What Is www.CobaltCouncil.pw – Is www.CobaltCouncil.pw Scam or Legit?

By | September 4, 2018

What Is www.CobaltCouncil.pw and is it a Genuine Investment Website?

Wondering What Is www.CobaltCouncil.pw? Asking is www CobaltCouncil pw fake, scam, crooked or is CobaltCouncil good, honest, real, genuine and paying out? This Cobalt Council Review is going to answer those concerns to leave you in no doubt. I have spotted a number things that may suggest they are not legit. Personally, I think they are an illegal online scheme. But, must have a closer look at founder identity and confirm their business model is indeed not legal and therefore a scam site. Below is my research to help you in finding your own answers.

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What Is www.CobaltCouncil.pw – Full Site Analysis.CobaltCouncil.pw Site

These guys say they are in the Crypto Trading Platform. They go on to say they got a team of experts that can somehow use financial instruments to legitimately earn more than any other platform in this area can. They make big noise about being registered with companies house as well. However, what is www.CobaltCouncil.pw, and are they really just another HYIP Scheme?

Let us start off with the founder. When sites register online then the owner is required to insert their name, their business address, email etc. The registration details does not show a founders name and gives no address. The site was created 23/08/2018. Quick scan of their site and they are saying they are a UK Registered Company, again, there is no evidence of this. There is no evidence that there company has been doing business of any sort in the Crypto Trading Platform anywhere online, and so, unwary visitors may be duped into thinking they are a legit investment program.

Already we can see some pretty vital details missing.

What do they really offer?

They are simply trying to gain your confidence so you sign up and invest. So, they say they are in the Crypt Trading Platform. We can simply use their own words against them and repeat what they say:- “How do I open my cobaltcouncil.pw HYIP account?” ‘HYIP’ is a nice way of saying Ponzi Scheme. Since the term ‘Ponzi Scheme’ has got such a bad rep in years gone by, the HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) sounds much more legitimate and business like. They are running a site who’s business model is banned globally and is completely illegal.

What Is Ponzi Scheme?

Simply, there is no product or no service you get for your money. Your ‘investment’ is pooled together with other investors. Then that money is to be paid out to earlier investors, and of course, the founder will keep a higher portion of it for himself. Now, for the last lot of investors to be paid then we have to have more people to sign up and pay the same way. When this stops happening, as it does with ALL of these business models, then the site will collapse. Here you will lose all of your money.

Best time to invest?

Never, but I know there are those that will jump onto this as a winning way to quick cash! So, if you must, you should know that the first couple of weeks is the most ideal time to invest. Of course, I don’t advise you do that, I am just saying.

Experienced investors in these kinds of schemes will invest once, get paid hopefully, cash out and run. They know its only going to get worse from there for payments. The longer the site runs the harder it is for anyone to get back their investment plus returns.

I can see they are offering of up to over 130% hourly for four hours. It is not possible to magic up money out of thin air and really we need to be careful what we invest in online. Some operations can be very slick and convincing and cobaltcouncil is one of them that will just take your cash and run.

Scam Signs.

They have no legit documentation to prove they are registered anywhere in the world, despite their claims.

Falsely say they are in the Crypto Trading Platform, then contradict themselves, in their own FAQ’s.

No founder name.

Not clear at all on how they are generating any income to pay off investors. I see no lists of investment companies or stocks, nothing.

State they have 5 Levels of Investment and then only show us 4.

Content on their site is generic, at best.

Their withdrawals is what they are using as payment proofs, it seems. No one knows if that is even a real list of investors and only the creator of it does. Not good enough as payment proofs.

The Companies House Logo, bottom left of their website, only links to their Home Page. Bogus claim debunked by themselves – these guys gave me EXCELLENT HELP!

Their Facebook Button Icon, Top Right of their Site, only links to Facebook. Does not lead to a page of themselves.

I suspect their CONTACT US FORM is only a phishing attempt. When such valuable data as your email, name is gathered, they can sell on that data for a very good profit when enough have been collected.

Except the Companies House Log, all the other Logos bottom of their site, just link to their Support Page. That tells me those symbols are just linked images that don’t go anywhere a connection to CobaltCouncil. All just bells and whistles on the surface.


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Report all online scams to myself at scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com! Check out the comments for more info, if any.

Were you paid or scammed by CobaltCouncil?

Let everyone know that as well in the comments if you have a moment.




Final Thoughts.

I am not happy to say that Cobalt Council is legit and safe, because they are not. The bulk of their illegal earnings is made off of the poor unwary newbie investors that don’t realize they are staring at a particularly dangerous business model working in the background. Most cases, they won’t give you your money back. But, sometimes they do – just ask them – they might surprise you. Ultimately the whole site is designed out of the need for founder privacy and wealth gathering on a mass scale. Most of these type of sites will only ever set up for 1 year – and many crash thunderously in weeks! I would not invest in their site, not JUST because they are illegal, but it would not be nice to wake up one morning and see your $500 gone up in smoke. Of course, the choice is yours – they are a scam site.

Have questions on What Is CobaltCouncil.pw? Would you like more info on How to Start Up Your Own Online Business? You can ask me in the comments below and I will always get back to you. Thank you one and all for kindly stopping by and checking out this article on a new HYIP. I am looking forward to all of your comments to come, and don’t forget, your free start up with Wealthy Affiliate is below.


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