What Is Zukkah.com? Is Zukkah.com a SCAM or LEGIT!

By | January 25, 2018

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Zukkah.com promises 40% ROI in 14 days! With that initial promise made on their website, it is easy to see why some the online world is asking What Is Zukkah.com, is Zukkah.com a fraud or safe and legit and do they actually pay out? My aim is to answer these questions a long with who owns Zukkah and detail why Zukkah is an illegal ponzi/pyramid/cash gifting enterprise! I can already inform you that they are a SCAM and you should be very careful before you consider any investments with them. My aim is to provide damning PROOF that they take no RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR financial success on their website.

Although not sign up to them as I already know what they are about. I have written this article based on my knowledge in researching online scams, combined with other legit online resources, and compiled it here to warn others.

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What Is Zukkah.com and Ultimately Why I can not Endorse them!

In our mission to answer What Is Zukkah.com I always begin with finding out who they are. WHOIS tells me that website was created by Frances Zukkah, 11 Green Land, Herbert Macurly. I Googled Herbert Macurly, and it turns out not to be an actual place, but a person famous for being given credit for starting Nigerian Nationalism. COME ON! Obviously, the address is bogus. Regarding Frances Zukkah the name simply returns searches to their site. Their site is scheduled to expire 2018-11-11!

So, we have an address that is a person and a name that has no face, telling me, the founder does NOT WANT TO BE KNOWN – you don’t need me to tell ‘you; that is suspicious, right. Should you have better details for this site than I would love to hear from YOU. You can leave such detaisl in the comment box below – thank you.

That is the background done. Let us take a look at the work involved.


Zukkah.com Exposed!




Sign Up! At this point you have to Provide Help to another member. The more help you provide the more you receive – that is the operating ethos working here. Providing Helping is often referred to as ‘PH‘. Upon signing up you have a max of 24 HOURS to make that DONATION. Though it is an investment it will legally be treated as a donation, here is the catch of how they can say they do not have to pay you anything, and the reason why the majority won’t make a penny.

Once you have made a donation to one or more members, you will receive within 7 days, a 40% Return. This sounds great and incredible and actually it be not real. The money that is meant to be earned by you is coming from new people joining up. However, did you know, that any ponzi scheme can only run 32 levels deep in commissions, before every human being on the planet is involved? Here we see now the reason why ponzi/pyramid schemes tend to collapse overnight!!

To qualify to take part in this illegal online activity is a minimum of ₦10,000 ($27.80) to a max of ₦200,000 ($556.00)! They run a Referral Program for a 10% Bonus on your referrals spending.

That is the work done! Below let us now take a look at some HIGHLY CONTRADICTORY EVIDENCE STRAIGHT FROM THEIR OWN SITE!!



Proof That They Are A Scam.

In the FAQ’s section of Zukkahs website, they lay it all out, at the bottom of the screen. They basically say you are not guaranteed to make any money as they make no promises (at all) to this extent. Only your spare cash is required or not at all. THEY MAY JUST AS WELL AS SAID :-





Please see image below:-


Zukkah.com Warning to its Members!





Well, it is staggering what you agree to when you sign up to such an offer. There is piece of evidence number 1 they have no intention in making sure most of their members make anything.


Bottom of their Home Page they say you can earn 10% Commission from referrals. They then say no cash required! Obviously, they be not true and seems weird to place such an obvious contradiction in place.

In their About US section they go on to say they are not a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program – which they are!) among things. Contradiction 3!

That section, along with all their other sections, is worded in complete and utter nonsensical #scammerspeak!! One minute logic is good and the next you need to be a Scientist to know what they are garbling on about. Just does not make a lot of common sense. This is a SURE SIGN YOU ARE DEALING WITH SCAMMERS!



Further, Reasons I Can Not Endorse Them!

1). At the point you land on their home page there is a message saying the Managerment of Zukkah has been dissolved. This is a nice and subtle way of saying = “HEY! You know the last owner that owes you money, well, he was a bad person but that has nothing to do with us. We are new and honest so please give us your money – thank you 🙂 “.

It just reeks like they have just ripped off a ton of people but still want to keep the site for the traffic it gets and the membership it has built up! VERY SUSPICIOUS INDEED! Am I right? Do you know if this is the case? Please let me and my readers know if my hunch is correct in the comment box below please. Thank you.

2). Another reason, as supplied by their ill thought out website, is they say you get 40% commission in 14 days. Then further into their site they say that commission magics itself up after just 7 days! So, which is it? NONSENSE! No legit website would be saying such contradictory things ever on their website.

4). I am not even going to look at their TOS because I know that is full of further nonsensical madness I just don’t have the patience to read – rest assured – it is packed with more get or out jail statements for nonpayments and repetitive but seemingly different statements! Always the way in such sites and I don’t even have to read it to know it.

5). Lastly, you are GIVING AWAY MONEY to COMPLETE STRANGERS ON LINE IN THE HOPES OF A RETURN! How is anyone surprised when they find out it is a SCAM!? This is known as a Cash Gifting Scheme (as said, is illegal for a reason due to the high numbers that lose their money) and makes Zukkah ILLEGAL to the POWER OF 3! Three Illegal business structures rolled into one money ripoff nightmare.

OK, I could make this a 5K post for all their signs of being a scam, alas, it is almost time for a Pims 🙂 (LOL!).


Below is my Rating and after which you can leave a comment telling me how utterly wrong I am, or, give further data on the site, or, tell me I am right, or, just rant and complain about getting ripped off! My aim is to respond to all.



Here Is My Scam Rating for Zukkah.com









SO! Why not add to the discussion and tell me what you think about what I have written here today? Am I completely wrong? ‘YES’ is not a valid answer without good reasons. Do you know more about these guys than I do? I would be very interested in additional data, and I may even feature it in my article, should it prove to be true and valid 🙂 . Perhaps you have a question regarding Wealthy Affiliate? I am happy to receive questions regarding WA as well to help assist anyone to make money online. With everything I have written, I believe, the question of What Is Zukkah.com has been answered. I look forward to your responses and hope you subscribe to my site for further online scam activity updates! Farewell for now 🙂 .




14 thoughts on “What Is Zukkah.com? Is Zukkah.com a SCAM or LEGIT!

  1. Alex

    Another scam exposed! You are doing wonderful work. These scams are like weeds. When you pull one, two more pop up. It is a shame that they do this and can get away with it. Many do not understand the language of scammers like you said. That ‘warning section’ you talked about is so fishy. It reeks.

    I do have a question though. If you had to give one piece of advice to people to tell whether or not something is a scam, what would you tell them? There are a lot of scams out there and pseudo scams, so it can be quite difficult for an everyday person to distinguish between the legitimate and illegitimate. I look forward to hearing your answer.

    Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you kindly Alex, I do try 🙂 .

      Yes, no professional site speaks so unprofessionally as Zukkah.com does and the warning part is basically a confession of no payments!

      I would say look out for Over-Casual-Speak as evidenced on Zukkahs website. Check out FAQ’s and Terms of Service and scan for sections that declares they do not promise to earn you money. If those statements are in contradiction to what is being presented at initial sign up – RUN! It is definitely a scam as no legit site would say such a thing.

      Thanks for popping by Alex and I wish you a great day as well 🙂 .



  2. Marika

    Hi Philip! I really enjoyed to read your post. I think no one would even consider joining Zukkah after reading this. You have done a good job on your research. I must agree about WA, they are the best! I have been with WA since June 2017.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Marika,

      OH, June, I joined up in June as well Marika 🙂 .

      No, I would not think anyone would join Zukkah.com if they were to read my article first! For sure.

      Thanks for your comment and I hope to hear again from you soon.



  3. Anna

    I really love reading that kind of reviews as they warn you about the real scam. The funniest part is that people behind this scam are pretty much untraceable. It is funny that they put on their homepage the notice about the management dissolution. It really looks too suspicious and illegal.
    I will be definitely checking your future posts to avoid scam on the Internet.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Anna,

      Yes, the immediate message of dissolving former management was very weird to me. I believe it to be a set up to avoid payments to older members.

      Thanks again Anna for stopping by.

  4. Von

    Thank you! I came across this today and wasn’t sure if it is legit or not. I am looking for more stable and legit income online. I see that you have a few ads about Wealthy Affiliate University. Are they legit?

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Von,

      I am glad my article was able to provide the neccessary info to help you avoid Zukkah.com. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is very Legit and that is why I am with them. You may see further details on WA >HERE<.

      Thank you for your comment Von.

  5. Rodney Lugo

    Thank you for this great knowledge. Many people are trying to get involved in a new online business and there are so many scams. Thanks to you when people read this article you will save them money. How many years have you been researching online scams?

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Rodney,

      You are most welcome and I am glad you were able to get your answers.

      I have been researching online scams for only 7 months now but I am very active in my work.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Rodney and hope to see you again soon.

  6. Goran Omar Bockman

    Thanks for outing the Zukkah scam. Is Zukkah by any chance an acronym for Sucker?!
    I believe you have now totally destroyed any cred the scammers might have retained. Good job. Tell us more about Wealthy Affiliate!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Goran,

      Oh yeah, I never thought of that! Probably there is a hidden insult in there somewhere I am sure lol.

      All details regarding Wealthy Affiliate can be found >HERE<.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 .


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