What Is www.TakingWork.com – Is www.TakingWork.com Scam or Legit?

By | September 2, 2018

Your Complete Answer to What Is www.TakingWork.com – Scam Network At Play.

Thank you for trusting my website on your search to know What Is www.TakingWork.com. Those asking Is www TakingWork com safe, good, honest, genuine, real and paying out or asking Is TakingWorking fake, bad, dishonest, criminal work from home job? In this TakingWork Review you are going to know everything on what their operation promises, what it really is, and ultimately their true purpose to scam people of their time, work efforts and all to earn themselves money that they don’t share with their members. I am 100% confident in this claim and the rest to come will show you why their Taking Working fraudulent website just can not be trusted!

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What Is www.TakingWork.com and the Many Ways their Operation Works to Deceive and Defraud.

www.TakingWork.com Scam Site

Let us find out the owner of their site to have a more complete answer to What Is www.TakingWork.com. Their website registered on the 15/07/2018 and sets to expire same time 2019. Hit-and-run fraudulent sites will tend to set up for a short while, fleece as many people as possible, and then run for the hills! How can the owner of TakingWork get away with this? Simple! They have hidden all founder details online.

They also say they have paid out many thousands of dollars to many thousands of participants and yet there is zero payment proofs to make this claim real. The opposite has happened by the many complaints online of no payouts after the Minimum Payout of $300 was reached. When complaints on a site hit high numbers in a short amount of time then that is a sure fire sign you are dealing with a site that is not legit. Not everyone else can be wrong about one site.

On their home page their have a very garbled intro to confuse us. At first, when I first bumped into one of their copied sites called DoJobPartTime, and then JobJust.Online, I honestly thought they were offering paid part time work. It is worded weirdly but careful reading will reveal to you that it really is just babble.

They have many copies of this TakingWork webiste, and those two above, are owned by the same unknown scammer. I can know this because the wording is 100% duplicated, the theme/website template is identical and the whole scamming process is the same. There may be many 100’s or even thousands of these sites online. 

Do you know of one of these fake sites such like TakingWork, DoJobPartTime and JobJust.Online?

I’d appreciate a heads-up on that in the comments section if you have a moment.




What Really Happens After Sign Up – The Threats Revealed.

Scammer Defrauding You!

All are accepted to sign up and all you need is your name, email and create a password. Oddly enough, they don’t require you to confirm who you are via email. When I first signed up to DoJobPartTime I did so with fake information. It still allowed me to enter their site. I even logged out and logged back in without using the right info I submitted a few moments earlier. So, this is a phishing site that is hoping you are going to enter your best email and your most used password, a password that most people use for all of their accounts online, I might add.

This information is then treated like Gold and stored away until they have huge collection of personal information on a great number of people. When they have enough they will simply sell them on the Deep Web and make very good money on doing this. 


They run an affiliate program then rewards you with $5 per click. That is insane money and actually that amount could buy you about 250 clicks online. So then why are we to believe that if we share our scam affiliate link that we are going to be paid that amount of money?

Well, the answer is there are a lot of people that are new to making money online and so they are easiest to fall for this. That is not being insulting as it happened to me on several occasions before I found something I trust and recommend. Newbies is what such sites thrive on to take advantage of.

When youy have worked long and hard enough to make those referrals you will want to cash out your $300. At this point, a number of things may occur:-

  • Nothing will happen.
  • Instructions to click on the captcha won’t work – that button is a dead button.
  • They may ask you to upgrade. This is just a trick way to earn a few dollars out of you before you realize its not real.
  • Thy may want you to sign up to a few offers. Every offer people sign up to will net the scam owner around $1 to $5, depending on the unknown third party merchant. This is another way they will try to make you earn them money.
  • They may even be cheeky enough to download malware to your device. Malware is only software that is programmed to hunt down your sensitive data online. This typically is done without your awareness. Update your antivirus to protect yourself. 



Do you know of another one of their sites or other online scams?

You may report all bad emails and websites to this website in the comments section below. You may also wish to report such sites to my support email at scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com. That is checked daily and I will respond to all correspondence.



Final Thoughts.

They are just another boring scam site that is offering nothing of value to anyone else but themselves. They will seek out newbies and then try to make them work your socks off for no pay. They tell nothing but lies on their site and they are thieves of your personal data. Their ethics is non-existent and they will remorselessly take advantage as many people as they possibly can. The worrying thing, if that is not enough, is these sites tend to get great traffic. I’d appreciate a share of this article to help warn others before even more complaints mount up of lost monies and wasted time. Thank You.

Have you got any questions. opinions or stories What Is www.TakingWork.com? That is fine, and so, please leave all of your comments below for my help if so desired. Need work from home ideas that are not scams? Well, I know of a few – just ask! However, why not check out your free account below where you can have a look and see if making money from your own unique website is something for you. Thank you once again for choosing this website as your trusted source and looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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