What Is ‘YesCustom’ – Is YesCostom.com Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

By | January 12, 2020

What Is ‘YesCustom’ about – Our YesCustom.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Hello and welcome to our review to answer What Is ‘YesCustom’ as I can see there are quite a few asking this question. So, is www.yescustom.com legit and delivers on what it advertises? Or is ‘YesCustom’ delivering substandard goods for your hard earned cash or delivering nothing? Those of you that were scammed by any site are welcome to report them to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2400+

Anyone that has received goods, that you are not happy with as maybe it is not what was advertised or they just messed up your order something silly and now will not correct or refund you, are welcome to share your images using our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. Upload your images with your reviews, full URL please to avoid confusion with other sites, and we will do the editing to save you time. You may of course report to our comments as well. Lets start now our review on ‘Yes Costum’ and see the comments for real customer reviews, if any right now.








What Is ‘YesCustom’ about – Legit and Safe?

My first impression, having done some research at this point, is that they appear to be delivering goods to customers. So it seems we are not in a position to call YesCustom.com a scam. However, are they delivering goods with perhaps the wrong image on your goods? So they are a custom gift shop with reasonable discounts per items ordered whereby they can print your face on any article of clothing. 


I will leave a snippet of one complaint on their Facebook Page, which honestly made me laugh, and so see the image below:-




Yes, well.. moving on 🙂 .

But so it seems one report, though a little humor, I guess, ain’t that funny in reality when you have paid good money for a product and it comes with another man’s face on your partners certain article. And so we should see the more serious side of this as if it has happened to one person – has it happened to you? I won’t laugh 🙂 – I promise.




‘YesCustom’ Background Data.

‘YesCustom’ was registered on the 2011-05-10 and done so up to 2021. Legit businesses will tend to have longer registration periods then sites that are scams and so that is a very good sign. Per WHOIS.com, we can see they state they are from China also.

They have left no further information then that when they registered their site though they had the option to leave a founders name and their business address, not just a general location.

Their email is Contact@YesCustom.com and that is all the contact information they have left for their customers. Pardon me, having checked their Refund/Policy Page we can now see their address of 2180 5TH AVE Unit 2 RONKONKOMA NY 11779 USA.

That address appears to be fake by the way. Per Zillow.com this is a family home that is currently not up for sale and you may check that link for that info if you wish. It will open in a new window so you may come back here if you wish.

Fake addresses is usually a sign of a scam. So now we are getting into a more serious tone with our research as we discover a few disappointing details.


The Image Below Shows One Scam Report About the Site in Question:-


Scam Report about YESCOSTUM.COM!


We have now two locations connected with this website, and where we find multiple locations connected to the same site, then we could be dealing with overseas scammers. There should not be these things turning up pointing to a scam otherwise.



Scam Signs.

Here are a few points to watch out for if you have ordered from this or any online store. If there are too many then perhaps you have dealing with an online fraudulent e-store.

Payment Taken Fast!

Fake sites have a tendency to take payment very fast and a long time before any shipping occurs, if it ever does. Do not let PayPal, or your bank or any payment provider, fall for the old tracking code trick!

Tracking Code Tricks.

I really do not know if the employees in refund departments do not know what an online scam looks or behaves like, but they seemed to be getting out smarted too many times, per reports to our site and others, when it comes to refunds.

When you are being duped, and they do not supply a tracking code page, or any email confirmation / email receipt, then ask them for all of this.

Should they supply a tracking code page that is working then check on the weight of the goods being sent. If they are too light then they maybe sending some shoddy pair of sunglasses, box of bubble wrap, cheap USB cable etc and nothing like what you ordered.

When you apply for a refund, and your payment provider sees this tracking code – despite the obvious scam sign of the weight of the goods, they go ahead and decline so many refunds when they should not be doing so! Retraining is desperately needed in this case or you guys out their online need to band together and get a petition going to have an overseer for these payment providers. Their final, when so grossly incompetent, has to then be challenged by a higher authority.

Anyways, record yourself opening your package of goods, and include any addresses, and then show that to your payment provider. If they still refuse then perhaps legal action is required all round. Definitely report all payment providers to the BBB.org when they are not doing their jobs properly. 

Easy not to be bothered with their decision when its not their money.

Late Delivery / No Replies.

Just put in for a refund and be ready for a fight. Scammers will fight tooth and claw for even little amounts in order to stick to their scam natures. You must follow through even if it is just on principle and make your payment providers accountable for wrong decisions by naming the incompetent individuals handling your refund case.

It should not take no more than two weeks, three weeks if you are feeling patient, to get anything from anywhere in the world. After that then something is wrong especially if you are being fobbed off, customer service being rude, bot responds or your emails do not go through at all.

Those are really the three main points to always remember when it comes to shopping online with any e-store that is new or new to you.






Final Thoughts.

There is a good few things wrong here with YesCustom.com. Their business address is not theirs per Zillow.com. They are from China per WHOIS.com. They seem to deliver, well we seen just one report, but that report says they got the order wrong! Anyways, what do you think? I think personally it could be a risk but of course it is up to you. Looking forward to your reviews below.



list of scam websites.





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