www.KenShinArt.com Review – Is www.KenShinArt.com Scam or Legit?

By | December 1, 2018

Beware of www.KenShinArt.com – https://www.KenShinArt.com is a Fraudulent Site.

As professional as their website looks, I do have bad news on What Is www.KenShinArt.com (https://www.kenshinart.com). Is www KenShinArt com fake, crooked, scam, dishonest, illegal, bad or Is KenShinArt good, safe, real, legit, genuine, honest online store selling children’s toys and blankets? This Ken Shin Art Review will prove to YOU why they are very fraudulent and hopefully will save you some money. Please report them below if they have already scammed you. Contact your payment provider to dispute charges to your card. Also, beware of GoodsZily, FarmZily, Sleepious, HobbiLaunch, as they are all part of the same scam network by same scam owners!

There is no doubt in my mind they are all owned by the same people. They are setting up fake shopping sites, by ripping off other good and trusted site names (with slightest variation on it) and passing it off as their own. Also, some of their images may not belong to them. The items advertised are not theirs and you won’t receive anywhere close to what you ordered, if you receive anything at all. Once again, please don’t hesitate to report them in the comments below if you were scammed by KenShinArt – you may just save someone else from being ripped off.

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What Is www.KenShinArt.com – Exposed!

As mentioned, stay clear of their other sites such as HobbiLaunch, GoodsZily, Sleepious and FarmZily. They have other sites that I will be shortly exposing soon. Should you know one of then it would be appreciated if you could please report that URL below in the comments – Thank You. To begin to prove to you, the answer to What Is www.KenShinArt.com is a scam, we begin with some background data on their fraudulent website.

Ken Shin Art paid for their site to be registered online on 2018/11/07. Registration is 1 year only. That is indicative of deceptive sites, who stick online for 1 or maybe even 2 years, and then vanish at any moment leaving unhappy customers in their wake. Needless to say, the owner or owners keep all their illegal earnings and do so without any legal action against them.


www.KenShinArt.com Site

don’t buy anything from https://www.kenshinart.com!


The address, that is meant to be for their real world business location, is stated as – PANANMA. Good luck to their post man with that one! Clearly, their ‘address’ is pure bogus. Looking to their site their is one as 236 Front Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States. That address is actually not traceable on Google. Other businesses/buildings show up,  approximating the address, but its nothing to do with the site under question.

So that address is just stolen to give them a sense of trust and legitimacy. Scam sites serve up addresses of other good and trusted businesses/locations for the unwary customer who may not think to confirm that address as real and belonging to the site.

There is no Founder Name listed at their site registration, or on their website. There is zero contact information such as an email. There is a phone number, that if you Google it, returns it listed in forums and elsewhere as connected to other online scams – +507.8365503.

When all such tacitly obligatory information as listed above is not freely available online – be very cautious before you purchase anything from them. This is clearly absurd not to know who owns this company and their whereabouts. Point being, they expertly hide identity so they don’t get arrested by the law because they know they are defrauding people. And since most online  fake shopping sites come out of China, then we are seeing cyber-crooks from one country, scam people in another country. And so, it makes it that much harder to track them down to arrest.




How They May Execute Their Scam On You – The Mysterious Re-Direct.

Comment left on this website left the ULR of AflaTunese.com! Once you type that in, then it swiftly re-directs to KenShinArt! AflaTunese was one of the scam sites by these cyber-crooks using other sites to rip people off, as listed already. So, that is pretty much enough proof to know the site under question is also bogus and belonging to the same people. A big Thank You to Lois for reporting AflaTunese in the comments of my HobbiLaunch review – much appreciated 🙂 .

However, if you have a moment, you can take a look at FarmZily.com and about us section. Now have a look at the About Us Section in Ken Shin Art – you will see they are word for word, pretty much! Same pitch and ‘ethos’ etc. That is even more proof they are all part of the same scam network. 

Also, check out some of the listed above, and see some of their items for sale. Most telling, is the skull printed items. There is one also at the site under question. So, that is a very unique product that I have not seen elsewhere and another clue to confirm my suspicions.


Anyways, here is how they may scam you out of your cash!

1). Typical for these sites to leave you waiting in limbo for 8 weeks or even longer! That is too long to wait for anything online. Its just strange why it would take so long, I mean, their manufacturing process flow can’t be that slow – right? Well, that is just to fob you off. Most customers may not receive anything for their money after that time period has elapses.

2). Perhaps something does turn up – the chances – its not going to be the item you ordered!

3).Perhaps, if you are lucky enough, you do indeed get the item you ordered but then you will probably find the cloth is too thin for purpose. Certainly not what was advertised on their site anyways.

4). Payment will come straight out of your account IMMEDIATELY! These people, though they are super slow to get the product to you, seem extremely swift and efficient at deducting payment from you account at lightening speed!! Do watch that they do not over charge you, or, take multiple charges from your charge. Simply cancel that card perhaps. Definitely contact the institute your used to make payment seek a refund.

5). It matters not if you get an item, the fact you paid the price advertised on their site for it, makes them still a blatant scam site. No is no way the item sent you was even close to what you paid for it. Incidentally, this whole network has been ripping off a site called custommemoryquilt.com! The founder of that website has come forward and commented in the article on NanaThread article – another one of their scam sites. The founder of the legit site is called Geneva Dawson by the way.

6). Typical sign you ain’t getting anything from these guys is when your tracking information simply vanishes. Some reports indicate, then when someone seeks a refund via PayPal from one of these aforementioned scam sites, then the company comes up with a tracking number. Then now, you must wait 15 days, if no item, then contact the company again. Should there be no response, or you just being fobbed off again, simply go back to PayPal – Bank – and let them take over from there. That is per research online, and of course, you may want to seek legal advice over mine.

Please Report Your Experience of KenShinArt If They Ripped You Off In The Comments Below – Thank You.

Until we start freely sharing a little bit of out time to help warn others then I am afraid we are all at risk from online scams. The powers that be that hold the net together still have not figured out how to stop them. So, we have to look for one another. This involves you imparting what you know to help others avoid losing their money.











Final Thoughts.

Pay money for the advertised item. Item may show up but not the one you ordered. Or the one you ordered but different size or so cheap in quality that it may be worthless to you. Worse still, perhaps nothing shows up to your door step. As mentioned, most fake shopping sites come from China. They may have a manufacturing set up to produce cheap-cloth prints but nowhere near the quality advertised. I don’t believe they are legit and indeed a fraud.

Thank you for coming by and I hope you did not lose money before seeing this article. But, if you have paid, then you simply contact your payment provider to dispute those charges as there is a chance you could get your money back.  I hope that answers your query on What Is www.KenShinArt.com, if not, you are welcome to ask below. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.

Feel Free To Share This Article With Your Networks – Thank You.


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14 thoughts on “www.KenShinArt.com Review – Is www.KenShinArt.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Ordered November 15 still haven’t heard anything got to look and noticed it was a scam bummer deal for me.

    Ordered November 15 still haven’t heard anything got to look and noticed it was a scam bummer deal for me

    1. Scam Witness Post author


      Thank you for your KinShinArt.com Scam Report. I am sorry you had this experience but I am very happy you decided to help warn others. Your comment could save dozens or even 100’s from being scammed. It is very much appreciated 🙂 ~ Scam Witness P.S. Have A Great New Year.

  2. James Ward

    I to have been had. Saw there blankets on facebook and ordered three for my grandchildren. I’m PO’d. $240.00 I threw out the window. Somebody needs to go after them and FACEBOOK!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi James,

      Thank you for reporting your experience with KenShinArt for the fraudulent site they are! You can simply put in a payment dispute with your payment provider. Once they investigate then its a good shot you should get a refund. Hope that helps James.

  3. Kristian Burks

    I ordered something from them at the beginning of November, luckily I paid with a credit card. After I received the order confirmation, I never received anything else. I’ve attempted to contact them 4 times asking for an update and demanding a shipment date but have received no response. I’ve now reported them as a scam to my Chase account and am letting the credit card company fight with them instead.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kristian,

      That is definitely the correct course of action Kristian. I hope now you get your refund. Thank you kindly for reporting your experience about KenShinArt.com – it really will help to warn others. ~ Scam Witness.

  4. Nicole

    I am in tears, I purchased 2 blankets from this website for Christmas presents and spent a lot of money. It was going to be the only gift I gave my mom and husband for Christmas. I was really excited when I found the perfect wine blankets I knew they would love. Now not only am I out the money but I am out the Christmas present too. I really can’t believe this would happen and I really hope no one else falls for this scam. Terrible time of year to do such a horrible thing to someone who works hard and just wanted to purchase a thoughtful Christmas gift.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Nicole,

      Sorry to hear about your experience with KenShinArt. They yet may deliver you something but doubtful it would be of any good quality. File a dispute for those charges with your payment provider for a potentially full refund. Thank you also for your comment to help warn others. ~ Scam Witness.

  5. Christina Franklin

    I feel like I have been scammed by this company they took out the fee for a blanket they showed on Facebook and sent me back confirmation however no updates and its been 10 days and no tracking. However right after I purchased thisy bank showed fraud activity and there is no customer service to talk too.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Christina for your KenShinArt Scam Report. I know it will help those looking to find out if they are legit or not. Thank you for your time.

  6. Ashley

    I ordered two blankets they had for Christmas gifts back on 11/07/18 for my kids on the other web site they are using called Christmaswarmy.com. I got emails saying they would be coming and an order number, but all of a sudden the page was no longer working!? So I email them to see what happend and if there was a nother way to track order and of course… No Response. So now I’m out of $144.95 that was taken out the same day order was placed and I won’t be receiving the blankets either. It’s a shame they do that to people. Now my kids won’t have gifts for Christmas because I’ve been robbed!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear about his Ashley.

      Why not put in a dispute about those charges with your payment provider? Many people have got full refunds in a high degree of cases. If so, then you still have time to order from another site like Amazon in time for Christmas – thank you for reportingon KenShinArt scam site.

  7. Michelle R Groom

    This company is a BIG FRAUD taking money from people and not providing the services that they say they do on their Fake web page. PLEASE DONT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM like I did you went get your product for your money. They take your money and run. There’s no number to contact for question on your order

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Michelle,

      Very sorry this happened to you. I am very appreciative you have shared your experience to help warn others about www. KenShinArt.com! They are big scammers and currently working with some good people to help get these sites exposed and shut down sooner rather than many 100’s or 1000’s of defrauded victims later.

      You can contact your bank to dispute any charges. So, there is still a chance you can get your money back.

      Once again Michelle, sorry this happened to you but your report is so important to help alert others. Thank You Kindly ~ Scam Witness.


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