What Is www.TrionFunds.com – Scam or Legit Investment Site?

By | August 29, 2018

What Is www.TrionFunds.com and the Inherent Risks.

The owners of this website claim to have years of experience, and a panel of ‘experts’t, so you don’t lose your money. What Is www.TrionFunds.com anyways? And also, Is TrionFunds.com safe, real, genuine, legit and paying our or Is TrionFunds fake, fraudulent, illegal, Ponzi Scheme, HYIP Scheme? Those answers are coming in this Trions Funds review. Already, it is easy to let you know they are a high risk venture. Investments made on the idea of no ideas to do the same is an illegal High Yield Investment Program, or, a Ponzi Scheme. Some will earn early on but vast majority of members will lose their cash. Below will detail how this happens, for those interested.

Already, you know they are not legit and safe but still many will want to know why. And also, if there is still a chance of making big money fast. While I don’t promote illegal online schemes I do help others to make money online. Those interested working from home, part time or full time, can take part in this easy to follow training by Wealthy Affiliate University. No credit card to begin with a free lifetime account. Your FREE ACCOUNT is HERE. You may read up on WA HERE.



What Is www.TrionFunds.com, Owner ID, How it Works and YOUR Chances of Success.

www.TrionFunds.com Site

But first! Owner Info and their Investment Offer. So, I believe the answer to What Is www.TrionFunds.com has been well established. You should know by ow TrionFunds.com is an illegal online operation where most of its members will lose their cash. Should this be news to you, then you may be new to investing online, in which case you need to pay double attention! Newcomers end up losing thousands to such schemes and it is where most of the illegal profiteering occurs on sites like TrionFunds. 

To find out owner details we need to have a look at when the site was first registered online. For this we go to a database like WHOIS. Here I can see the site was set up on 23/08/2018 and will last for 1 year, if that. The owner name is not listed – Big Concern. Address given is for Washington USA. 

To compare that address on WHOIS to TrionFunds stated address on their site, we will find a problem. Trion Funds say they are registered with companies house under the following company registration number:-


We simply Google that number and find a the companies house website. Then you can plainly see that the registration number belongs to a company called Wealthy Island Ltd. Wealth Island Ltd was dissolved 14 of February 2017. So, we have two addresses for the same site and a clearly false claim to be registered in the UK. Why a company who has obviously registered in the USA makes a claim they are registered in UK is a big cause for concern! This only tells me that the owner is deliberately evading handing out online their own identity. This occurs with scam sites where owners want to avoid questions from the law, least we forget, Ponzi Schemes are completely illegal to create!



How It Works.

Their site speaks on how many years of experience they have and the experts they have worked with, and how their way of money management instruments are analyzed on the stock markets, and so they can guarantee you won’t lose your money – is an incredible and daring sales pitch!! Look deeper and you must conclude no one can ‘guarantee’ you won’t lose your money if you invest online on blind trust alone. Yes, blind trust! That is how these sites are cleaning up jaw-dropping profits on the yearly like its raining money and all because people won’t search Google for a review!! The one’s not complaining are the experienced HYIP investors who know the best time to invest is the first two weeks of these sites creations, after that, good luck!

Here is how it works:-

Sign up. Part with your money to a total stranger online. Believe them you will receive your cash as you wait. Either get paid or lose all of your cash. No come-backs! The getting paid part sounds alright, but the problem is, this is a Ponzi Scheme. In that inherently flawed business model there are no products or services you are actually receiving or selling. The money you pay is actually going to older investors where the bulk of your investment is kept by the creator. Now, you wait on new sign ups to do the same as you and hopefully you get your returns. These sites have an awful habit of shutting down anytime and running off with all the cash – I kid you not! Be very warned here if you are new to this kind of money-games online, it really can end badly for you.

Their site has various investment levels and 10% to 15%, depending on how many referrals you make, on affiliate commissions. To be honest, you can go to their site and view that data, because without a good chance you are getting paid anything after your investment, then its almost a waste of both our time.


Here is a staggering fact about Ponzi Schemes/HYIP Schemes:-

Over 90% of participants in HYIP/Ponzi Schemes Lose ALL of their Money!

Keep that in mind if you bump into TrionsFunds AFTER it is older than two weeks old! Even before this point there is no guarantee you will be paid anything, though in order for the founders to create some legit payment proofs, then they must do so to encourage new sign ups in the future to keep their site alive long enough to make it worth their while. So, you may get lucky.



Final Thoughts.

Ponzai Schemes/HYIP’s online is fast becoming a new and emerging illegal industry! It is also extremely profitable for the founders, and for participants who know what what they are doing. Certainly, don’t invest all your cash into one scheme. Only if you must invest in these schemes, though I avidly suggest you seek alternate ways to earn your income, try investing your cash across a number of HYIP sites. Ultimately, it is hard how I can not see this as a relatively new form of gambling! Playing on ideas like ‘quick-cash’, ‘big-money’, ‘instant-payouts’, ‘investment-guaranteed’, ‘free-bitcoin’ etc, these sites will say just about anything to get you to part with your money. Even those that aggressively defend such schemes in forums like this, will shut-up indefinitely when such sites go under. Its up to you. Trion Funds is a scam and I don’t endorse them at all. There are legit and ethical ways to earn money online without the fear of someone just stealing your cash after copious promises of riches. But, it involves work, and sopme people are just straight up inexperienced, and then they wonder why they get scammed ALL THE TIME ONLINE when they keep on chasing ‘quick-cash’, which, don’t exist. Well, good luck if you do invest!

That is about it on What Is www.TrionFunds.com. I wish you all the best in that uncertain arena and I do hope you don’t come out too financially banged up. Those tired of online scams, and simply don’t want to risk potentially thousands of their own money, can have a look below for your free account. Yes, it involves work but then you get to keep all of the profits. You can’t get scammed because that would involving scamming yourself, and since that is impossible, then all the future success of your finances online rests solely in your own hands. There are those that just want there own website but don’t know how to go about it. In this instance, you can read HERE where you have a priced option and a free option.

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