What Is www.NokEast.com – Is www.NokEast.com Scam or Legit Website?

By | November 29, 2018

Buyer Beware – Read Here First To Know What Is www.NokEast.com!

Before buying from new/unknown sites, it is always wise to do your due diligence, and ask the question – in this case – What Is www.NokEast.com about? Is www NokEast com fake, dishonest, bad, scam, crooked, run by cyber-crooks or Is NokEast genuine, good, safe, legit, honest? This Nok East Review is going to clear up all questions and let you know that they are not a good website to buy from! They are owned by same scammers that own the website called SenMok.com. There are others as well, that I will be exposing in due course.

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Full Truth On What Is www.NokEast.com – Caveat Emptor.

So, I am very glad you have decided to do research on What Is www.NokEast.com to find out if they are trustworthy or not. That is the only and entire scope of this article in order to help you decide should you buy form them or not. Be begin with the founder of the site.

NokEast registered online 2018/11/09same date as SenMok.com! No coincidence there. There address is exactly the same as each with Capellania 31 Garca Garcia, Nayarit, Mexico. That address returns sites with holiday homes that having nothing to do with the selling of playground houses or playground sets etc. So, the registered address is false. 1 Year online is also very suspicious. I mean why would you only invest your time, with your supposed real world business, 1 year online to make sales? That is indicative of sites that like to scam your wallet and run. 1 Year is just enough time to scam galore because they know it can take that long for a site to get a bad rep and then they shut it down.


www.NokEast.com Site

don’t buy anything from NOKEAST.COM!


The founder name is called Salas Federico and actually there is no connection with that time either of those sites. So now I have to conclude that the registered founder name is also a fake name. All bad signs. It should never be this hard to find out who owns a website, especially, when such sites are asking you for your money for advertised products. Big Scam Sign!

The entire purpose for the hiding of real world address, contact info, site owner name is so when the site is found out and widely known as a fake site, the owner or owners are able to shut down the site and keep the earnings. Since no one seems to know who the owner is then there is no legal consequence.

WHOIS is one site that holds registration info on websites online. You can simply type in the generic version of any website name to reveal such information as I tried to locate above. You will see for yourself that the registered data is identical, even though, both sites trying to pass unnoticed as separate and even in two separate product ranges – I should of said, SenMok is selling Electric Bikes but its fake as well. 



The Signs Of A Fake Online Shopping Site – NokEast Is Loaded With Them!

Let us quickly get the scam signs of their site out of the way…

The social share icons link to their home page. Makes no sense but only does on a scam site. No professional and legit real business would stand for that error.

McAfee Verified and Trusted symbol is only an image and links to nowhere. Just a weak attempt to look good and innocent to unwary buyers to garner legitimacy and trust.

No founder name or address supplied on their site. No contact information either only a contact form that is probably run by a bot software. Should you get a response then it may not be very helpful. That is typical with fake shopping sites.

Duplicate Sites! There are copies of these sites online. Most of them are selling the same electric bikes from Sen Mok. Not so with Nok East. The scammers seem to have branched out into playground and patio products to see how they can earn good or not with those products.

Their Contact Telephone is the same for at least 5 other sites! That was the only bit of information that linked me to their other websites, that by the nature of the first one I found, I then can label them all scams, and because they are all scams! Similar to identical site template right down to the product line with most of them, as mentioned.

Prices are far too low for the products they are advertising! Black Friday or Cyber Monday or Celebrations on Mars! It matters not – those reductions of 90% and 91% is financial suicide for any business online or in the real world! You would have to be closing down to sell those items at those HUGE REDUCTIONS! So, that is another scam sign to watch out for…. and that is putting it mildly.

The chances of you receiving a product may be very slim. Should you get an item delivered then it may not be the one you ordered. Also, these sites like to keep you waiting for months on end, and so if you don’t get your delivery 15 days after delivery, contact them 1 more time. If then not resolved contact your bank, PayPal or whatever payment provider you used, and seek their advice. They may have to investigate and possibly you could get your money back.

Please do report www.NokEast.com if they scammed you in anyway in the comments below. Thank you for your time in advance.

Do also beware of FairySeason, FarmZily, OMGTrue, NannaThread, Phoneiei, LeMaxShop, VogTrend, Sleepious, Choies, Auate.com, LaddyDress as they are all fake, current and very active scam sites at the time of this articles release











Final Thoughts.

Should this be news to you and you already paid, please don’t panic, and simply contact your bank or payment provider. By doing so you have the option to put in a dispute for monies charged to your card. So, there is always hope and do please report them below if they took money from you for either no product, inferior product or tried to scam you with their returns shipping costs etc. Thank You. For me, they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.

This forum is well and truly open for discussion on What Is www. NokEast.com. Those with questions, not answered in this article, are welcome to ask below. All scam reports are very welcome including reports of sites you believe are fake. All will be responded to and info acted on. Thank you for your time and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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