simply makes no sense.
  • On top of their already discounts they offer further savings when you spend over a low amount. How are they making profits?!
  • The only way I can see them making good revenue is if they are sending out goods not the advertised products i.e. cheaper versions. Watch out for short sizes.
  • Watch out for support telling out for customer support telling you to give your order to a friend as the return costs are too expensive. That is a very common response for returns from dubious sites.




Final Thoughts.

That is really all we need to know to find out What Is “YifCloset”. I believe they are a scam site. Even if they deliver goods, I can not see how they are making profits from selling cheaply high quality goods. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers. Looking forward to your customer reviews below in the comments.


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