What Is www.CoinsPayment.biz – Is CoinsPayment.biz Scam or Legit?

By | September 8, 2018

What Is CoinsPayment.biz and Should You Invest with Them.

The short answer is no, no you should not invest with them. Here you will find out What Is www.CoinsPayment.biz for real. Those asking is www.CoinsPayment biz a scam, fake, dishonest, illegal or is Coins Payment biz good, legit, honest, genuine, real and how to get paid. This CoinsPayment Review is going to tell you what they offer, what they are really offering and ultimately how most investors will walk away with nothing but a lowered bank balance. I don’t trust them and I do believe their business model is completely illegal and they are a scam site. Below is my research for you to make up your own mind.

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What Is www.CoinsPayment.biz, Owner Investment Offer and their Real Intention to Scam.

www.CoinsPayment.biz Site

Do notice the “b’ helping you…” spelling error.

I believe you already have your answer on What Is www.CoinsPayement.biz? Do you still think they are legit, genuine, real and paying out? Let us start out by trying to find out who owns CoinsPayment. This is very easy to do by going to where all sites must register their ownership details. Coins Payments was set up on 02/09/2018 with only 1 year registered online. Their address says London GB on their website, which does not constitute a real address, I mean, that could be anywhere in London. There is no Founder name listed at site registration or on their own website. This tells me that they have deliberately omitted these ID details so they can’t be arrested for what they are doing. Very common among scam sites to do this.

Oddly enough, they have used ‘PANAMA’ as their own sites registration. Make of that what you will.

Already we can see no one knows who they could be giving real world money to. That alone is very worrying and boggles my mind that people do this all the time. The point being, when they just decide to keep your money, who are YOU going to report them to? No one knows who they are and so they chances of getting your cash back is pretty much beyond zero percent chance.

There are many things wrong with their site and I shall reveal them to you via a Q and A style format:-

What are they per their own words?

They invest in ‘trading’, ‘Forex’, ‘Stock Market’s etc. A typical and actually over used description from such sites. I see this on a daily basis of such sites saying your investment is going to be invested on the stock market and then you will see your returns.

They promise returns per investment of:-

Level 1.

Min Deposit of $5 to a Max of $10,000 8% hourly for 24 hours. The Max remains the same through all their levels.

Level 2.

Min Deposit is $10 and max is the same. Hourly percent profit for 1 day is 160%!

Level 3.

Min Deposit of $15 for 80% hourly for 3 days.

Level 4.

Min Deposit of $3000 for 12 hours at 160% hourly.

What is wrong with all of those figures?

Well, who here on planet Earth can predict the fluctuations of any market? Not even humanities most sophisticated software can promise those exact returns per the times given. I mean, what if some guy who has being trying to hit oil for five years becomes a billionaire over night? Or, how about the crashing of a major global brand? No one, and nothing, can foresee the future and this is the very reason that they can not predict how much you can earn, if they are dealing with real world markets that is?

Of course, they are not, which leads us perfectly onto our next question.

Really, What are they?

Ever heard of a ‘HYIP’ or ‘Ponzi Scheme’? Well, they are the same really. Such business models just want you to give them money and they promise wholeheartedly to fabricate tons of money out of nowhere to give back to you, including your initial investment. There is nothing to purchase, no digital products or anything being delivered to your door, just that you donate (I mean ‘invest’) your money to a complete stranger online based on their words. Does this not sound a little insane to you?

Well, that is all they are. They are an illegal cash gifting, HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), Ponzi Scheme plus a Pyramid Scheme. All a Pyramid Scheme is when most if not when all the money floats upwards then we can easily visualize its name in action. Most of the money comes from the base of the Pyramid to a few or one person at the top. These schemes can be very lucrative for the cyber-crooks who create them.

Can People Still Make Big and Quick Cash in these Schemes?

Most certainly! Many do! However, only in the first couple of weeks will you see that occur. Defnitely after just four weeks will you see little to no payments to new members. Payments at the start are given out so to create legit payment proofs to encourage more people to sign up.

If they are not into Trading, then Where does the Revenue come from?

When people sign up to their site then they invest. That money is now paid to previous investors. That is it. Now you wait and simply hope others will sign up and do the same. Now its your turn to get paid – if you do that is. Most won’t, however. Over 90% of all members who gamble their money in this way will simply just get scammed! There are no guarantees, and worse still, there is no way to get your money because no one knows the real founder, as discussed.

I could write SOOOOOOOOOO much more on what is wrong with their site and their offer. But, I think you know where I stand on CoinsPayment by now.


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Final Thoughts.

Based on CoinsPayment business model, that alone, is enough to call them a scam. Such a way of doing business is not legal anywhere. I mean you pay in money and then its gone. How is that good business? Yes, some will earn good money but that is less than ten percent of all members. Only good time to invest/donate/cash gift is in the first few weeks. After that, its all down to luck.

Do you have questions on What Is www.CoinsPayment.biz? Need more info on how to get started online with out a sign up fee? Leave your questions below where I will be very happy to help you further. Thank you all for stopping by and reading my research. Looking forward to all of your questions to come, and if you are interested, HERE is an article on how you too can be earning money from owning your own website. Alternatively, get your free account below.

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