What Is YesMyPay.com – Is YesMyPay.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 23, 2019

Find Out What Is YesMyPay. com – The ‘YesMyPay’ Review.

Not sure What Is YesMyPay. com at www.yesmypay .com? This short review will answer questions like Is YesMyPay com a scam, deceptive, fraudulent do they pay out or Is ‘YesMyPay’ legit, safe, real and genuine? This ‘Yes My Pay’ Review is a warning to stay clear of that site. There are already reports online about including user negative reviews. Those with www YesMyPay com complaints are welcome to report them below in the comments to help alert others. Bottom in is:- they do not pay out.

There are tons of fake sites online offering ways to earn online but so many fail to keep their word. You should know a fake site when they offer too much money per task. Typically, $5 or $10 could be offered just for a referral ‘click’. $1 is still too high. Even 10c per click is not real because such ‘Tasks’ simply do not generate those kinds of funds.

The site owner must now pay ‘YOU’ such money? How then is the site owner meant to earn anything for him/her/themselves? The only one that earns is the one running these kinds of scams.



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YesMyPay. com Review – Beware of ‘YesMyPay’ Website.

So we are going to take a look at their sites credentials and see if they have hidden everything about themselves. We are looking for founder name, business location, contact information and when they registered their site. Where we are not able to locate the first 3 pieces of very basic information then we should be very wary about working on such sites. Legit businesses will make this data available as standard.



www.yesmypay. com a fake or not?


Registration for their site began in 2018/11/10 and ends exactly 1 year later. That may sound ‘boring’ or ‘unimportant’ but is actually (at times) a vital ‘clue’ in determining if a site is a scam or not. So honest sites, that are truly providing work from home opportunities, selling sites etc, will tend to register their online businesses for some years down the line.

Even much longer than 2 years. So 1 year is considered suspicious and actually very typical of hit-and-run-sites.

There is only a P.O. Box being used as an address. So that is another bad sign that we may not be dealing with a legit site. What real business uses a P.O. Box? We should see a real address that we can look up and verify that is where they are from. Certainly somewhere we can physically go to if we wanted to. Not the case here. Another bad sign.

The owner of site’s name is not listed at site registration, which by the way you may go to WHOIS to see this info, and so honest sites will give out the owner name and all department heads. Let us go to their site and see if they have left this info for their users.

OH OH! Now, I just went to their contact page and first thing I seen is a fake review by JemmaRicka’. I now know which scam network they are from.

Welcome To Paid Advertising Viewing System‘ is a probably the biggest work from home scam network online. It is Russian in origin and their sites number into the many thousands of copies. ‘JemmaRicker’ also is quoted, word-for-word (verbatim!), at the site called EdaMoney.Site. You go to that site and find her fake review and you will see no difference. Simply click on their ‘Feedback of our users’ section on their page and compare for yourself with ‘YesMyPay’ ‘CONTACT’ section.

Actually, the names of the other reviewers are all the same from both sites! We have reviewed many of their sites before (100’s actually) such as Aud Money Site, Ena Money Site, Ol Money Site etc and not once has the founder refuted a single word we have said about their scam sites.




‘YesMyPay’ Scam Signs.

After making the connection above this section is simply a formality. However, knowing a few scam signs can certainly help you avoid other online scams in the future and so it is worth doing.

  • There is no information on the founder. No real world address.
  • No phone number.
  • ‘JemmaRicker’ is a proven hoax name of a fake reviewer person.
  • The kind of work that they deal in is to make them referrals. Your cash is then adding to your account in real time but it is not real money. When you hit the minimum payout then you must apply for your cash.
  • The trick they play on you is either to get you to pay a cash-out fee, download some apps, do some surveys, complete an offer etc. It matters not. If you complete anything they say for you to do to cash out then they are the only ones that will earn some commissions for that.
  • Reviewers ‘Jennifer Wien’ and ‘Mark Stern’ reviews are simply being repeated on their screen and also fake.
  • There is an undeniable connection to a scam network we have EXTENSIVELY covered over the last year. 



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Final Thoughts.

So you should be very clear by now on What Is YesMyPay. com. They are a scam and so please do take a moment to report them below this article. I will leave some links below so you may see what other sites are saying about the site just exposed for your further research as well. They do not pay out nor ever will. Not since the creation of their other scam sites in 2014 have they provided a single payment proof. They simply, well, normally copy and paste from old sites to make new ones. Since scamwitness.com and other sites have extensively exposed their other sites they have changed-up their appearance. But, the scam is the same. Do not fall for it! I look forward to hearing from you below in the hopes where I hope many will take the time to help warn others. Thank you for coming by also and trusting us for your research needs. They are not now going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

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