What Is WoWNice.Xyz – Is WoWNice.Xyz Scam or Legit? – SCAM ALERT!!

By | January 1, 2019

What Is WoWNice.Xyz at www.wow-nice.xyz? Quick Review To Warn All.

There are a lot of people asking What Is WoWNice.Xyz, Is WoWNice Xyz fake, scam, bad, dishonest, untrustworthy or Is WoW Nice Xyz good, legit, real, safe, genuine, honest, trustworthy? This WowNice Review wishes to alert you to their fake ‘SURPRISE‘ that awaits all that shares them on WhatsApp. There are many online fake sites and they are certainly one of them. Those that have encountered them are welcome to leave their scam reports about that site below in the comments section on this web page. 

Beware of e-commerce sites claiming to be legit hailing from China. Most fake shopping sites are from this region and is a point to watch out for. Sites that do deliver ‘something’ for your cash likely have a way to manufacture cheap, inferior, potentially counterfeit goods. They are after your payment info, which if you have given that to them, may be harvested for future fraudulent attempts by them and to sell onto others. Contact your payment provider and get yourself a refund, and perhaps even, to cancel your card to stop any unauthorized withdrawals from your account.

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What Is WoWNice.Xyz Really All About – Don’t Share To WhatsApp!

Scam sites share common attributes, that once we can recognize, will alert us to their true intentions. You know What Is WoWNice.Xyz but now we shall dissect their operations and see ‘why’ they are a scam. The first and most important areas to look into are their location, founder name and contact info. Also see bottom of their sites copyright date, because sometimes they lie about that to make them seem older to garner trust, and see if they are being truthful on that point as wel.


WowNice-Xyz Review

Don’t share or buy anything from www.wow-nice.xyz!


They filled out the registration application 2018/08/06 and for 1 year. That is a pattern that is seen with scammers to only register online for such a short period of time. Usually real world businesses, after having already made an investment in their real world biz, will naturally want to register for longer than a year. It is considered ‘deceptive’ and ‘suspicious’ behavior.

Their real world address, as stated by the owner, is Arizona, United States. That is an incomplete address and is definitely considered suspicious behavior. Why not give a contactable address if you are indeed legit and trustworthy? And so that is a way to hide who they really are online because to reveal their location would bring authorities to their door.

By way of owner identity they simply have not attached a persons name to the site. No email address and no phone number for customer support registered. That there is enough for me not to trust them. Because we do not know who the real owner is no, now they can scam people for the full year online, and run of Scot-Free with all the illegal earnings. I find it incredible they have even been approved for monetization as well.



E-Commerce Illegal Operations and Scam Signs.

The person or people behind that site is clearly adept at hiding who they are online. The whole scam-gambit is to get you to share their site link on WhatsApp. When people go to their site then they maybe tempted to make a purchase. I have not shared and so that is far as I can go on their site.

1). Those that make purchase(s) may not receive anything for their cash. You need to contact your payment provider to secure your banking info and your cash. 

2). Images of products typically maybe stolen and that is a common practice. They invariably do not have permission to sell these goods.

3). Goods delivered may not be the item you have ordered. There is one thing for sure, the item(s) may not be worth anywhere close to what you paid for the purchase. This is how they can make an absolute fortune, by producing low cost goods, to make highest possible profit.

4). Any and all personal info may be sold onto other scammers online .This is a very quick way for them to make considerable free cash depending on the size of the list of unwary victims personal data.

50. Check the tracking number they give you – if any. Many times that info is just plain fake. That is an important piece of evidence you can use to expedite your refund application.

6). Receipt? We all know online purchases will get us a receipt. Incredibly, sometimes scam sites simply won’t send you this receipt. Yet another piece of important piece of info to use as evidence.

7). Taxes? Did they include taxes when you made the purchase? Yet again, scammers either forget or simply do not include this in the price at times and is another important scam-clue to watch out for.

Scam Signs.

  • No founder information.
  • Actually, no information at all on their site about who they are and what they are about.
  • They are making free money by duping others into driving traffic to their site. Worryingly, it is working.
  • No cookie policy and actually no policies of any kind that you would expect from a legit site.
  • Least one of other major scam busting site have alerted others to the practices of the site in question.
  • Link sharing e-commerce scam.




Do You Have A WoWNice.Xyz Scam Report / Reviews? All Are Welcome To Leave Such Reports Below In The Comments Section – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

They are a link sharing scam to drive traffic to their own site for free. They have been reported as being an e-commerce site where the products may not even exist sa their own merchandise. Those that have handed over their banking information may have to contact their payment provider for a refund. Keep images of all communications if any. Please do report them below to help warn others. They are now being put into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

That just about wraps up this article. Those with questions are welcome to land them below and I will respond. Also, those with additional information are welcome to add to this article by leaving such info below. Feel free to report other scam sites here to be exposed.



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  1. Andrea

    There’s a lot of content out there to be aware of, isn’t there! And it’s amazing the lengths that certain entities go through to seem legit. Articles like these certainly help the average Joe/Jane to know what to look out for.

    Thanks for the useful info!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Andrea,

      Thank you kindly Andrea and you are most welcome also. Do report any online scams you come across to be exposed online to help alert others. Thanks again Andrea 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.


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