What Is www.TradyCoin.com – Scam or Legit?

By | August 26, 2018

TradyCoin.com Website

What Is www.TradyCoin.com and Your Chances of Earning.

I am very happy to see you have decided to query What Is www.TradyCoin.com! Those asking is www TradyCoin com safe, legit, genuine, or is TradyCoin fake, fraudulent and not paying out will, find out in this non-member review of Trady Coin. From many questions on this website asking for legit offers, I simply wish to alert others, that this new HYIP maybe not be all they say they are. You need to proceed to with extreme caution when dealing with websites offering 200% returns on investments!!


Company:- https://tradycoin.com.

Created:- 11/08/2018.

Founder:- Not listed.

Scam/Legit:- See ‘Final Thoughts‘, bottom of this article, for a quick answer.

Farewell Note.




What Is www.TradyCoin.com, Why no Founder Listed and How it all Works.

Here, now I will quickly answer What Is www.TradyCoin.com. They are a new High Yield Investment Program. By their own words, in their FAQ’s section, profits are generated from new investments. This is  a clear admission that they are a Ponzi Scheme (HYIP). 

It is quite a big deal that there is no founder listed. This means members are actively trusting their Bitcoin money to a complete stranger. I asked who created the site in their live chat box. They responded saying that “We are extremely busy right now and if you leave your email address we will get back to you“. So, they are busy but had time to write that instead of a two word name – makes no sense. That is deliberately trying to phish my email while not answering a profoundly simple question.

Their website is hosted in Texas United States. There is no email listed but they do have one on their site:-

SUPPORT@COINEEN.COM <<- clearly, that is not ‘TradyCoin’ site but COIN’EEN’. These small discrepancies all add up to paint a picture of deception. Anyone use this email and did you get a response?




How to Invest and Expected Profits.


Per their own site, you simply sign up using your own crypto wallet. You find an address to give your money to per your own investment choice. Lastly, you wait 48 Hours for a 200% return! But hold on, on their home page they are saying, right below the top of their site, that you will instantly receive 20% from referral commissions. But, does it take you some time to make referrals, and so, how can you already have referral commissions? Another thing that just does not add up to me.

I see many of these crypto based scams and actually at least this one is honest in how they are raising money to pay new investors. Many just blurt out they are investing in Forex or other such nonsense but not here. Also, while there is huge potential for some to earn big money, it has an inherent weakness that assures its eventually collapse, a collapse, that can happen even as you are reading this article…




HYIP/Ponzi Scheme in Operation – Proceed with Caution.

As stated, TradyCoin was created 11th of August 2018. Per date of this article, they are only 15 days old. That is just one day shy of the ideal time to invest! SO, first two weeks of such schemes then you will have greater chances of returns. Even some of these sites will be generous enough to pay out fairly consistantly up to four weeks. But, if the later be the case, then your window of opportunity is fast closing.

Clearly, I don’t recommend you invest on a site that is not even legal – that is not what I am saying at all. But, there will be those that will anyways so there is my two cents on that.

Those that promote such a scheme run the risk of having your earnings taken from you. Those that earned without promoting it, and did not know it be an illegal scheme, appear to be allowed to keep their earnings. 

How it works.

Its pretty straight forward. After you sign up and make your investment then you simply wait for more investors to arrive. These new investors then make their own donation, because really that is what it is, and wait the 48 hours for returns. The more aged this site becomes the more it is likely no more investors will arrive. This can even happen in a few weeks. Some of these sites go mega-viral and this is only adding to the wallet of the creator. Any payment proofs are by the lucky ones, and even I suspect, the founders may pay out for a while longer to create such proofs to make other investors want to take part.

At the critical point when the site is struggling beyond repair to get in new investors then we will see huge complaints. The site will shudder on for a while but it will shut down without warning. And since we don’t know the operator(s) behind such schemes, then we have no way to claim back monies or even place blame. 

Logically, 200% returns on investment is nuts! Tell me one legit company online that is making those claims? Let us now consider that such an operation, when they first receive their first 100 investors, would probably have to locate two or three hundred new investors to pay out the promised returns to 1st 100 people. Now, those new 2 or 3 hundred new investors may require a new wave adding up to a 500/600 (who knows) investors to make expected profits for the last wave. Easily now we can see this operation is running at a huge debt rate and its operating procedures dictate that they will never be able to pay out to everyone – ever! This is the inherent weakness of these kinds of investment programs and is why you should consider caution here.

1000’s of such online get-rich-quick-schemes are being manufactured daily. Only the Founder comes away the real winner of these ventures. When these unknown people shut down one site, it is more than likely, they  have another already set up and so the cycle continues. They operate on peoples need for quick cash and so why many will flock to new sites in countries where the economies are quite poor. Those that win are delighted, but for everyone winner, there are many stories of people losing out big time. Ultimately, you should only invest what you are prepared to lose and not money that would put you in dire straits. 



Any Legit Ways to Earn?

Those that make the most money online, aside from dishonest people I’d imagine, are those that KNOW they must work to build something for themselves and their families. This work will then, ideally, produce a residual and recurring income from a job done just once – just like this post. Anyone can be shown how and you don’t need prior experience. All will be shown and the determined, as always, will reap the most financial returns. Look to the very bottom of this post for your own invite – no cc to start.



Final Thoughts.

Proceed at your own risk! There is no guarantee off returns, but more than this, the chances of earning back even your initial investment decreases the older their site becomes. They are, in my opinion, an illegal Ponzi Scheme. That opinion may be worth something to you, or not, and in either event I wish you luck if you decide to go ahead with them. Do let everyone know in the comments section if you were successful or not, it really does help other in their own research.

That is all we have time for today on What Is www.TradyCoin.com. I sincerely hope this article answers your questions and I particularly hope, those that are new to the crypto investment world, found some clarity for your next steps. Anyone looking for real and honest ways to earn online may check out How to Earn Money from Your Laptop. I only recommend WA as they are the only ones that have helped me earn consistantly. Those interested for a Free Start Up Online may sign up to WA HERE to see if running your own website is for you. Thanks for stopping by guys and I wish you the best of luck.

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