What Is Xhmbaby.Store – Is ‘Xhmbaby Store’ Scam or Legit? – Review!

By | April 25, 2019

Why Is Xhmbaby.Store a Scam? – Swift ‘Xhmbaby Store’ Review Answers.

It makes good sense to look up customer reviews about new sites or sites you are not sure off. This article is to answer What Is Xhmbaby.Store, Is Xhmbaby Store fraud, scam, dishonest and deceptive? Or, is ‘Xhmbaby Store’ safe, real, genuine and legit? Our review is a scam alert warning! If you gave payment info then contact your payment provider.

You maybe given a refund and have your card cancelled. Cancelling your card will help to safe guard your funds from unauthorized charges. Unwary customers purchasing on this site have the risk of receiving goods that maybe stolen, inferior, shoddy, damaged, something other than what was paid for or nothing at all.



www.xhmbaby.store scam alert!




Xhmbaby.Store Review – Have Your Say In The Comments.

Your customer reviews is one of the surest ways to help protect others online. Those with additional information are welcome to let us know what you have experienced with Xhmbaby.Store. Most fake e-stores hail from China and so this appears to be where they are from as well. While not all stores from this region are fake it is a point of concern.

Founders registration date for their site was in 2019/04/11 and one year.This is a short time to set up a business for since most businesses will give themselves significantly longer. So this maybe indicating a hit-and-run- site when we see sites registering for just 1 or 2 years.

But, perhaps we are dealing with a legit founder and that person has given themselves this time period to see if it is worth investing efforts via their results in this time frame? This is possible in some cases. Not so in this instance.

Founder unknown at this moment. No mention of it in WHOIS or on their own site, that we can see. We see an incomplete address from China. So incomplete addresses is a sign that something maybe wrong. Why would a legit business not want to share this basic piece of information with their own customers?

Their email address is kefu2@yesfg.com. You can Google that email address and see there are scam reports attached to it. You can also see other sites using the same email address who have already been declared a scam. This is a way we have found that links ‘Xhmbaby’ to cyber-crooks.

We also Googled their address of Nanyang aibei trading co., LTD Room 201, unit 2, building 3, longxiang community, taishan road, nanyang city and found that too is also linked to a scam report. Always research pieces of information like this as many time they will be associated elsewhere online with warnings, when the site turns out to be a scam.



‘Xhmbaby’ Scam Signs.

The above information is enough to know they are not trustworthy. Below are a few points that further exaggerates their real intentions.

  • Terms and Services section, if you highlight a port of it and Google it, then you will see that it is the same for other online companies. How can this be? How can more than 1 company have worded this section exactly the same? We also see a dubious statement about UK Law in this section. How is a company from China linked to UK Law? Clearly, this is nonsense.
  • Their website is a little shoddy and that is a scam sign by itself. Professional businesses will normally put in more effort. But also, their website theme is too similar to other sites.
  • In their ‘CONTACT US‘ section of their site we see they refer to themselves as ‘Xhmbaby.Shop’. Where site logo and URL does not match is a very good sign of a scam. They have copied and pasted their site from an older version. This can carry forward the mistakes of not changing such incriminating tell-tale signs.
  • There is a Women’s Waterproof Flower Quartz Watch that was $89 now reduced to just $26! That is too much of a discount. Too-good-to-be-true prices is another good sign that you are dealing with fraudsters. How are they making revenue for their business when they are too generous with their prices?
  • We do not see any Norton or McAffee etc Trust Seals on their site. When we see these though, they should be clickable to their sites to tell us the e-store is legit and safe. This is not the case. Now we have no way to know if legit or not, except that they have so many scam signs, we can determine this for ourselves.
  • Business transparency is not good. We see their address of their business on their being used by other companies online. So, how can more than 1 business have the exact same location? Clearly this is an issue and so makes it even easier for us to know they are not legit.
  • No founder name and also where is their customer support phone number? Has anyone even got a reply from their email address?
  • And the last last scam sign, is so glaring obvious indicating a scam, it is worth taking a moment to explain much here. We see now that they are part of a HUGE E-STORE SCAM NETWORK! We have covered many of their sites in the past.
  • In their ‘About Us’ section we see two lines all about their ‘core mission’ and ‘Uniqueness’. Where ever you see that paragraph then know it is not a good site. You can Google that paragraph and you will see many other sites saying the same words.
  • In this section you can see they have called themselves ‘Xhmbaby.Shop’. These mistakes occur when the scammers are in a hurry as they may be running countless other scams, which they are. So watch out for such scam signs and then follow your gut feeling to safety.





Final Thoughts.

I hope that makes abundantly clear why they are not a good site. They may not deliver you anything or something far lower in quality. When e-stores send out cheaper versions of their advertised products is how they are able to make big money fast.

Typically such sites are able to manufacture a big social media following due to their cheap prices. Then people share and tag many other people who may fall in to such sites traps.

Always look for reviews and definitely report them everywhere onlinne where you are invited to do so. So, and once again, feel very welcome to leave what you know in the comments below. It really will help others who maybe going through a bad experience.

That is it now on What Is Xhmbaby.Store and they are now going into our Sites List of Internet Scammers. The onus now lies with you to help safe guard others by warning them via this article.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!





25 thoughts on “What Is Xhmbaby.Store – Is ‘Xhmbaby Store’ Scam or Legit? – Review!

  1. Kristy Tocco

    Total scam! I purchased torches for $64 and received a box of bulbs. The website is deceitful as you believe you are buying one thing and you receive something different. Not only did I receive incorrect item the box was smashed with 1/2 the bulbs broken. I filed a dispute with PayPal and they could only negotiate a refund of 50% with the seller. It was too expensive to ship a broken box of bulbs to China for a full refund! Do not buy from this site. Total scam!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Kristy for your report here and I am sorry to read this. Put in for a refund from your payment provider and you are welcome to let us the outcome of that if you like. Thank you again Kristy.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Al for your comment. Wish you best of luck with your refund and you are welcome to let us know how that goes for you. Thanks again Al.


    They do not refund. They give you 3 days to do so but when you try to contact them they do not reply so you are stuck with it whether it works or not.

  3. Austin Sloan

    AVOID XHMbabystore. Totally misrepresented product. I took screenshots of everything about the solar torch lights. They lure you in by thinking that is what you are receiving. Then you receive light bulbs. Like I said. Learn from us AVOID THIS COMPANY.



  5. Annette Roseman

    The picture where the man is taking the torches out of the box that would lead me to believe it was the whole set.either way I never received it so I put a dispute in with PayPal they are not responding to my e mails

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Keep onto PayPal Annette as they may just be busy or something like that. We can’t know why for sure, of course. You are welcome to let us know how this works out in the end. Thank you kindly as well for your report and best of luck with this situation.

      1. Deborah

        I too like John just received bulbs only. Trying to get a refund with no success. Their email for contact comes back invalid. Every time I email its now invalid.

  6. john

    Also scammed, order Tike flame patio lights, received light bulbs only….SCAM

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you John for your report here. You can put in for a refund and hopefully your payment provider will side with you, if you decide to do so. Thanks again for taking the time to comment here John.

    2. harel

      same here, but they got back to me w/ a ridiculous answer, see ORIGINAL below:

      Dear Customer,

      Thanks for your support and concern on our store.
      For your question about the only light bulb you received,I am so sorry to heard that ,but your original order was wrong , you didn’t ordered the advance edition,the price of them are different . please see the attachment also.
      If you still want to the courtyard flame lamps which shown on the website . Enter the discount code below . You just need to pay for the difference.
      Buying link:https://xhmbaby.store/products/hot-selling-2019-led-solar-path-torch-light-dancing-flame
      Coupon code: OF9

      Otherwise, If you change your mind ,could I suggest that we issue a partial refund of 8USD as a compensation? Is it acceptable for you?
      Looking forward to receiving your good news.
      Have a nice day.
      Best regards!


  7. Cathy Reddout

    This store totally a scam! Should of read other reviews, not the ones on Facebook! Paid for Garden Tiki Flame Lights, got LED Lightbulbs! Demanding $$ back from Paypal. Do NOT order from them, you will not get what you paid for!!!!!!!

    1. Mimi

      I’m embarrassed to say I ordered 6 of the 2019 LED Solar Path Torch Dancing Flame Advanced Edition (Solar Flame Light) for the ‘reduced’ price of $162.00! I ordered them on 4/21/19. I saw the advertisement AGAIN (how many times is it posted?) on FaceBook on 4/27/19 and started reading the comments. I started emailing Denis Nimmo (dnimmo040@gmail.com) & kefu2@yesfg.com about my order. After sending 235 emails, I received a tracking number from Denis Nimmo on Fri 5/10/19. Today Tue 5/14/19 a package containing 2 of the 6 Solar Path Torches arrived. So far today I have sent 25 emails to both dnimmo040@gmail.com & kefu2@yesfg.com requesting $108 refund for the 4 Solar Path Torches that I paid for but didn’t receive. I can’t be bothered with attempting to ship the 2 torches I DID actually get back to China to get the $54.00 back for them. I plan on resending that email to both email addresses at least 100 every day until I get some kind of satisfaction. I did file a claim/dispute whatever it’s called with PayPal to get the $108 refunded. Anyone that ordered any of this crap from advertisers on FaceBook should also complain to FaceBook, I’m doing the same thing with Cloud-Lights, so far I’ve sent 236 emails to them without a reply since 4/18/19. The women’s clothing advertisers on FaceBook are scam sites with crappy products too. I can’t fathom the money those advertisers have scammed people out of! FaceBook should not allow Shopify advertisers on FaceBook. I’ll NEVER take the bait AGAIN!

      1. Kathy

        EXACTLY…I too have ordered tiki torch, crappy dress and crappy shoes, all from China!! No response to my emails. No possibility of returns because even if you could read the return address it is already out of the return warranty period…
        I’m ashamed of my quick to order foolishness…

  8. Yvette Clayton

    Once again, you have provided information about a scam I had not hear about. I am totally familiar with this site now based solely on what you’ve uncovered in this article. Great job! Thank you so very much for enlightening your audience about what’s going on around us and what to do to handle it in case we come in contact with it.

    The facts you point out are very important and worth taking note of for sure. For example, I make a habit of looking for reviews about various companies before I do business with them. However, it never dawned on me to look for the Norton or McAfee Trust Seals. Thank you! You make some very good points about how to safeguard yourself against these bogus companies. Nowadays, we have to be so much more diligent about protecting our own assets. Reading articles like this makes it so much easier.

    Will these companies try to contact you via your cell? I am wondering because I get so many spam calls, when I blocked them all, I ran out of room on my block call list!

    Once again, Philip, thank you for another great article.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Yvette and I am glad you enjoyed this article. I hope many will take away a few key points to help them alert to other scams in the future.


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