What Is YeahSaveVIP.com – Is YeahSaveVIP.com Scam or Legit ? YSVIP Alert!

By | December 18, 2018

What Is YeahSaveVIP.com – Why You Should Not Trust Yeah Save VIP (YSVIP)!

This is the only article needed to answer What is YeahSaveVIP.com! Is YeahSaveVIP com (www.yeahsavevip.com) fake, scam, crooked, dishonest, bad or Is YeahSaveVIP genuine, legit, good, real, safe, honest? This Yeah Save VIP (YSHIP or short) Review is a warning to stay clear of that site. Run by scammers where no or inferior products are shipped to customers. Apply for a refund and also report them at SCAMWITNESS.COM, BBB.ORG AND IC3. Let us begin now to answer questions like Is Yeah Save VIP fake or not in more detail – please share to help warn others, thank you.

Most shopping sites that are not legit are coming out of China. These fake sites may have the capacity to produce cheap versions of the products they are advertising on their site. Typically the images are stolen and brandished on their sites as their own, to induce people paying for products that they think are real, but only something of the lowest quality (nowhere near the amount of cash you paid for it) will arrive at your door – if you receive anything.

There are other online fake shopping scam sites online such as SuperTime.Online, SoloPopGo, InnovGoods, Awtoed, FairySeason, PeakMarket, AmeliaCotton10, Auate, SkullnMore, NokEast, 2uBest, SuperGoMall, LaLaLandy, CottonColor Net, 2uFuture, KenShinArt, GeemaLand, BeaLoving (to mention a few) and so I feel very confident to know a good and trusted shopping site from a fake online store.





What Is YeahSaveVIP.com And How They Are Defrauding People Online.

As you already know the answer to What Is YeahSaveVIP.com, it is time I prove why they are fake. They are a young site that has already ruined their online reputation. Their site logo is YSVIP and there is many things wrong with their site that will help alert us to their real intentions. We start out trying to find out some information attached to their site. Where this proves impossible, or there is conflicting owner submitted data, then we can begin to feel they are being deceptive and NOT trustworthy.


YeahSaveVIP.com Review

don’t buy anything from www.yeahsavevip.com!


www.yeahsavevip.com was registered online in 20181018/10/31. This was done for 1 year and 1 year is not enough time to build up a legit online reputation. Fake sites become popular fast because of their fake low prices. Real online business owners have to work very hard, especially in the first year, to make it. So, 1 year is a classic scam sign and very typical of fraudulent hit-and-run sites.

They have elected to submit the barest of info regarding their real world location. They say they are from Fujian (China). You can simply go to WHOIS to see that info yourself. 

However, on their own website, the address is completely different. In their Contact Us Section their address is 200 W El Camino Real, San Francisco, CA 94040.


YeahSaveVIP.com Fake Address

This is not the real address – they only want to make you think they are from that location.


The address on their site, per Google Images, is the exact location above in the image. We can clearly see the name on the store is ‘MIDAS‘ and no sign of them selling anything like is being promoted on the site in question. THEY HAVE ALREADY STATED THAT THEY ARE FROM FUJIAN – so why are they lying?

This is very common for scammers to get a legit address from Countries like USA, because they know many people will view their business address on their site, and for most that will convince them they are legit. Just go to WHOIS and type in their URL to see all info and then compare to their site info. There is no reason why they should be hiding their real world location unless it is intentional.

The confusion worsens when we go to their About Us Section and see another address. It is PLINKS LIMITED, Verdala Business Centre, Level 2, Triq IL-Birrerija, BKR 3000, Malta. So, we have USA, FUJIAN AND NOW ‘MALTA’. Where we see several addresses for one website then that is a clue you could be getting your order shipped from abroad.

The Founder Name is not listed online. Another bad sign of a complete cover up of all identity online.




The Scam Signs At www.yeahsavevip.com And How The Scam Goes.

Here are the scam signs that are present on the above website. These signs are common to fake online shopping sites, and where you see too many of them on the one site, you should probably just give that site a miss.

  • Different addresses for their location X3! Lying about real location.
  • Prices are too low and such fake shopping sites tend to steal images from others to pawn them off as their own.
  • Founder can’t be located.
  • Items are too high quality to be sold for such low prices – per their images.
  • Some pricing is ‘off’ because they list an item at its original price, line it out, and then have the same price in its place. That is nonsensical and I have seen that practice pointlessly being done elsewhere online.
  • Their Email Address of support@yeahsavevip.com has complaints against it already.
  • With their already low prices they are also offering Free Shipping Globally – this would make them lose money and go into debt. How are they making a profit when they have shaved hundreds of dollars off of their items and still manage free shipping? By sending you out an inferior item that is completely different to what they are promoting. Perhaps they will send you out nothing to earn even more cash.
  • Their McAfee Secured, PayPal Verified and their VeriSign Images are all fake. They are not endorsed by those sites at all. When you go to click on those images then nothing happens. This is only to give the impression they have been vetted and trusted – complete lie.
  • Their Facebook Sharing Icon is a lie as well. When you click on that you will see there is nothing there. Seems pointless other than to give the impression they are legit, trusted and well known. This article has disproved that already beyond all doubt.




How The Scam Runs – Watch Out For Scamming Social Media Advertisements!

Unfortunately, so many comments on my site this last while have mentioned they were scammed via a Facebook advertisement. Facebook currently is not doing anything and simply states their ad does not violate Facebook Policies.

I have already said this many times now in previous posts and will continue to repeat their response until someone does ‘something’ to protect the users on that platform. Did you find Yeah Save VIP advertised on a social media platform? I would love to hear from you in the comments if so.

1). Once you click on their ad, or find their site other ways, and you make a purchase then payment is usually very fast with scam sites. They may even take payment ahead of the agreed date and no legit site breaks their word like that.

2). Also, they will or may try to charge your card many times and so you probably may want to contact your bank and get it cancelled for a new one. A pain but will save you money. 

3). The delivery tracking information is common to go missing or the information is completely fake to begin with. Please take screen shots and hand over all such information to your payment provider to help them decide in your favor.

4). Did your order arrive to you? I would like to hear if it was the order you paid for? Normally they will send you nothing. Or, they will send out damaged goods, lowest possible quality goods, an envelope with nothing in it (per a recent comment on another scam site), etc! Just know, the cash you paid is not nearly close to the worth of the item.

5). Waiting Time is typically two months, and even at that length of time, it is common for nothing to arrive. If you have JUST made a purchase on their site then I recommend strongly you put in for a refund.




Do You Have A YeahSaveVIP.com Scam Report? All Reports All Welcome. They Can Be Placed In The Comments Below – Thank You.










Final Thoughts.

There is no doubt their site is extremely fraudulent. They are not going into my List of Internet Scammers for good. Items may not be theirs, they will be of an inferior quality and definitely not the items they are promoting on their site for vastly reduced prices. Too many contradictions on where they are actually, which is Fujian (China) and so do please stay far away from them.

Thank you all for coming by and I hope to hear from you in the comments below. Should you have any questions then I am happy to help out. All comments are responded. Those with additional data on the site in question are welcome to contribute to the article e.g. do you have a contactable phone? Certainly drop that info down in the comments. Thanks again guys and looking forward to all of your comments to come.



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7 thoughts on “What Is YeahSaveVIP.com – Is YeahSaveVIP.com Scam or Legit ? YSVIP Alert!

  1. Starry

    Omg yes!!!!! Total scammers!!!!!!

    Bought two bedding sets worth AU$ 50 dollars each, back on the 23rd and 24th November 2018.
    They said they delivered them on the 18th December. Stupid me contacts Australia Post and tries to track down parcels. But they weren’t delivered. So contacted company when they said they will resend on the 26th Jan and be patient. I emailed again to see where items were and conveniently they got lost in transit and they have sent me a voucher to some other websites. I opened up a dispute with PayPal and they shut it down, siding with this seller. I’m in the process of disputing this again. As they are a fraudulent site.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear this Starry and I hope you are successful a second time round for a refund. Thanks for letting us know as well.

  2. Christine

    I ordered 2 items from yeahsavevip and I was
    Wondering where’ my order was so I checke the site
    And my orders were unfulfilled but I had something delivered but never got it and called post office and it was delivered but not what I ordered and I’m thinking the earphones I got were the package I was thinking didn’t get to me but I don’t know but never ordered earphones but ordered 2 items and they haven’t been delivered checked the ems tracking site and it says it’s in my area but not yet delievered but usps site says not yet created so wtf is going on should I believe ends website or what should I do I ordered these products in December should I cancel the charges it was 29.99 and 39.99 but how can a site lie and say a package is somewhere it isn’t ?!

  3. mariainuk

    Same here, ordered some luxury bedding. Then some cheap fake headphones arrived that I initially thought my partner had ordered. He obviously hadn’t on questioner I went to try and chase up the site and found this and another site demonstrating their modus operandi. I have just contacted pay pal. Also on the same day that I purchased my items pay pal sent me a warning letter to change my password as there had been some suspicious attempted[thankfully unsuccessful] activity on my PayPal account

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Mariainuk,

      Thank you kindly for your YeahSaveVIP.com Scam Report. I am glad the crooks failed to hack your PayPal Account 🙂 .

  4. Emelita Bales

    Hi! Could you help me get a refund of my 32.99 US$ which they (Yeahsavevip) have already deducted from the debit card I am using? I purchased a Warm Solid Color Velvet Bedding fom them last November 26, 2018. After three days they gave me a tracking number which I followed up from Singapore Post to Philippine Post every now and then until the tracking system said “Item arrived at Provincial Office” 2018-12-20. Since then, I did not hear anything from their “support team” to this date.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Emelita,

      If they have broken their delivery date promise, and now no response, it maybe time to speak to your payment provider. Alert them to what you have said here and see if they will give you a refund. Thank you Emelita for your question and also for reporting your experience with YeahSaveVIP.com. It is very appreciated 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.


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