What Is YeezyShop.Site – Is YeezyShop.Site Scam or Legit? CAUTION!!

By | January 4, 2019

What Is YeezyShop.Site And Our Concerns About This New ‘Yeezy’ Shop.

Welcome and I am very happy you have looked for reviews to answer What Is YeezyShop.Site. Is YeezyShop Site (www.yeezyshop.site) good, legit, genuine, real, safe, trustworthy or Is YeezyShopSite Bad, scam, dishonest, crooked, fraudulent, fake? This Yeezy Shop Site Review wishes to make you aware that they may not be legit. Personally, I think they are fake. But – let us take a good look to make sure. There are tons of fake ‘Yeezy’ stores online to beware of, especially, on Instagram.

Those that have been scammed, as in you paid and got nothing or an inferior product turned up, then you must please report them below. Seems like nearly every time a ‘Yeezy’ Store opens up online then many are falling victim to them. They are only two days old and so I believe your reports can kill the momentum of their site before they get going! 

Typically fake sites like these are from China and so I will be looking if that is the case. Many times dishonest e-commerce sites may have a way to make bad, cheap, inferior, shoddy goods made with low cost (cheap) materials. Since ScamWitness.com has already exposed a great number of fake online shopping sites, such as NextDealShop, Campreme, GigiBlanket, Julsia.com, Treasure Box 54, PopReal, SalesDee, InnovStylish, WoWNice, Print Your Pet and many more. And so we are expert here at exposing online scams to help others save their hard earned cash for better things.

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What Is YeezyShop.Site and Are They Associated With Adidas Brand Name? 

There is too many errors on their site for them to be directly linked to Adidas. They are a global brand and so naturally we would expect a high standard of a site. SO, no they are not linked or associated in any way with the Adidas brand name. They appear to be following the pattern of other Yeezy Scammers online. I believe the answer to What Is YeezyShop.Site is that it is fake and not trustworthy.


YeezyShop.Site Review

Beware of www.yeezyshop.site!


To ensure that you see where I am coming from concerning my opinion, let us find out when they registered online, who the owner is, where they are from and all the associated contact information. Surely, we can find these things out if they are trustworthy and legit?

  • Their domain registration as said was two days ago (see date of this article) in 2019/01/02. Their domain expires in 2020 same date. Why would one of the worlds biggest and best brands open a site for just two years? Two years for us is a long time but not for a website claiming to be endorsed by Adidas, whom I imagine, are only interested in long term best-possible-yield-ROI for their investments. So, 2 years is actually quite a short time and runs typical to scam site known patterned behavior.
  • The only address that they submitted is BJ, CN – that is The Peoples Republic of China. I think its a disgrace that site owners can register without providing legit details of who they are and where they are from especially in the e-commerce niche.
  • Anyways, I know I just gave it away but there is no founder name attached. So often typical with malicious sites is they will register anonymously and defraud for 1 or 2 years and simply disappear. And by the looks of how easy it is to register online to target potentially millions of people. I have a harder time proving who I am trying to get my own cash out of my own bank account!!
  • NO email or contact number.
  • There is nothing on their site to say who they really are etc. Just that they are selling Adidas products, which I am very suspicious of to say the least, I believe they are not!





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Final Thoughts.

I am not happy to say they are legit when they have hidden all of their identity and contact data, where prices are far too low on their site, where there are errors all over the Contact Us Page and ZERO VERIFICATION they are indeed linked to the Adidas Brand Name. Unless I get legit positive Reports they will remain in my sites List of Internet Scammers.

Since they are new there is very little else that is needed to say about them. I thank you kindly for stopping by and hope you will leave your scam reports, or positive reviews, below in the comments section to help warn others – or tell ‘me’ ‘I’ got them all wrong. Where mistakes have been made, if any, they will be corrected per my sites policies. I hope you have found your answer on What Is YeezyShop.Site and looking forward to hearing from you all in the comments below.


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