www.DoJobPartTime.com – Scam or Legit? – Member Review.

By | August 15, 2018

DoJobPartTime Website

www.DoJobPartTime.com – are they a Real Job Offer? – Member Review.

Here we have a new site offering big money for very easy work! Welcome as this article lays out What Is www.DoJobPartTime.com. Those asking is DoJobPartTime.com real and legit, Is DoJobPartTime com fake and just a fraud, will find out here in this DoJobPartTime.com Review. I signed up to their site after a reader asked if they were legit. In only a few minutes it was obvious to determine some serious flaws. For now, just know, I do believe they are not what they seem. You can decide for yourself below.

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Company:- www.dojobparttime.com.

Created:- 08/08/2018.

Founder:- Not Identifiable Online.

Scam/Legit:- See ‘Final Thoughts’ at the bottom of this post.

Farewell Note.





www.DoJobPartTime.com – How it Works.

Let us now get into What Is www.DoJobPartTime.com and how that website offers work and for how much. They are asking you to sign up for free. Great! The sign up process requires you to submit your email, Street Name, and choice of PayPal or Cheque for your commissions.

Personally, I entered in false details, including fake email address, and then my new account was registered. I mean, no legit site operates like that. That was not a legit sign up form! That is a form hoping to extract your best email out of you, thus, that is a phishing attempt – in my opinion.

The Front of their home page details job offers they are currently supplying to interested applicants.

Here is what they say they are offering…

Flip open your laptop and work with them, instead of,

  • Dog Walking.
  • Shifts at Startbucks.
  • Rent a clown suit for kids parties.


You could be watching the Abrahams or Benjamins in your downtime!” – That does not even make any sense and that is pretty much their final line to entice you to join up, probably, a pun on dollars – anyways. At a quick glance on their site you would be forgiven in thinking they were offering paid part time work in Dog Walking etc. But a careful read will not say that, though, that was my first impression.



The ‘Real’ Work on Offer.

Once you have signed up, and remember you can even do so with a fake email address, you will be presented with your affiliate link! Then I felt strongly they just wanted me to post that link everywhere and send them free traffic.

I fell for a similar con before, but let’s see, if I am right about this one first before calling them a scam.

After signing up then you are presented with 1 page of info. There you are told the work and the pay they are offering for you participation in their job offer.

Simply copy your affiliate link and paste it to your networks like:-

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • YouTube.
  • Blogs.
  • Forums
  • ETC!

Anywhere online that has space where you can spam your link! 

Now, when someone clicks on your link – here is mine,


DoJobPartTime Website


– your account is credited with $5! That is big money for 1 click which tells me that they can’t be legit and serious about paying all members $5 for simply one click online! That is not real and I have seen similar online websites pull the same trick on its members.

Minimum Payout is $300! That is a huge minimum payout, and from exposing many online scams, legit sites will have that set to a max of $100. Even some legit sites will set it to 1 cent. So now, $300 is high and they do this so you work for longer, making even more referrals than if the minimum was lower, so when you realize its a fraud – you have helped grown their membership.



Sign Up Bonus and End Result of Requesting Your Money.




Already, I am very suspicious they are not legit. 

The sign up bonus they offer is $10 and is waiting for you once you sign up. I tested my affiliate link and your account is automatically credited $5. Again, far too much more for so little work…

Once you hit the Cash Out Minimum of $300 then I have my suspicions they will ask you for a processing fee. That is normally how something like this runs. When I was just on their site, they said to fill out password to login, but it had to be at least 4 letters long. I stuck to my 3 letters and it still let me sign in. SO, that is not right for sure.

Ultimately, they want you to send them free traffic. They say that they are paying their members out of advertising websites profits. I did not see any ads on their site, so that makes no sense. 

They are a site that will use their members for free labor and then, probably, try to charge you a fee to cash out. Though I can’t prove this right now, it is usually the way of these sites.



Did you try to cash out?

Let us know below in the comments section, because after I tried to use my affiliate link to ‘up’ my earnings, it stopped registering it in my account in Dollars. They are obviously detecting it is not real traffic.



Scam Signs Galore!

Here are a few things that tell me we are dealing with a phishing site, and a fraudlent site, that may (yet to be proven) try to seek payment out of ‘YOU’ for your money.

  • Generic Blurp on their home page that makes very little sense.
  • My account is set to payout on the next payment date. Great! There is no payment date
  • Pretends to pay members out of advertising profits – not true. No ads on their site per date of this post.
  • They claim to be around for years and paid out 1000’s of dollars to 1000’s of members. Yet, there is very little about them online. They are only registered online as stated at start of this article.
  • Allows you to sign up with fake details.
  • Allows you to sign in against java script warning, just keep trying.
  • Minimum Payout is $200 too high!
  • They advertise spamming as their way to legitimately promote their website via unpaid work of their members.
  • They have no payment proofs.
  • Founder can’t be located online.
  • No Privacy Policy Page.
  • Only contact is Support@DoJobPartTime.com.
  • No Forum.
  • No Live Customer Help.
  • No sign of other members.
  • Site appears empty on content.
  • ETC!




Final Thoughts.

I am not convinced they are a legit site! I once spent my whole day promoting an affiliate link for $500! When I had hit the payout threshold, I was sent to fill out some kind of iPhone form, where I thought I was getting an iPhone as payment. NOPE! The page forever refreshed and I gave that site my personal details. I just didn’t know any better at the time that I had just been phished. Should DoJobPartTime.com does not ask for a processing fee, they might instead, try something as just described in my experience. Nevertheless, in my experience of exposing many online scams, and promoting good websites, I am certain they are not to be trusted. After signing up to their site, as well, there were too many things that were not right at all. Legit sites don’t behave like theirs. They are as Scam Site!

That is all that needs to be said on them. I feel strongly I have given the correction determination to the nature of their website, and I am offering the owner of it, to come forward now and tell me otherwise. I have been wrong before and so I am open to being corrected. Barring that, only time will tell for sure, I guess, when many reports start coming in.  Do report them below if you were phished and scammed by them in some way.

Those seeking real and honest ways to earn online can sign up HERE, or below, for their free lifetime Wealthy Affiliate Account. I truly hope this article helps people who maybe asking about www.DoJobPartTime.com, and ask you as well, to report all sites you are uncertain of below. This is how this post came into being, thank you and good luck!

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22 thoughts on “www.DoJobPartTime.com – Scam or Legit? – Member Review.

  1. Adeel Rafique

    I really want online work.but all site fake.can you help me.as good liged site.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Why not just sign up to Wealthy Affiliate and then you will have access to chat to 1.4 other million members who can advise you.

  2. Rachel Avila

    just now i checked that www. dojobparttime .com is an scam i tried to update or access for the captcha but its only wating my time.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Rachel,

      Great to hear from you! Sorry to hear they wasted your time. They are many identical sites and they are all pulling the same stunt on others. I am just writing up another one of them called ProcessJob.Online. Another bad site like DoJobPartTime!

      I can make a few recommendations for real work if you like. I did a review into EarnVenture and they really are legit if clicking on ads, doing surveys, downloads, watching videos is your thing to earn some money online. You may check that review of them HERE.

      Thanks again Rachel for adding to the overall understanding of what they are really about and so, with the comments all from members, then surely people will agree that they are indeed a fake site.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  3. frederik constant furstenberg

    they say click on captcha but link doesnt work and you must complete a survey what is nowhere to be found
    time wasters

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Frederik,

      Sorry this happened to you. As described in the above article, I got my own time wasted that particular occasion chasing $500 for sharing a link. They led me to a page where I inserted home address, name, date of birth, phone number = EVERYTHING!! The page forever refreshed and I had spent all flipping day doing this nonsense fake work.

      So, I know the feeling all too well. Soon after that experience I started to wonder how other were earning online. I found out and I can show you as well if you are interested. No pressure, just good info.

      Thanks for telling everyone and confirming that they are indeed a fake scam site and is more reason why people should definitely stay far away from DoJobPartTime!

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

    2. jersie

      same as Im going to cash out I need to click for verification to click captchaverify and as I click on that it appears some apps needed to be downloaded 4 apps and I download bur still nothing happens

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Hi Jersie,

        Great to hear from you Jersie!

        This is a very important comment you have left here Jersie because now it does really warn others what to look out for. I suspected it but I did not experience for myself and so could not safely make that claim. Now, thanks you to your comment, I can be confident and also others can be better informed.

        So, those apps. Better you just uninstall them soon as you can. The owner will have got some money for that actions but clearly their site is not legit.

        On a side note, let me know if you are interested in real ways to earn online. I know of a few depending the kind of work you are looking for.

        Thanks again Jersie for this invaluable insight to your experience on DoJobPartTime – it really is appreciated.

        P.S. Watch out for identical sites like WorkTab.Online, TakingWork.com, JobJust.Online as well. Owned by same scammers, and I recently uncovered, this is a scam network seeping across the net!

        ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  4. Carlito

    Same what wilk happen to princess website is a big scam it waisted my time and effort..after hitting 300 its nothing even support team ..yawaaaaa

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Carlito,

      What is Princess Website? I never heard of them. Could you be so kind as to supply their URL and I will expose them for you Carlito. I Googled princess website but I only see a cruise liner sites.

      Looking forward to hearing from you Carlito.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jhonjee,

      Then, this article has and is serving its purpose. I NOW do not believe they are anyway remotely legit and only attempting to harvest data to sell onto scammers. When their site traffic begins to sore due to their fake referral commission offering, then they may try to monetize website, with ads. This is a source of free revenue for the unknown website owner and is another way they can use their free traffic.

      Let me know if you are seeking real ways to earn, I know a few.

      All the best Jhonjee, and thanks for taking the time to comment on my article – it really does mean a lot 🙂 .

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Nemo,

      In my opinion it is behaving like a scam site. There are a few reports below of experiences from users. I used it myself and the money they offer for 1 click is not correct. So yes, in my opinion, it is a scam site.

      I know real ways to earn online, if you are interested, just ask me here or you can use this sites email support – bottom right of this website.

      Thanks for your question Nemo.

      ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  5. Princess

    I am trying to click the “click here to open captcha test ” but it just open a new window and kept going back from where i was. i was trying to payout the 550 usd but nothing is happening just don’t waste your time na dito cause it is really a waste of time.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Princess,

      Thank you very much for you experience with DoJobPartTime. This will help alert and confirm others suspicions, and hopefully, save a few from joining their time wasting site.

      I kinda don’t understand that site a bit – where is the pay off for the owner? So, perhaps they are just a really weird phishing site stealing emails and the like.

      Again, thank you so much for letting us know. Here to help if you have any questions on how to earn some money online.

      ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

      P.S. You may contact my websites support email bottom right of this site. I check it daily so if you have any questions at all, just email me there where I will get back to you swiftly. Good luck!

  6. Maria Joanne Cabanes

    I am a little bit confuse about this DoJobPartTime.com because when I was able to reach 11 completed job I supposed to get $55 plus the sign in bonus of $10 but it never change from $35.00 . Can you please help me determine if this DoJobPartTime.com is legit or not? I already sent 100 friends I have but I am now unable to send the link due to some error saying

    An error occurred while processing this request. Please try again later.
    If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

    When I click on Please let us know since it is highlighted nothing happen .

    I also check for the support but when I send an email no one did respond to me .

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Maria,

      Thank you very much for your comment on this DoJobPartTime website.

      So, I am afraid its not good news. I am fairly confident they are just a scam site. They won’t pay you a penny, in my opinion. Did you use your best email to sign up? If so, then the pay off for the owners is that they are harvesting emails to target you for future scams. Its nothing to panic about, just don’t respond to any emails you don’t know who the sender is in your inbox.

      You can try again later if you like but I have seen similar scams online like this and they usually come with many complaints after a while.

      I would alert your friends about this article so they may stop wasting their time. I could be wrong, but I genuinely don’t think so.

      If you are looking to earn online just get back to here, or you can speak to me on this websites Support Email (bottom right of this page).

      I wish the news was better Maria.

      ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Lesly,

          I believe it really is a scam Lesly. I have seen other sites like this and they just want you to share your link, and usually then, when you hit cash out require of you to fill out some offer, upgrade etc so they can make money from you.

          However, I have had no reports of that happening yet. So, I am unsure as to the pay off for the creator – seems pretty bizarre to me actually.

          Perhaps they are making money from collecting personal data like our emails to sell onto scammers. That is the only way I can see how the founder of DoJobPartTime is trying to make money out of this site.

          So, and as well, no website online is ever paying out $5 for a simple ‘click’ on a ‘link’ – not even the richest people in the world would agree to that. That is like giving a way a real full time income for everyone online – this would only make any site get into debt and collapse very fast.

          I do know good ways to earn online, if you are interested Lesly, so you are most welcome to ask me here – or contact me via my sites email support (bottom right of this website).

          I hope that answers your question, if not, I am always here to help.

          ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  7. Danielle

    This www. dojobparttime .com definitely sounds like a scam. There is not a single redeeming fact here.

    Thank you for alerting other people on this. Most people do not know what to look for in order to identify a scam and this post surely helps. I have taken note of those points that you listed. They will come in handy.

    Making money online is not as easy as such sites say it is and so when I see a site throwing money around – in content promises only of-course – I immediately get suspicious.

    I would rather, like wealthy affiliate teaches, take time to build a solid business online.

    Thank you for helping us to avoid scams.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Yes, I found them recently and actually I find many people are querying them. So it really was worth it to better ensure many people are better informed.

      Thanks for you comment Danielle.

      ~ Philip (Scam Witness).


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