What Is www.SuperHourly.Bid – Scam or Legit?

By | August 18, 2018

SuperHourly.Bid Website

What Is www.SuperHourly.Bid and the Associated Risks.

Nice job on researching What Is www.SuperHourly.Bid (https://superhourly.bid)! Here you will find out Is www SuperHourly Bid a scam, fraud, criminal, paying out or Is SuperHourly Bid an honest and good way to earn online via investments. This SuperHourly Review will attempt to bring clarity. First Off, this site is a HYIP! High Yield Investment Programs can be lucrative and very tempting for the newbie investor. Many times, when such sites are new, they may have good and real payment proofs. These tend to dwindle fairly fast and tend to pull a lot of beginner investors with this business model. Let’s take a closer look on what they are offering and if its really a good idea to invest.

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Company:- https://superhourly.bid.

Created:- 08/08/2018.

Founder:- Not Known.

Scam/Legit:- See ‘Final Thoughts‘ bottom of this post for a quick answer.

Farewell Note.



What Is www.SuperHourly.Bid – How it Operates and Should you Invest.

As mentioned, the owner can not be located. This should be cause for concern. Their website says they are legitimately registered in the UK. There is no evidence of this on their site and not even a Founder Name Listed there. WHOIS database lists no name either.

Quick Search with Companies House Database reveals they are not listed as a registered company either. All bad signs here of deception.

You already know they are a HYIP. However, for those not sure on what that is, there here it is.

HYIP’s is another way of saying they are a Ponzi Scheme. So, Ponzi Schemes (named after Charles Ponzi) take new investors monies. This money is then given to older investors according to their investing levels. Now, the 2/3/4/5/6 (etc) waves of investors are all dependant on new sign ups for their profits. Such schemes can collapse anytime and is a good reason to stay away from them. 

Also, when you can’t locate founder ID then there is little chance (pretty much zero) of you getting your money back. Many of these sites claim to be registered in the UK. However, most of their Companies House Certificates are bogus. Those with legit certs can buy them for $5 up to $135! Not a lot when you are asking investors to invest up to the tune of $3500!! I have seen sites like this ask for up to $50,000.


Here are the investment levels:-

Plan 1). 

Min Deposit:- $5.

Max Deposit:- $500.

ROI:- 36% FOR 4 HOURS.

Plan 2).

Min Deposit:- $75.

Max Deposit:- $1500.

ROI:- 43% FOR 4 HOURS.

Plan 3).

Min Deposit:- $150.

Max Deposit:- $2500.


Plan 4).

Min Deposit:- $300.

Max Deposit:- $3500.


All Payments are Instant <<<– watch out for sites that use such phrases, it is a common scam sign.




How it Works to Potentially Earn You Big Money and Its Legality.

HYIP Program

Needless to say, just sign up and you must have one type of the crypto accounts below:-

  • PerfectMoney.
  • Payeer.
  • Bitcoin.

Once in, choose your own level of investment. Then wait. Wait and hope someone else, and many others, join and invest because that is the only way you are going to see your returns. There are no physical products/digital products/services in exchange for our real world money.


This is the characteristics of such business models called HYIP’s or Ponzi Scams.



Is it Illegal to Invest in such Schemes?

It is illegal to invest and earn from these scams if you know them to be scams. Those that invest and earn, without knowing they are in an illegal online scheme, can keep their earnings. Otherwise, you risk having them confiscated by authorities if caught. 

Should you have promoted such schemes and earned then that is another criteria to lose your earnings.

Ultimately, the common idea online is – its up to you! There are no come backs as most of these schemes, who say they are UK based, operate over seas and do not fall inside UK Jurisdiction i.e. you will never see your cash again. 

Such operators take most of the profits, and once they shut down their site, will invariably start a new one. It really is easy money and the ones most at risk are the newbies. New comers to such investing can lose thousands of dollars


Best Time to Invest?

Those that must, then the best time to invest is soon as the scheme opens! The sooner the better for a chance of getting your initial investment back plus returns. The time scale is very short:- Two Weeks, possibly, even Four Weeks. After such time then you really are gambling your cash.




Final Thoughts.

SuperHourly is only paying some people the first few weeks of its life (see date of this post) and then it may fully stop. The longer it lasts the more spotty payments to members become. Its a true lottery with no way of getting your money back. Such websites are prone to collapsing at any time. Any referrences on their site of investing other than this scheme, they have not proven, that I could see. I believe they are an illegal online operation, and as such, is a Scam Site! – Buy Beware.


Were you paid by SuperHourly?

Let everyone know below in the comments section.

Did you receive no profits per your investment?

Definitely report that below to help warn others the owner may have stopped paying out to anyone.

Know of an online scam?

Just ask me and I will look into it for you.


Those that don’t feel like gambling their money, but are sincerely looking for a real way to earn online, may sign up below or HERE to know how to do this. No credit card to start and no pressure to upgrade – its all up to you. That is all I going to say on that and also on What Is www.SuperHourly.Bid. Looking forward to all of your comments below.

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