www.HighProfitPaying.Online – HighProfitPaying.Online Scam or Legit?

By | September 19, 2018

www.HighProfitPaying.Online – HYIP Site Looking to Scam.

Just found out about www.HighProfitPaying.Online and wondering what is www HighProfitPaying Online? Asking is HighProfity.online fake, real, fraudulent, genuine, scam, dishonest, legit? This High Profit Paying Review is going to help those that don’t really know what they are looking at regarding thee HighProfitPaying sites venture. Those tempted by the returns per investment should know how that money is generated. However, the site owners are very vague on how they do this and simply ask you to invest to receive your money. There is no work involved but only to wait for unreal returns for small money. Sound too good to be true? That’s because it it.

While I do believe that they are indeed a fraudulent scam site, whose business model is based on an illegal set up, there may be those looking for a way to earn online without financial investment risk. Those interested, may find out how to Make Money Using Your Laptop or sign up HERE for two free websites and many free training resources for newbies. Premium Fee’s Apply after your 7 Day Trial Test is over but your free starter account is free for life.




What Is www.HighProfitPaying.Online? The Full Report.

HighProfitPaying.Online HYIP


wwwHighProfitPaying.Online wants us to believe they are an Investment Company. They are saying in about 1 week you will get returns from the Currency Market or Forex. However, should you wish to take a good look around their site, there is no proof this is how they generate their revenue. Let us begin with the founder and website registration details to help find out if they are legit or crooked.

High Profit Paying Online was created 10/09/2018 and registered for just 1 year online. Their Address AZ USA. That is all that they wrote for that and really is not a legitimate address at all. Their website address given is, I just checked, there is not one there. Such sites will usually take the trouble to at least lie about their address. These guys didn’t bother.

There is no founder name listed. This should concern you if you like to know who you are trusting with your hard earned cash. The point of not disclosing ownership details is to protect the scammer(s) when they run off with all of your money. Seems too far fetched? Well, their business model is not legal and historically such schemes has ripped off of over 90% of members that participated. So, you can see it really is a high risk venture.


Below I will now BULLET POINT my other worries about their site and offer.

  • As mentioned, there is no evidence of their ‘experts‘ or of any ‘Forex‘ activities on their website. They have just told us a story to try to convince unwary people into parting with their money. Where is the proof?
  • They are not a certified business company. They present no company registration number and so they are not being financially regulated by any authority body. This should really concern you you are being tempted to invest with High Paying Profit!
  • There is no actual physical product that you receive for your money. You don’t even get any digital downloads to it either. Where you find a lack of transparency surrounding the product or service for money, for big returns for little money and zip work, then you can safely conclude they are a Ponzi Scheme. Do be aware, Ponzi Schemes are also called HYIP’s – High Yield Investment Programs or even High Risk Ventures – all meaning get Big Money for Low Investment and Do No Work for it.
  • Take a quick look to the left of their website at their Deposited amount and their Withdrawal amount. Deposited is $1120.00. Withdrawals is $2185.00. That is more than double! Those that checked the date of this post will have noticed it is the same date as HighProfitPaying’s registration date online. They are claiming they have already paid out that amount!! Only the Founder knows teh truth but I would not go by that. At that rate their company has made a loss of double of what they received – does that really make sense to you? What company is going to loss money so you can make it?
  • Now take a look to the right of their website. They have something called Forum Updates. Problem is, when you click on it, they page simply scrolls up a bit. Not legit.
  • They say they have “around 2-3 years of trading“. What! What do you mean ‘around’ – what company or persons does not know EXACTLY how long they have been doing something for? LOL! I read similar stories on other scam sites almost every day and they all go the same way – collapse.
  • Incredibly, despite ‘HYIP’s’ being quite well known as a Ponzi Scheme, should you look to their FAQ’s page, you will see that they do in deed call themselves a HYIP. 
  • Their contact page is probably just a phishing exercise. I would not submit your best email there at all. There is something called Big Data. That is your your personal data, collected from 100’s/1000’s of people that may use their site. Once the site shuts down for good, and remember that can happen at any time, then they will simply sell on those details to other scammers online. Now, you are subject to further scam attempts by your own email that you submitted. Also, be careful of downloads to your device and watch out viruses. Up date your anti virus to ensure you are protected from malware that maybe looking for your sensitive data to steal.
  • You may notice that I have not spoken on their referral program or their levels. So, here it is briefly. Their referral program offers you up to 20% referral commission when your sign up spends money. The two levels will give you back 125% in just 1 hour and a staggering 2500% in 2 hours in their other plan! TOTAL RUBBISH!



Can I Make Money with Them?

YES! To be blunt you can make money with them. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you go ahead and give your money to a complete stranger online. Check the date of their site. Should the date be over 2 weeks then check for complaints and or reviews online. Check to see if they are still good comments of them paying out or not.

After two weeks, and usually definitely by 4 weeks, the owner may suppose a dip in sign ups and once that occurs then the owner will get greedy and simply keep all donations. Because really, that is what they are – donations.

They are not investments as you are not investing in to anything is real or solid – nothing but money games you are playing with here.

Why will they crash?

Its just their business model. It needs constant new sign ups all the time to pay older members. As each new wave of new members join up, then pay, now a greater number of people are owed more money than can be ever paid out. The longer the site runs then the more money it owes to its members. And since their they are operating illegally, and you have chosen to participate, you don’t really have a come back.




Final Thoughts.

They are typical of the kind of HYIP sites I run into all the time. I mean they are littering Google on a daily basis with fake company names and fake investment opportunities. I know it may sound incredible but they are not investing a dime into currency exchange – its all a front. Those who get in early have a chance of earning. Those who come to the party late have an excellent chance of losing all of their investments – AN EXCELLENT CHANCE! See date of this post, and if its older than 2/4 weeks – then I would just stay clear of that site. Ultimately, I don’t recommend this way of making money online and so advise other way that are ethical to achieve this end.

Have questions on www.HighProfitPaying.Online? You are welcome to ask me below and I will be happy to help. Don’t forget that you have two free websites and many free training resources to learn to be your own boss from home. You can click HERE to get your free start account – which does not require a credit card – so you have nothing to lose. Thank you for your time and looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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