YGJP.com Warning – What Is YGJP.com / Scam or Legit?

By | April 12, 2019

What Is YGJP.com About – Our ‘YGJP’ Review Alert!

You are welcome to our review on  YGJP.com. What Is YGJP.com really all about? This site is located at www.ygjp.com and they have been online since 2008. Is YGJP com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, malicious? Is www YGJP com safe, real, trustworthy, genuine and legit? This ‘YGJP’ Review is a scam alert warning to all of their unwary customers. We have research that indicates they maybe an illegitimate domain.

People whom have reports, reviews, scam reports, complaints etc are welcome to leave what you know in the comments. Where there are many reports online about a site then that helps people to separate good sites from bad sites. Below is our research on why we believe they simply can  not be trusted. Ultimately, it is your choice.




www.ygjp.com scam alert!



YGJP.com Review Guide.

YGJP.com appears to sell Treadmills and other fitness paraphernalia. We will have a quick look at their site for scam signs and business information. Where their biz data is not right and only fake then that is a great way to separate good sites from scam sites. Obviously, a host of scam signs is another way to determine this.

Registration date for their site was in 2008/05/30 and that is up to 2021/05/30. It is very rare indeed that we find a scam site that has been online for so long and only two other sources online have written about them. That is very uncommon for a fake site to have lasted so long without being reported on.

Aside from the date of the sites registration, we should be able to find founder name and business address. Also, we should be able to locate some form of contact information. We find none of this in WHOIS. That is a site that houses site data for most websites online when they are registered. 

We must go to their site now and see if we can locate this missing data. The address of:- 89 S Plaza Way,Cape Girardeau,MO,United State appears to belong to a business that deals in wigs. So that is not their address per Google search returns. That is a very bad sign indeed.

We have a phone number of (573) 334-1078 also appears to belong to the business address above, which we said appears not to belong to YGJP.com, and so that is another bad sign.

Email address of cs@visoutlook.com is the email on their own website. But when we Google that email address we see another site called SepSport.com. We have not yet reviewed that scam site but it is new and so that maybe our next report to help warn others online, due to this scam-connection.

So all of their business information is in use by other people and so that is not right. Fake sites are happy to steal business addresses from good businesses, from trustworthy locations, to convince people to buy from them. It helps fake sites to garner trust and legitimacy from their unwary customers.




YGJP.com Scam Signs.

Well, the research above really is all the scam signs you need to know they are not a legit site. However, let us see if we can locate more on their site.

  • The prices-are-too-good-to-be-true! $$$’s of dollars of reductions for those high quality goods is not legit. That one scam sign is all I need to call them a fake site. The only way the site is making profit is to deliver to you lower quality goods. Goods potentially so shoddy they may not be worth the low price you paid for them.
  • Given how cheap their goods are they are offering a further saving of 10% when you spend $120 or above. That is all combining to make any business a loss and so would guarantee their own demise.
  • In their ‘CONTACT US’ section you may notice that their phone number and fax number are exactly the same.
  • Despite calling their own site ‘YGJP’ they are referring to themselves as ‘PRO-FORM‘ on their own site. Where URL and site logo name do not match then that is a good good sign of a fake site.
  • Where are their trust seals? Trust Seals are image links like McAffee, VeriSign etc, and where we click on such links, they should take us to those sites where they offer up a certificate of approval. Such sites check out other sites for phishing, spam, malware etc. Now where we do not see these kinds of Trust Seals is always a worry and so people maybe purchasing from this site on blind trust.
  • Speaking of ‘blind trust, since no one knows who the owner is, where they are really from exactly, then unwary customers could be handing over payment details to a site of this nature. Not knowing whom you are giving over your hard earned cash to is very bad practice. Always look for reviews. Those that handed over such info then you should definitely contact your payment provider and probably cancel your card. This will stop cyber-crooks from accessing your funds. Look out for random charges from any company and contest them all, if that has occurred.
  • We Googled ‘What Is Pro-Form‘ and we found a site called ProForm.com. The price reductions on that site are a little too-good-to-be-true as well. That site was registered online in 1998 and so we will look into them as well. We can  not be sure right now if they are legit or not. Stay tuned by bookmarking this website at scamwitness.com.
  • In their Privacy Page, people who live in California can request once a year a list of third party advertisers this site has shared your personal info with for marketing purposes. So, we see an address you can write on and that is Power Mobile Life, LLC, 400 108th Ave NE, Suite 400, Bellevue, WA 98004. Why is it different from the previous address they have already listed. ThiraHealth.com is using the same address from ‘400 108th Ave…’ onward’s.
  • Then, in the same page, we see another email address. That email is support@we.com. 





Final Thoughts.

So, we have found a lot of scam signs and so that is enough evidence to prove they are not legit and only a fake site. Their business information has clearly be stolen and I am still shocked they have not yet been exposed since 2008. Reports from other sources have only just surfaced in the last 2 days.

Those with their own reviews on What Is YGJP.com are welcome to leave what you know in the comments below this article. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers below. That is all and looking forward to hearing from you and others regarding anything said here today.

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