What Is WigFancy.com – Is WigFancy.com Scam or Legit Wig E-Store?

By | April 9, 2019

What Is WigFancy.com about – Real or Untrustworthy Wig Store?

You are welcome and give yourself a ‘thumbs-up’ for doing your due diligence by looking up What Is WigFancy.com. Most people do not bother to research and is one of the reasons so many fall for scams. Is WigFancy com a fake, scam, deceptive, fraudulent store is Is ‘WigFancy’ safe, real, trustworthy and legit? This ‘Wig Fancy’ Review has some bad news for those that purchased there.

They appear to be an untrustworthy wig store per OnlineThreatAlerts. Below is a few points to consider to in keep in mind if you are tempted by their cheap wigs. They claim to sell real human hair but I see the prices are round-about the price for cheap wigs.







WigFancy.com Review – What Is ‘WigFancy’ Really About.

Those that handed over payment information to WigFancy.com probably need to contact your payment provider now. It may happen they will not send you anything for your hard earned cash. Or, they could send you a plastic ‘feel’ and ‘look’ of a wig. In this case, since they have offering real human hair, you are been duped.

Put in for a refund as that is clearly false advertising. Their site is new and was registered online in 2018/09/26. It is for 12 months only they have registered their site for and for some that is considered suspicious. What companies do you know that goes into business for just 1 year?

But also we have to consider that there are times that e-store founders just want to test the waters. So they give themselves 1 or 2 years with the option to renew depending on their level of success.

WHOIS website site shows us their registration date. But we see ‘WigFancy’ did not leave a real address. The address you see there is a proxy address and that hides the real location of the founder of this site. They have not left a founder name and so those are two bad signs.

We have quickly looked at their site and we also see an absence of this information. We can not even locate a customer support phone number. How are customers suppose to contact them? We see an email address of info@wigfancy.com and no business address.

Even though they are a new site they are giving away some relatively big discounts on their wigs. As said, those are the prices for standard cheap wigs.

Their sites Logo Name is ‘FancyWigs’ but of course that does not match their URL’s name. That is another scam sign to always watch out for.



Final Thoughts.

So we are not recommending them believe them to be a scam ourselves. It is unlikely you will receive exactly what you ordered, if anything at all.

We hope many will leave their own reviews below detailing your own experiences of this site. We will halt putting them into our List of Internet Scammers until we receive reports confirming our own suspicions.

That is all on What Is WigFancy.com and hope this article has helped to save you some cash.

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8 thoughts on “What Is WigFancy.com – Is WigFancy.com Scam or Legit Wig E-Store?

  1. Melinda Joseph

    Hi,I ordered a wig from fancrwigs on the 3rd of May 2019 Plus the $5.99 and handling and have not heard from them and can not contact them for a refund OR carrier?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Simply contact your payment provider and they will take it from there. Let them know that nothing arrived for your cash. Thank you Melinda for your question and hope that helps. Also, you are welcome to let us know how this ends i.e. if you get a refund or not.

  2. Patricia

    I placed an order on the 8th with express delivery and have not heard or got my wig.41dollars and change I could have just made me a dam wig. People should stop taking others hard earn money

  3. Lucille Reyes

    Thank u thank u. I was just about to order a wig from them. But when they try to rush me to buy before discount expires in one day I got suspicious

  4. Lucille Reyes

    Thank u thank u. I was just about to order a wig from then. But when they try to rush me to but before discount expires in one day I got suspicious


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