Work At Home Assembly Jobs Myth Busted

By | May 28, 2017

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Are Work At Home Assembly Jobs A Redundant Endeavor.


I looked into work at home assembly jobs and I was, to say the least, not impressed with the compensation for the work they ask of you.  Before you sign up to an offer like this please, read further, then decide.

What Kind of Products Could I Be Assembling From Home?

Quick answer is just about anything.  The list is endless involving a lot of cutting and gluing.  Here is a list of potential items you could be assembling at home:

  • Angel Pins.
  • Jewelry such as bracelets.
  • Miniature accessories or a Doll House.
  • Making Playing Cards.
  • Tiny Books.

To name a small few.  I actually got this portion from a huge list from a website I just Googled.  You want to know what they say at the bottom of their page?  Basically, all these jobs could be defunct – ‘WHAT!?’.

You have to contact the company direct per product.  This site was made, according to their title, to provide opportunities to people who are looking for assembling products at home.  I mean, it’s so overtly conning  people it’s jaw dropping!!  I will leave the link at the bottom of the page to serve as an example of what to avoid in this home business ‘opportunity’.


Are there any Legitimate Home Assembly Jobs Online.

I have not found any that would be worth my while, however, that is only my personal opinion.  If you know of one then go ahead and let me know in the comments section – thanks.

What’s the Sign Up Fee for Assembling Crafts and Products From Home?

Through my investigation of this type of work from home job is the sign up fee does vary.  Some ask for $30.  Others ask for $100.  And some ask for no fee.  The terrible truth though is even if you made each and every single item perfectly, and when your dealing with miniature items that would turn you blind with effort and finger tips aching for rest, you will not earn much if anything.  (I am not exaggerating either.  Google is riddled with people posting about how they just got scammed by so and so company within this area).  So called respectable and trusted employers of these companies have out right rejected such items!!!  It’s COMPLETELY UNREGULATED  WITH NO RECOURSE!

Conclusion of Online Assembling Products and Crafts From Home Business.

Firstly, you will work hard with these miniature items.  They say you can do the work in front of your TV, lol.  What’s that got to do with anything.  I sometimes eat my dinner in front of the TV, THAT DOESN’T MEAN THE TV MADE MY DINNER OR HELP IN ANYWAY TO CLEAN THE DISHES AFTERWARDS!! WHAT?  Why don’t they just list off everything you can do in front of your TV.

You will be covered in glue and scissor cuts in no time which will probably ruin your dinner.

The sites offering these jobs abdicate responsibility for theses job opportunities out right, so, you have no one to blame when the company your actually making the items for hang up the phone on you! (making you choke on your dinner – ok enough of the dinner jokes lol).

The amount of money they offer relative to work seems a bit too generous, but that’s ok, because you will NOT! see that money amount anyways.   It’s a total scam guys, its a total scam!

I seen one posting where it said the sign up fee is only $38, backed by a 90 day guarantee.  Sounds good right?  Then they ruin it by saying you have to be with them for 60 days before you can ‘ask‘ – not ‘get‘ – your money back.  I don’t like ‘word-magic‘.

It would be unfair, however, to say all jobs in this area are scams.

Lastly, when they send you all  the materiel to construct their items, that will be charged  to YOU, YES, YOU! 



angry after being scammed online

Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware.

Where Do I Go For  A Real Work From Home Online Job Opportunity?

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.


Don’t despair, their really are some fantastic job opportunities online where you can be your own boss and work from home.  You can read my Top Recommendation for for such an opportunity with no sign up fee and a Life Time Free Membership Account.


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Have you been the victim of an Online Scam?

Why not leave me your story of your online experience of being scammed so as to warn others.  If you spot, what you believe to be a currently operating scam, just pass on their website address’s or name of Company for further investigation by the Scam Detector!


Who Do I Report An Online Scam To?




One Last Thing.  Here is PROOF that this area of online work really is a scam!  Click the image below.  You will be redirected  to a site purporting work from home making and assembling products.  Scan down until you see this comment and down further until you see the atrocious disclaimer.  Here is someone genuinely looking for work just to have his time wasted.  This should leave you in no doubt to its efficacy regarding making products from home for pay.

See it for yourself, click the comment above.

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