What Is WorkTab.Online – Is WorkTab.Online Scam or Legit Job Offer?

By | September 2, 2018

What Is WorkTab.Online – The Full Truth Is Here.

Looking for answers on What Is WorkTab.Online (www.worktab.online)? Perhaps you need to know Is WorkTab Online a fraud, fake, scam, filled with malware site or asking Is Work Tab Online safe, good, honest, real, genuine and paying out? This WorkTab Review is going to dish the dirt on on them big time! I will seek out owner info, their offer and pay plus the hidden dangers that are present soon as you sign up. I will say right now, for those that are eager just for the bottom line on them, that they are a Scam Network with unknown number of copies of these sites, like JobJust.Online, DoJobPartTime, TakingWork and none of them pay out to anyone! They are a scam site.

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What Is WorkTab.Online – You Won’t Work with Them after Reading This.

WorkTab.Online Site

Now, I must make good on my claim on that site! Here, in order to fully know What Is WorkTab.Online, I always start with a quick background check. All legit sites will register real founder names. WorkTab does not leave this vital piece of information and is a habit of scam sites to do this. When things start to go bad for their online website reputation then the owner make run off with the cash and may never be caught. So, no founder is a big deal and you should never work with a site that does not disclose such info, in most cases.

They created their site on the 16/03/2018 and will shut down same date 2019. However, sites like these are very unstabble and prone to collapsing at any time. I advise you immediately stop working on their site by NOT sharing that scam affiliate link they say will earn you $5 – that offer is simply not true.

They only wish to offer you false work where you share that link for hours on end, pull in family, friends, work associates, other people online and then you are asked questions why you referred such important to a fake site? Always research any site offering paid work for reviews. Too many bad reviews, complaints online, then clearly, you are dealing with a fake and fraudulent site.

The Minimum Payout is set at $300. THAT IS $200 TOO HIGH! Let me explain further by saying that honest sites will only ever set that minimum payout to just $100. And also there are plenty of honest sites that will set it to $20, $10, $5 and even 1 cent payout but this is not so with WorkTab. They want you work for a long time to make their site more popular with many hundreds of referrals! 

Now, with such big traffic being brought to their site for free with a workforce that is not being paid then Google will think that their fraudulent site is popular and good, for a while. Even scam detecting sites that use bots to find out if these sites are legit may actually declare these false sites as good and safe. This is where the human element is vital in combating the scam plague from the amazing invention by Tim Berners-Lee called the Internet.



All the Threats to Watch Out for at WorkTab.

Scammer Defrauding You!

Don’t Fall Down Their Rabbit Hole!

Here I will lay out the threats that are present on that site. They may seem, on the surface, to just waste your time and that there is no real point to them. That is exactly what I use to think until I did more research. Actually, there is a lot going on that most don’t know about.

The Sign Up Form.

Their sign up form is fake and completely bogus! I was able to go ahead and sign up to one of their fake sites using details that were not real. I mean, I made up an email that simply does not exist! Legit sites need some kind of verification before you enter onto their site in case you mean them harm and also for tracking purposes, and yes of course, so they can spam you to hell 🙂 . Anyways, I noticed a free $5 waiting for me and after testing my link that fake money rose in amount.

How can I get paid from Work Tab? You can’t. They don’t pay out, in case you are just skimming and needed that quick answer.

Right, so you will also find other threats. Continue to find out more below.


It is most likely their false operation has downloaded some kind of malicious software in the hunt for your personal details. Such details may include your name, email addresses, home address, home phone numbers, online account numbers, bank account numbers and etc the list is endless. What ever they can find to profit from.

Phishing for Profit!

Once they have got their greedy hands on your personal details then they will compile that valuable information onto a digital list. This list is very much in high demand with scammers online. They will even go so far as to pay very good money indeed to get your personal information. On the Deep Web, there are creepy auctions that are held where the highest bidder takes that information.

They will then seek to spam you will all kinds of communications at their disposal in the hopes you will fall prey to another similar scam. DON’T CLICK ON LINKS FROM UNKNOWN SENDERS!!

Their sites are using well known and legit site names, rewording them slightly to resemble such sites, and then in the hopes people will go to their site. Always check the URL is exact as directed by legit sites.

Why So Many Copies of these Sites?

The owners know all too well that scam sites, when their rep gets so very bad, then people will be wiser not to sign up. Usually, and in time, the good element to the online world will find these sites and take it upon themselves to expose to help warn others. It is a completely unrecognized and under appreciated contribution to the internet’s safety, in my opinion.

So when the owners decide to shut one down then they will simply start up several more. They may even have dozens already set up in its place. This then is the same site but with a whole new URL and so now it is automatically assigned no level of suspicion of complaints and bad reviews are levied at it. The cycle forever perpetuates.

Cash Out Offers!!

The Point you seek to cash out your hard worked for $300 then you may encounter some unexpected criteria. You could be asked to fill out a survey, sign up to an offer or upgrade. All these actions will make the founder some good money especially if their site is getting good traffic.

The Sign Up Offers to cash out is particularly troubling to new comers to making money online. Here is where the scam really kicks in as you may be re-directed to scam site! Here they may allow you to sign up and then cancel by trials end. However, many sites are so untrustworthy they may seek payment out of you before trial ends and even charge your card several times.

And also, many of these sites are prone to making extra charges that apply from their Terms and Conditions. It is a really bad scam to fall for!



Know of a scam site, or getting suspicious emails

You may report all suspect site activity in the comments below or report them at my support email at scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com.

Check the comments for additional data, if there are any there.



Final Thoughts.

Clearly, I am not endorsing Work Tab. They are a scam site that is using their knowledge to trick people into working for them for free. Once you sign up then you may have inadvertently given them your most private email password that you could be using for all of your accounts. Also, there is the constant threat of malware to your device. There is another problem that your data can or will be sold on for a profit. The problems with their site’s offer are endless! They say they have paid out thousands of dollars and yet they no proof. All of their sites say that from day 1! Its a Pure Scam Site!!

Still have some questions on What Is WorkTab.Online? You can ask me below and I will respond to you. Need a legit way that is proven to work online? Then just check out the links provided through out this post and also below. Thank you all for stopping by and I am looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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