What Is WorldGN.com – Is WorldGN.com Scam or Legit? WGN Review

By | February 5, 2019

Scam Check:- What Is WorldGN.com about – Ultimately, Are They Trustworthy or a Scam MLM Company?

This is the one review to see What Is WorldGN.com located at www.worldgn.com. Is WorldGN com a scam, fraudulent, bogus, deceptive or Is WorldGN legit, genuine, safe, real and a good online Multi Level Marketing Company? This World Global Network Review is a safety check to see if they are real or not. We are not talking about their products or commission structures. That is covered elsewhere. Those that have reviews, scam reports etc are welcome to leave those in the comments below.

Multi Level Marketing Companies (MLM’s) have a pretty bad name online as a business model. However, we are not condemning any site for that business model, but simply to explain the chances of success, as well as the above criteria. Simply put, there is usually a monthly mandatory fee with various up-sells that get more and more expensive the higher you go.

However, it is typical that the higher you go the less you pay for the products and of course the more commission you earn. There are many people online that earn a fortune from this model. But, there are vastly many more that never succeed and even plenty with their own horror stories about their experiences in this line of work.



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WorldGN.com Review – Is World Global Network Real or Deceptive?

So, let us now begin to find out if they are a real company or some scam company working out of a dark room somewhere in the world. Honest businesses are very upfront about the founder, their exact location and give plenty of contact support options. Where we find that information missing, suppressed, inaccurate then we can start to state they are a scam company. No legit businesses hide that information.

WorldGN.com Review

Is www.worldgn.com good and honest?

The above site was registered online in 2018/05/19 and registered 2019/15/25. Fake online companies typically will register their sites for just a year or two and so that is an important piece of information in determining their trustworthiness. So far so good.

Their registered address within their sites attache data is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US. That address is not their address as that address is being used by countless other sites. Unfortunately, I have witnesses many fraudulent sites claiming that address as their own.

No founder name listed and I do not see a support email. That is not a good sign at all for those two points. However, it is possible no founder name or email provided is to stop people from spamming their company. So, that is not enough to shout ‘scam’. 

OK, let us now go to their site and see if they have provided that sort of information that no doubt that their customers and affiliates will want to have.

It is good news. The Founder Name is Fabio Galdi. There is a whole section dedicated to their various heads. There are also a bunch of addresses to so we now have a location for their businesses. That is an excellent sign and now we can say they have passed the legitimacy test.





 Are They A Real and Viable Way To Earn – What Are Your Chances Of Success?

This is not the part where I slam this company for any reason, but to inform others who may not know, the realistic chances of earning with such a business model. 

I see that they have an earnings chart and that is good news. However, there is no chart available and so they maybe updating that data as the time of writing this article. 

Those who enter into an MLM company may find that it is not as easy as it looks to make even some money. So the problem here is, when the company with an MLM Structure first begins, then that is the best time to jump on board as your chances of success is greater .

The older the MLM, of whatever name, the harder it is to make loads of recruits and commissions. It is pretty hard sometimes to convince people to sign up to something that could positively impact their financial lives. But also, since there are normally forced fee’s to qualify for your commissions, then this traps people into that situation – even if they do not earn anything. 

Those that do not keep on paying those fee’s, but then make good sign ups and sales, may find that they do not get their commissions. That is the deal with most of them but I do not know that situation with WorldGN.com (World Global Network).

I just noticed that their earnings chart are downloadable and so that is what I did. I see that the vast majority of their members, across Canada and USA, only earned on average $26 a week for the Silver Plan. I wonder if the company provides legit marketing courses/applications to drive people to their products via their affiliates.

That was the bulk of their shown membership at 933! That is 59.24% of their members. It should be said that is quite normal for this kind of biz model and no way a poor reflection of the company in question is implied. It really is all down to your own drive and investment level.

One indeed could set up a Facebook Page, and do a 10 a hour day shift at your laptop, and in two weeks you should see some sales. Certainly one year at that rate (thereabouts) you should be close or up to a full time income. I know of one lady who achieved a full time income in around six weeks because of clever promotions i.e. she promised free box of chocolates to anyone that shares the most 🙂 – stroke of genius 🙂 .

Sharing your referral links in selling groups on Facebook is legit, but since you can join only between 5 to 7 groups a day, then you are limited on your out reach program to your products. There is a quicker and less spam-way to achieve online success.



Actually, we are now going to dedicate a section in this article on how you can make WorldGN Products work for you up to a full time income in a reasonable amount of time. We are going to show the free way of doing this and the paid way of doing this. 





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Traffic (visitors) is the life blood of any site online. There would be no Internet without the 4 Billion Weekly Active Users, and 1 Billion Google Queries a Day, telling me that anyone can learn how to earn online for the long term. No matter your services, products (even if you do not have any products/services right now), there is a way to make good money for you and your families financial security online.


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CuriosityStream.com did a video on the future of AI’s and how in about 40 years they will take over too many jobs on our planet. More than this, our economies keep on collapsing cyclically and so many are going online to secure their financial futures. The Internet is also one of very few industries in the world that is always expanding. 

The trick is to speak to a mass audience without paying others online for clicking on your content. I am of course talking about ‘YOU’ having your very own website to Drive Tremendous Traffic to ‘YOUR’ Site Every Month. It is possible that you can get up to and far beyond 200k monthly visitors. That is more than enough to call a full time income.

There are 50 ways to monetize a site and so you have hit on a great opportunity for you. Those that are actively promoting the legit and popular products of World Global Network have an advantage already.

I am assuming, as with most or all MLM Companies, your fee allots you some products? In this event then you can make those purchases from your fee and learn to do product reviews. You can land that content on Page 1 like a Pro, and when someone clicks on your link, then they are exposed to purchase decision provided by you. Get many page 1’s and you are in business for the long term and have recurring commissions

Remember, you only have to write that review once – it will work for you every second of the day as long as that product is online to sell. That is called evergreen content because it is pretty much always being Googled by people regularly.

When they buy via you then you earn a commission. But remember, always be of service to others and never view people as ‘cash registers’ – it will only reflect in your content and you will lose trust of others. Be helpful, useful and do put your heart into providing a service to others and you will be fine.



Sounds Good So Far – But I Don’t Have A Website!

So long as WorldGN allows their members to build a site and do product reviews to drive traffic to their products, you are seconds away from claiming Two Free Websites. There is no credit card for this Free Route. You may claim these websites HERE or click on the image below.


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No prior training/experience and it is a highly newbie friendly platform. They allow you to have a 7 Day Test Drive and you will always have your sites. However, is the free option the best way? Will you earn with that option? YES! But only if you are already trained in SEO (psst, very easy to learn and apply), otherwise the free version is necessary at some point. I do not know of a free way to earn online with having been trained before hand. 

To Sign Up To Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member only costs $19. Thereafter monthly it is just $49 per month with a hefty yearly discount. Why do I recommend the Paid Version?

It is simply this:- you will struggle month after month and not make any income or very little. This is purely down to not being trained. I of course will earn commissions when people sign up via my link, but for you personally speaking, will save yourself time and disappointment. Make the small investment and you should be able to recoup and excel way beyond that small amount in a relatively short amount of time.

Once you have your site set up, which should take no more than 20 minutes to an hour, you are ready to start adding content to your site. The Training will take every step slowly and clearly so you can begin landing page 1 of Google. This means, when you have lots of content on page 1’s of Google, then your site will be automated i.e. works around the clock to get you traffic converting to a full time income.


How Long Does It Take Make A Full Time Income?

Honestly, there is no way of knowing. There are too many factors to consider and I do not know your own personal drive and abilities. However, as a guide, you should know that it make take around 3 months before you make some financial success. You could make a sale on your first day of blogging – it has happened.

6 months to a year you should be on your way. 1 year to 2 years and surely youwill be very close or making a full time income. Even those that do blogging part time can earn $3/500 a month if their content is ever green. It is all up to you on how much time you put in, but all efforts will snow ball, affording you (after enough effort has been put in) a full time income from anywhere in the world?


  • Laptop.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Be Teachable.
  • Be Passionate and Driven. Remember, you are doing this for you.
  • Do reviews on your products and services from World Global Network and leave your affiliate links leading to sales. I will help you all the way until you succeed 🙂 .

So, there is no reasons why you can not make it online for your own financial freedom!



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The Countries Banned For The Free Version Account.

  1. Nigeria.
  2. Ghana.
  3. India.
  4. Philippines.
  5. Kenya.
  6. Bangladesh.
  7. Morocco.
  8. India.
  9. Egypt.
  10. Pakistan.

Due to an overwhelm of scammers from those listed regions they are now banned from the free account and the $19 special discount. My apologies to the good people from those regions. All are still welcome to sign up but must pay full price of $49. 







This Program Is Legit!






Final Thoughts.

It was a pleasure to write this review about World Global Netowork. Since they have a globally appealing products/services there now is now reason why you have to fail in this endeavor. Those with websites are trusted more and leads to more sales. So my recommendation is a way for you to successfully leverage someone else’s products for your own financial security. They are a good company and I am looking forward to hearing from you below. However, those with bad reports are welcome to discuss that below in the comments as well.


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I really hope this article has served to answer your questions on What Is WorldGN.com. I also hope you can see the overall vision of how you can leverage online products leading to sales. The potential is unlimited and directly correlates to time and effort. SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS BELOW if you feel you were somehow scammed by the aforementioned site. But also, if you have praise, then why not let others know below. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.




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14 thoughts on “What Is WorldGN.com – Is WorldGN.com Scam or Legit? WGN Review

  1. Tom

    Great article and thanks for sharing,

    I think with these types of companies whether it is MLM or another, it is all trial and error and your own perceptions to be 100% sure it is legit or not.

    Your review is excellent and I love how you have tried this out yourself before you do a review on it. I see a lot of people write reviews that you can tell are not their own and it is obvious.

    Well done and keep up the good work.

    All the best,


  2. Alex

    As soon as I saw ‘MLM’ in the title, I thought, ‘BLEH! I hate those.’ It is good to know this company is not all too bad. But I have had such a bad taste in my mouth from MLMs, I cannot commit. There are better options out there worthy of my time. If I heard about this program when it just started, maybe, but I do not like the idea of ‘semi-scamming’ the people who come after me if the idea makes sense.

    I know the program you are recommending. It is Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and let me tell you they are excellent. If you want to learn from nothing, they are the place to go. There is too much BS, pardon the French, on the internet. You can trust WA.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Alex and yes there are too many bad companies out there all geared t legally take your cash without much hope of earning anything.

  3. Steve

    Hi Patrick

    It’s a very informative article. I did a lot of research on legit or scam offers before I singed up with Wealthy Affiliates.
    While there are some other good offers out there that promise good training and online support, they are far more expensive to join and they don’t always tell you what the hidden costs are. I’m always wary of MLM to offers I like to be in control of my own success, not rely on others to make it happen. Good work, keep exposing the scammer and the legit offers online.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Steve and I will certainly endeavor to be posting good online offers as well as the bad ones. Much appreciated Steve.

  4. Carmen

    Thanks for taking the time to explain this in such a detailed way. there are so many scams out there and it could be nerve racking to trust anyone.

  5. Michael

    Thanks Phl.

    Although this is a legit site, it seems a little convoluted and like a heck of a lot of time, effort and money would be required to see some returns.

    There are better MLM programs out there, and some that don’t require fees.

    I think MLM is only for the brave and a very competitive sector, one that the beginning blogger should avoid, and only tackle once enugh experience has been gained in sales and marketing.

    Thanks for the great info Phil.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks Michael. There are free MLM’s?! I don’t think I have ever heard of such a thing 🙂 . I will look into that Michael and thank you for that fantastic tip. Much appreciated.

  6. Stefan

    WorldGN.com looks like a legit MLM company, but is there any information about the products? I am asking because if all they do is recruit people without any service then I would call it a pyramid scheme. Sometimes MLM provide a bad service just make money primarily on recruitment.
    I think the best thing is to create your own website as you mentioned and work consistently, even if it takes time. Free traffic is always the way to go!
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Excellent point Stefan and yes they have plenty of products to promote and earn from. This was not the focus of this review though as I see that information is very much available online elsewhere.

      Yes!! I 100% agree that their exist MLM’s who exaggerate their claims of success and end up fleecing people. But people have to take person responsibility for their own success as well. The company provides the products and now it is up to you to make the sales.

      But how? How do you tap into all the free traffic online? You must have some training, afterwhich, the sky is the limit and all down to your own personal efforts. That training is HERE whereupon people can get 20 free training videos all about setting up your site and doing product reviews etc.

      You make valid points but I wish to share with others how it can be possible so they avoid disappointment and ultimately failure and definitely we are in agreement with that Stefan 🙂 .

  7. Patrick Beam

    Very informative article. Nice to see you explain that this is not a get rich quick scheme and it will take time and effort to become successful. To many people are under the impression that this is a way to have no money worries after a few weeks or even a few days. Many people give up before getting started and it’s where most of the negative reviews come from.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Patrick,

      I agree, MLM’s get a high proportion of complaints but maybe members do not consider something first. No good just sharing your links on Social Media and think that is it. That is only a small part of a bigger picture.

      Promoting legit products via ones own website lends you and your products more trust and credibility. Therefore, it only makes sense to do product reviews of products you may already earn and leave your affiliate links. And since anyone can learn to get up to and beyond 10k traffic a day, it is only a win-win situation once the work has been put in just once.

      Thank you Patrick for your comment 🙂 . ~ Scam Witness.


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