What Is WIFIBlastShop.com – Is ‘WIFIBlastShop’ Scam Or Legit Product?

By | March 20, 2019

Find Out What Is WIFIBlastShop.com Here – The ‘WIFIBlastShop’ Review.

You are most welcome here to our review on What Is WIFIBlastShop.com found at www.wifiblastshop.com. Is WIFIBlasShop com fake, bogus, too-good-to-be-true, a scam? Or Is ‘WIFIBlastShop’ sincere, real, legit and trustworthy? This ‘Wifi Blast Shop’ Review is an honest and unbiased attempt to find out if they are for real or another fraudulent site.

Those that have complaints, positive reviews, negative reviews, recommendations or any information on this site, are very welcome to leave that information below in the comments. They are a new site and they claim they have already sold 2 million units! I am happy for them if that is true. However, it has peaked my interest and so I decided to check out that claim…



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WIFIBlastShop.com Review – Excellent WIFI Extender Product or a Fraudulent Site?

I have had some trouble this evening with my WIFI. It was out for about 2 hours. Finally got it back and ‘BOOM’ – I see a Google Ad served to me about a product promising to stop drop outs and extend WIFI. So, I know that Google can listen through devices, apparently, and so I ‘clicked’ to see if that was a scam ad or not. Since I am writing about that ad then it should suggest I am at least a little suspicious of their site.





So I understand this irony but there were discussions once the WIFI was back up and running. Anways, we are now going to do a background check on this website. This check we do on every single site that we review. We cover Ponzi Schemes, PTC scams, online shopping scams, Android Scam Apps and really anything that could be ripping people off.

We must ask some questions regarding this business that has made 2 million sales in such a short period of time. I am not saying they haven’t, but I just want to check them out a little further to see if there is anything to worry about.

We can see from WHOIS that they have registered in 2018/12/13 and they only registered their site for just 1 year. 1 year! That is surprising because it is mostly common for businesses to register for longer. Where we see short registration times then that may indicate a hit-and-run site. 

They claim since they were featured on TV the sales have been 2 million units sold. Yet, I do not see anything online about their product or being featured on TV. Why haven’t they just left that video of their product being featured on TV on their site?

But it could also indicate that the founder wants to give themselves least 1 year to see how their business goes. So we must also consider that as well.

We can see that they have failed to leave a founder name. On their site they say that the person behind the site is a vendor and will receive commissions if they make sales. Ergo, there is no founder name! That for me is a problem.

Why is there not even company representative or a board of directors?


So, we have no information on where they are from. In WHOIS, where websites registration details can be obtained, there is only a P.O. BOX for their business address of 0832-03411. What company has a P.O. BOX for their companies business address? This is a bad sign. 

Now we have no idea whom we are giving our payment information to. That is a bad situation to be in for sure.

But, it could be the founder does not want to be spammed. However, there really is no reason why a real and legit company would sacrifice complete trust leading to sales to hide this data from a customers point of view.

They are offering a huge 50% off of their product, and a further $8 off, once it looks like you are leaving their site. Why not just give that off to begin with?

That is a huge discount and that is something else that has me suspicious. Let us get into their scam signs below. There are a few.



WIFIBlastShop.com Scam Signs. 

  • We recently did a Review of Gettilttv.com. We ‘clicked’ on an Google Ad and went to their site. The portal that I had gone through allowed me to see their Facebook Plugin Reviews. I can’t find those reviews.
  • However, I see the reviews for WIFI Blast Shop and I almost convinced there is a review by a lady that was given on Gettilttv site. I can’t prove this now but maybe something to consider, unless my mind is playing tricks on me.
  • Their address for WIFI Blast Shop is 744 Green Ave San Bruno, CA 94066. We have Googled that address and this is what we have found. 
  • Google Street View shows us a residential property. You may see that address HERE and what it looks like for yourself.
  • We double checked and found another site detailing that exact address. You may view HERE that they say that it is a residential property details and its price. That address does not appear to check out. Those links will verify this for you.
  • 50% OFF plus $8 more of savings! That is very generous and so that is just something that has me concerned as well.
  • They have registered their site in late 2018 and have said they have sold 2 million units. Where is this ‘TV feature’ they have spoken of? I find no trace of it online.
  • They have not given their Privacy Officers Name. Very impersonal when you are promoting to real people for sales.
  • Support@wifiblastshop.com is their email address. 
  • Their customers support phone number of +1 833 394 6516 does not seem to return any results in Google. Anyone get a response from that number?




On February 10th 2019 we had already Reviewed MillyMall.com and so you may read that for our concerns about them. Short version is that we did not recommend them. This is a concern to find.





Final Thoughts.

Have you received your product from their site?

You are welcome to leave your own customer reviews to help others find out if they are trustworthy or not.

ScamAdviser.com has given their site a Trust Score of just 54%. They say “USE CAUTION“. However, they are a new site and new sites will always have to prove themselves and so if legit that score will rise.

Scam or Legit?

There are no complaints that we could find to say they are a scam. Our concerns are above and can be traced via the links and simple observation, in most cases.

We will wait for your reviews below in the comments. If we get too many bad reports on them then will list them in our List of Internet Scammers. 

That is all on What Is WIFIBlastShop.com and thank you for coming by. Very much looking forward to your comments below. Take care for now 🙂 .


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!






31 thoughts on “What Is WIFIBlastShop.com – Is ‘WIFIBlastShop’ Scam Or Legit Product?

  1. Paul Nicholls

    How much are you paying for these things? Here in China the exact same item is available on Taobao (like Chinese Amazon) for 55 to 65 RMB (about 6.80 to 8.00 Euros; 7.80 to 9.30 USD) including delivery.

  2. Paul Nicholls


    Just wondering what price you are being charged for these devices? I couldn’t be bothered going through all the bs on their website.
    I am in China, the identical item can be bought in China on Taobao (like a Chinese Amazon) for 62 RMB, which translates to about 7.70 Euros, or 8.85 USD, with free delivery.

    1. Paul Nicholls

      Actually, the cheapest I just found is 55 RMB, so that’s 6.80 EUR or 7.85 USD

  3. a swift

    I have purchased 1 unit, it arrived and it works! Delivery was slab as it comes from California? The UK adaptor is a little flimsy so be careful when connecting it? I had a couple of issues and the company dealt with them without complaint so customer service is first impression good. Be patient on delivery or buy from Curry’s or amazon!

  4. martin palmer

    hi just to let you know i receaved my wi blast today 2nd june 9 weeks after i put my order in so its not a scam my wi blast was esay to set up i will let you know if it works

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      That is great news Martin and thank you for your review. Look forward to hearing from you again about your Wifi Blast Product. Thanks again Martin.

  5. martin palmer

    i bought wifi blast on 4 april emailed them said order was on its way still havent receaved it what can i do to get my money back

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Did you pay by bank card? PayPal Martin? What ever way you paid, contact your payment provider, and get a refund. Ask them for a chargeback and tell them exactly what happened. You can reference our article here if you like for the customer reviews etc.

      Possibly best to cancel your card also for a new one as the reviews here are not good for this e-store.

      Good luck Martin and let us know how you go. If you have more questions then just ask away. I am online now so I am here to assist if needs be. ~ Philip, Scam Witness.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Speaking to them and informing them of what has transpired is the best thing to do. Certainly, if you have paid for something online, and the vendor has failed to deliver, then definitely tell your banks refund department of this. They will advise better. I am sure they may advise canceling your card, but of course, that is up to you Martin.

          See the reviews below and then decide. If not, then watch your account statements and make sure there are not random amounts being deducted by random companies. So definitely speak to Halifax and ask them that question.

          Having quickly looked at the research above then they appear to be using a residential property. So for me personally, if it was my card, I would cancel to be safe. That is only my own opinion and no way legal advice as I am not qualified to give that.

          So have you tried contacting them a few more times? One month is a long time to wait. Any confirmation of purchase? Take screen shots.

          If you get a parcel then record with your device any info on it and its contents. If scammed, then present that to your payment provider.

          Ultimately, your bank will advise you best. We did get one review I saw below that someone got their product. There are more reviews saying they haven’t.

          That really is all I can say Martin, ultimately what course of action you take is up to you.

          Hope this helps – Philip ~ Scam Witness.

          P.S. AND YES, if you have been scammed, then you have a chance of a refund. Good luck!

          1. Scam Witness Post author

            YES! That is one for the good guys 🙂 and thank you kindly Martin for letting us know. Feel welcome back anytime and that has made my day to read this. Much appreciated Martin 🙂 . Philip ~ Scam Witness.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          No problem Martin and left my opinion to your question in your last query. Hope it helps 🙂 . Good luck Martin and feel free to let us know how this goes i.e. if you get the product – refund, etc.

  6. Tim Cripps

    I ordered a WiFi Blast in the first week of April and payment was recorded on 8th April, but nothing has been delivered. I complained about a week ago and they sent an email giving a UPS tracking number, which was not recognised on the UPS site, so I complained again and they replied saying they were experiencing “delivery problems due to the global health emergency”. I think I have reason to be very suspicious that this is a scam.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Tim for your report here and definitely put in for a refund from your payment provider if nothing has arrived for your payment to them.

  7. Scarlett

    I bought 4 wifiblast mini WiFi repeaters all came in mail fine.my daughter is saying her computer is working faster than normal,I’m only suspicious of Security risks through these repeaters.

  8. Don

    I got one of these to extend the range of my existing WiFi to the second floor, and it worked okay for that. It connects to an existing WiFi and creates a second wireless network off of it, so the speed will be the same or less than the one you already had. But it did extend the range.

    It does nothing to “speed up” Internet service as was promised. But their technical explanation of how it does that actually makes no sense, so I wasn’t expecting it to do that.

    So if your issue is range and signal strength, this may work for you. But you should still shop around, because I didn’t try their tech support or try to return the item, so cannot comment on that.

      1. Robert

        their explanation of how it works is basically, internet providers slow down service through the router rather than other means because they can still claim you get the same speed, so it forces you to upgrade, (look it up, this is 1 of many tactics of how American service providers (I.S.P’s) screw you over). its claim is its the only one that cant be slowed down due to the fact that ISP’s don’t have access. I know its complicated but just know that due to laws, the rest of the world, south Korea for example, has an average speed 4 times faster while the cost for slow options in the united states are about 45.50$ compared to south Korea, where a broadband bill runs for an average of 28.50$. this is due to there being so little ISP’s, and the ones that do exist hold down competition because they don’t have to share cables like say, phone lines. as a result millions of Americans only have 1 option for internet and many others have as little as 2, and even then their both so expensive and terrible, that it hardly makes a difference.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          WOW – this is interesting. I always wondered why the speed on most ISP’s is basically the same. Or if better then they tend to cut out more – there is always a weakness with them all. I have been through them all and if their service is perfect – then they criminally overcharge you!

          I had one provider at roughly 40e’s a month putting that up past 100E’s A MONTH and MORE. Think I’d pay those bills?

          I will try to look further into this Robert and thank you so much for letting us know about this also.

    1. James

      As an IT Specialist, I have to tell you that a Wifi repeater will not and cannot magically make a wifi connection faster.

      As its name suggests, all it does is repeat the current wifi signal. Basically people use them if they have a dead zone in their house that they want wifi to reach to. Nothing more, nothing less.

  9. Sigurjon Helgi Kristjansson

    I have burned myself on these kind of sites before, and with this one, it just didn’t sit well with me so I didn’t make a purchase. After all, I have learned the hard way, that if it sounds too good to be true, it is because it is (a scam).

    I cannot remember what site I once tried to purchase something from, but like Frank, I hit the button twice.
    I then contacted the card company, and sure enough, the site had taken payment twice. It was a scam. The card company told me, it was some sex website that took the payment, and I would have to pay the price. I was able to give them the portal that I had gone through, and prove how much I was suppose to pay £1 and NOT £3, so the card company agreed to allow me to be ONLY charged £1 x 2, and they would take the hit for the rest, but lo and behold, they did say that they were going to black list the website.

    Thanks for your hard work, and keep us informed about other scams, which tell half truths, i.e. like offering USB drives with free open source software, to revivify computers, and then if you want more storage space you have to upgrade (like Xtra-PC). It’s not exactly illegal or a scam, as you get a product, but open source is free, so you are being pulled along on your donkey ears.

  10. Frank Phillips

    I ordered one Wifi Blast this morning from Wifblastshop.com. After filling out all the necessary info I hit the Order button. Nothing happened. I hit the Order buttong again. Nothing happened. I left the page on the screen for several minutes, thinking ther were a lot of people ordering. I gave up and got of the website.

    I then Googled the Website, got a phone number and called then. A recording came on indicating wrong number. I the called the number you gave in the above article. It connected me with a site selling glasses.

    As of now, I do not know whether my order went through or not. And, if it did, did I order one or two Wifi Blasters?

    Normally, when I order something on line I get almost immediate verification via e-mail. I have heard nothing.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Frank,

      Scam sites will sometimes play a trick where it appears the payment did not go through, so unsuspecting customers try again, and so the payment probably went through twice. We are not saying this is what is going on here, only that it is a common complaint in general we receive.

      So please contact your payment provider at your earliest convenience and see what they say about whether if the payment went through once or twice. Feel welcome to inform us eitherways. Thanks Frank.

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  11. Sandra Davey

    I ordered 5 on 18th December 2019
    the money has been drawn bur I have not received them.
    Please send them immediately to
    Sister Bernadette
    1 Our Lady’s Close
    Upper Norwood
    SE19 3FA

  12. Richard J Hill

    I am always suspicious when a company over sells its product. The wifi blast will cost only a few pence, a few pounds at most. You have to sift through a load of bull’ before the price is revealed and it is way over expectations. However, wonder of wonder, it is available with 50% off and they have an adequate supply.

    Thanks for your analysis and thanks for not making me type in my email address twice.

    Richard J Hill

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Richard for your WIFIBlast Shop Review. So I am glad you found us and left your own opinion about them as this is going to help others decide more accurately if they should purchase or not. Thanks again Richard. ~ Philip, Scam Witness.


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