What’s Automated Daily Income? Is Automated Daily Income a Scam?

By | January 18, 2018

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What’s Automated Daily Income and Why You Should Read Here to Save Your Money.

Come across automateddailyincome.com and made the correct decision to ask What’s Automated Daily Income, is Automated Daily income a complete scam or a real and legit opportunity? I will review all the pro’s and con’s (loads of cons’s = it is a SCAM site) and detail why they only want you to buy MOBE (My Online Business Empire/My Online Business Education products). This is the real reason they want you to join AutomatedDailyIncome! They want to flog you MOBE. So, is MOBE a Scam? YES – With many nasty and ever expensive up sales for more training, you can quickly find yourself in murky waters….

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What’s Automated Daily Income?

The answer to What’s Automated Daily Income is actually very simple. It is merely a doorway, a portal to sell you something else. This something else is obviously MOBE. MOBE has been credited with some pretty decent training but for the fees you pay. However, the fees do go up quite high for each step, but, you are then licensed to sell them to others – which I think is pretty good.

HOWEVER,! There are too many complaints of the MOBE system not delivering on expected results per investment of money, time and effort. RippOff Report has some staggering complaints from members. Ultimately MOBE is a Multi Level Marketing Pyramid Set Up. You will get paid from others whom you refer and most of the money flows upwards. However, since MOBE does have a legit product, though they train their members to mainly refer others to them, can not be called a pyramid scheme – that is the only difference – though the money does flow in the same fashion.

So, I guess you see now that Automated Daily Income is actually MOBE in disguise for as soon as you sign up – ‘MOBE’ IS THE REAL PRODUCT THEY SELL YOU ON! Hence, AutomatedDailyIncome is just a ‘front‘.


Snippet of Get Rick Quick Claims from Automated Daily Income.




I will now detail the fees per training level packages below:-


  • $19.95 monthly. First Level of Training and License to Resell.
  • WOW! Prices go up quick here!! $2,497 for Second Package. You pay this once and then it is a FURTHER $99 MONTHLY! OK! HOLD! PLEASE do not be paying that for training. Wealthy Affiliate offers training for just $49 per month with a heavy yearly discount! If you are looking for training then WA does not go all out for your bank contents but leaves it at $49 monthly. So, if you want some training that won’t fleece you, Click >HERE< to Start!
  • A one time payment of a staggering $9,997 and a further $199 a month for level 3!! WHAT!! LOL.
  • Fourth Level has an eye-watering $16,667! Pay it once and a further $299 a month.
  • Level Five is enough for a down payment on a mortgage and is set at an unbelievable $29,997 – one time payment!! $299 monthly fees. I am utterly staggered and who really has that kind of money for training when you can get it via this post for pennies a day!


I have no choice to conclude shortly, given the product they offer, the prices are incredibly too high! Relative to monies paid and lack of success from many members, I am confident in already saying – once again -, they are indeed a SCAM!






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I will now detail all the signs that Automate Daily Income, as a site on its own, is a total false hood!




Signs of an Online Scam from ADI!

Do you know a ‘fib’ when you see/hear one? Well, ADI is trying to persuade us they have been featured by some of the most famous NEWS brand names in History!

  • Fox News Channel.
  • MSNBC.
  • ABC.
  • CNN!

Erm, you can do as many Google searches as you want, you will never ever find a single featured report from any of these channels endorsing Automated Daily Income!! Incredible fib and one that is too easy to prove – it is almost unnecessary to have.

I will list some more glaring signs that ADI is not legitimate and is only a smoke screen tactic for MOBE:-

  • You could be making REAL money within 5 minutes! NOPE! STOP! Not true.
  • No Experience or skills required to earn over $1K to over $5K weekly – utter nonsense. Everyone needs training to be successful quicker than five minutes and even to make that weekly online takes a little longer.
  • Try to rush you to sign up by falsely claiming their are limited spots in your area. There are always spots available.
  • They want Full Name, Email and Phone Number. I have not signed up to any online opportunity that wants my phone number! Why do they want so much personal data – Big Scam Sign for Me!!
  • Why not have a look at their Terms and Conditions tab and you will see that it is “MOBE” automateddailyincome.com is promoting! Whoops!
  • Mathew Lloyd Mcphee is the owner but there is no email contact. Address for site PO box appears legit – not bad for online ID.
  • They are set to expire their online operation in the 8/2018.


I believe I have made myself clear. Below I will now deliver my rating and below that you can have your say!




SCAM RATING:- For having a decent training product/service I can say they deserve 20/100. It is low because they take all good points away via their greedy prices and sneaky way of getting you to sign up to MOBE! And, they are liars 🙁 .



Down facing pink arrow.





This is the moment you all have been waiting for – for me to shut up (lol 🙂 ) – and for you to speak up! Did you sign up to the site(s) herein my article? Where you successful per their training or was it wasted time, effort and money? I certainly hope, for those fees, you were very successful! Do you honesty believe their training is actually worth the money you paid for it? Personally, I find their prices shocking to say the least! Maybe you have come across another site that you are wondering about? You are most welcome to ask me whereupon I will seek the answers to your questions regarding it – I always respond to comments. I hope you will consider sharing this article, and consider signing up to my sites newsletter to out with online scam websites. Looking forward to all of your comments and satisfied I have answered What’s Automated Daily Income. Farewell for now and hope you to see you all soon. Oh, before you go, why not have a look at my work from home offer below 🙂 .



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2 thoughts on “What’s Automated Daily Income? Is Automated Daily Income a Scam?

  1. Todd


    I have seen a few discouraging reviews about ADI. I agree with you. anyone asking you to pay that much is not being honest with you.SCAM FOR SURE
    Your recommended option of Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option and is in no way a scam. Would you rather mortgage your house for training or find it for free and at most pay $49 a month? Easy Choice. You have done a good job outlining why this should be buyer be ware for ADI…
    Does Wealthy Affiliate offer anything else to go with training? like tools or coaching?


    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Todd,

      Thank you kindly for your comment and it is good to see I am not the only one that see’s the glaring faults with ADI!

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate offers so many tools/resources and training that it would be too much typing to lay it all out here. You can, or anyone else, may find such information >>HERE<< to learn how it is all done.


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