What Is WikiPrank.Org – Is ‘WikiPrank’ Malicious Or Just For Fun? Review

By | March 13, 2019

Find Out What Is WikiPrank.Org Here – The ‘WikiPrank’ Review.

Are you wondering What Is WikiPrank.Org? Their name kinda gives them away but we signed up to find out for ourselves. We want to see if there is any trickery going on. So we will seek to answer as well is WikiPrank Org a scam, fraud, bogus, fake, somehow malicious? Or is ‘WikiPrank’ legit, safe, real, genuine, honest, trustworthy and a website to go to in order to prank your family and friends? We will leave instructions on how to use their site as well.

Those that have their own stories about ‘Wiki Prank’ are very welcome to comment about that new site below in the comments. Perhaps you played a joke on someone that worked, or did it, backfire? We would love to hear from you. This is a change in our usual schedule of exposing online scams, for at this moment, I do not believe there is anything malicious going on within that website. Let’s find out for ourselves below.


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What Is WikiPrank.Org About – Possibly a Real and Legit Way To Be Right On Everything? 🙂 .

TO START I believe their website is going to capture the imaginations of a vast audience. In time there could be global reports on some of the most ingenious pranks ever pulled on people via WikiPrank.Org. So, we know that WikiPran.Org is not a scam site, but, let us sign up just to be sure.



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


So they seem to be a break-away from the serious and very interesting content you would see on WikiPedia.org. We found out that you don’t have to sign up but only use their site. Here is how you use their site.

Step 1.

Place one word (just 1 word) in the first box. Place the second word in the second box.

We typed inMushroomin our first box and thenApplein our second box. Now this is not a real funny joke but it only is an example of how it works. See image below to see our example on creating a fake wiki article.





Assuming that someone does not know what a Mushroom actually is then you could be a little cruel and show them our page below:-




So! Should some poor unfortunate soul genuinely not know what a mushroom is, and seen this article, then that person may, for some time, be getting apples from the local store when asked to get mushrooms!

LOL – so I am sure you can see endless and better prank opportunities. To that end we would love hear from you in the comments below.

To elaborate, the article in the image above is a real WikiePedia.org article. When you type in 1 word, in our case it was ‘Mushroom’, then the second word ‘Apple’, we can see that the word ‘apple’ appears to be substituted for the word ‘mushroom’ in this article.

WikiPrank takes genuine and legit articles from WikiPedia.Org and simply replaces words. No you can see that you can win bets, win at scrabble and pull endless pranks on friends and families.

Otherwise the articles generated with our word exchanging places are naturally fake. Be sure to hide the URL name, especially the ‘prank’ part, when trying to pull this trick on family and friends.






Final Thoughts.

They are a small  web app and it is really just for fun to pull jokes on your family and friends. I did not see or experience anything untoward here. 

That is all we have time for today on What Is WikiPrank.Org and how to use that site. Looking forward to your own stories of the pranks you may have pulled on people and thanks for coming by.







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