What Is WorMoney.Club – Is WorMoney.Club Scam or Legit?

By | September 21, 2018

What Is WorMoney. Club – Is WorMoney. Club an Honest Paid Advertising Viewing System?

Those that have worked and encountering payment difficulties may want to read here on What Is WorMoney. Club (www.wormoney. club). Here you will know answers to questions like Is WorMoney Club real, genuine, honest, legit or is Wor Money Club fake, dishonest, scam, fraudulent? In this WorMoney Review you will find out if you should work with them or not. To save you some time I will tell you that they are a scam site. They are many that are identical to WorMoney! Here is my research on their online operations.

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What Is WorMoney. Club and How I KNOW They are a Scam Site – MUST READ!

WorMoney.Club Scam Site

Want to know more on What Is WorMoney. Club? OK, let us begin with ownership detaisl to see if we can find some level of transparency along with owner business address and support email etc. 

Their Fake Paid Advertising Viewing System Paid to Click Site was created on the 15/09/2018 and registered for only 1 year online. Legit sites that offer paid work from home jobs will operate for longer than this, usually. Their Founders Name is not listed and their address is simply PANAMA. Whenever you see ‘PANAMA’, or ‘Hayden Road’, do your research as those are usually scammers address’s.

ZERO % FOR ID! Never a good sign and only runs to my point that they are not safe or legit.

Scam Sites just love to hide their identity because they just don’t want to get arrested for making fake sites that waste peoples time and scam them out of money to boot.




Here Is How It All Works – Plus What To Watch Out For!

You sign up for free and then you enter your email address. Interestingly they don’t ask you to confirm your email. So you are told to click on ads and view them and then fill out captcha’s. You get 10c a click for this work. 10c a click is far too high and industry standard on legit Paid to Click sites can range from fractions of a cent up to only 3c.

Ultimately, all PTC sites are a pure waste of time as you will never earn enough online from them to call it a full time income. Not even enough to call good pocket money.

The other work they offer is to share your affiliate link! You are advised to plant that scam link anywhere you please online so long as you make new referrals. This is called spamming and is only going to ruin your own good name with Google, especially if you have your own website.

You are told you could be earning between $50 to $300 a day and almost $4800 a month if you view up to 1000 views on ads. This is ridiculous money and is executive pay for online work that is easy to do that a kid could do it with ease.


Below I will bullet point all my concerns.

  • No one can afford to pay you 10c a click! THAT IS A FACT! for $1 you can get easily up to 50 clicks. On WorMoney they are paying $1 in total for just 10 clicks. That is as huge financial loss when you consider they could end up having thousands or even millions of members.
  • The table of members names and payouts are fake to induce sign ups. Many are believing this table to be real when it is not.
  • No ownership details and no real address supplied at site registration or on their website.
  • Their sites are duplicated into the thousands in Russian, English and German. In English there are 1470 copies that have been made.
  • These sites will last 1 year and then be replaced with other copies.
  • No one has ever been paid a penny from any of these sites ever.
  • They don’t ask for confirmation after email sign up.
  • You will be asked for money when you are ready to cash out at either $150 or $300 mark earnings.
  • All ‘earnings’ on your account are fake numbers.
  • They are also a PHISHING SITE! This means the legit details you used to sign up with will probably be sold onto scammers on the deep web. This is called Big Data when they collect sensitive info from members on a large scale and can be very lucrative for scam site owners to earn big and quick cash.
  • MALWARE! There is nothing good about WorMoney and it just gets worse with them. They probably have downloaded malware to your device to steal your passwords, names, dates of births, bank details.



The Scam – How They Will Try to Rob From You!

I know I said they will ask for money at cash out, but its worth going through the process, so you know what exactly to watch out for. When you hit your cash out point then you will fill out a form to get your cash. They will return to say that you must wait some significant amount of time.

Then you will see another way to try to cash out. After this point you will see that they may just lock you out of your account. Or, they will ask you for about $9, $10, $20  or even $30 to cash out. Those are the figures I have seen in many complaints on many of their other scam sites. 

Once you pay, should you do, then they might pull the old ‘system has crashed’ trick on you. They might say that their system crashed exactly at the point you made payment. They will ask for payment again and promise you faithfully that your money will be sent to you. Don’t pay again. Its just a scam to further fleece you before you are kicked out of their site.


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Final Thoughts.

I have reported on about 200 of their identical scam sites. They are a popular type of PTC that tends to make good traffic numbers. Unfortunately that is bad news for a high volume of people. Is there a real way to earn online? Yes! For those that are sincere in looking for real work that they do get paid for online then you may just ask me below or Sign Up HERE for your  free training. Phase 1 is free to build a website and learn to make that website earn you a full time income online. Whatever you do, just stay away from that WorMoney site – they really are bad news.

Still have questions on What is WorMoney. Club? No problem, you can leave your questions below in the comments box. Have any questions about how to earn money online? I am taking questions on that as well. Thank you for stopping by and looking forward to all of you comments to come.

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2 thoughts on “What Is WorMoney.Club – Is WorMoney.Club Scam or Legit?

  1. Big joe

    Too bad you guys did not register Nigeria in your affiliate program to make wealth… It’s quite discriminatory… But what do I know?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Joe,

      I am sorry to inform you that People form Nigeria are banned from the free account. You can of course Go Premium for just $19! Anyone NOT willing to make a small investment in their own financial futures are just wasting their time and mine.

      Here is the full list of countries banned from WA:-


      Over a significant period of time, it was found, that those countries came with many scam artists and so WA had to protect itself by putting a ban on those countries for the free account.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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