Review – Is ‘YetMoney’ Scam or Legit Way To Earn Anything.

By | September 20, 2019

YetMoney. icu Exposed as a Scam Site.

Do not do any work on that site called YetMoney. icu. ‘YetMoney’ has yet to develop the habit of paying their members for time and efforts. Actually, not one of their 3068 cloned sites from their ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Scam Network has paid a single penny to anyone but themselves. Their sites do earn and yet you will never see a dime. But, it ain’t all doom and gloom and so take a look below to find out more.

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Here is what you will get from this article:-

  • We will destroy their lies…
  • List of other scam sites.
  • My Recommendation for you to earn online quicker with a Free Start Up for a Brand New Online Business in Affiliate Marketing.
  • Scam Rating.
  • Conclusion. Site.




YetMoney. icu Getting Exposed.

As said, A scam site! Let me explain. This site offers to pay you for watching advertisements all day. It is 10 cents per ad viewed and 50% commissions for every referral you make to them. Once signed up you will be instructed to start viewing ads and spread your affiliate link through all social media platforms. This has the unfortunate effect of pulling in all of your family and friends. They will do the same thing. These pay per ad views sites are many and growing in popularity. It doesn’t matter what you do though because you won’t see a penny from your time-consuming work.

3/5 hours of this mind-numbing work will net you between $50/$300 per day. 1000 viewed ads per month will net you $4800 a month! No One Has Ever Been Paid From This Site Or The Other Scam Sites Listed!! EVER!

The Threshold for withdrawing your money is $150. When you hit that minimum withdrawal limit then you are told to make 40 referrals before you are able to get your cash. You may make those referrals or take up their offer of buying those referrals. Whatever you do you will receive a weird message saying it’s going to take two months before you get your cash! If you persist with another option they offer you, then at this point, you are locked out of your account with no money released to you.


  • This scam website work from home job is part of a Russian Scam Network pretending to be from Panama, Germany, UK and even LA.
  • They are registered on WHOIS with a domain name by ‘NameCheap’ for $00.80.
  • Their email is hidden and the owners of this site, and yes – all the other scam sites listed here, own them all and can not be found.
  • They all have the same format, code, wording, figures, admin names everything!
  • You should take a deep breath that you have not joined up yet, if you have, please leave me a comment about your experiences so others may avoid this fraud.


When you are locked out of your account they proceed by selling all of your personal details you submitted at sign up. These personal and sensitive details are put on a list in an online auction on the Deep Web. Hackers and Spammers bid for these lists. The winner then gets to try to commit fraud in your name potentially ruining it by using up all your good credit, and other such ways. Should you have joined and left this site, or one like it, watch out for a flood of spam mails in you email inbox on a biblical scale. Report them as spam and Delete them all!  Zen Dengi. Club…




List of Their Scams.

This list of Inter Scam Sites are owned and run by the same online fraudsters. In this Scams Website List I want you to observe the ‘domain name’, which is the ‘.com, ‘.org’ etc. This is a list of scam websites that are conning a lot of people, please watch out for them:-

  • twodengi. site.
  • Vesdengi. site.
  • regdengi. club.
  • tefmoney. club.
  • Surdengi. site.
  • wotmoney. club.
  • sagmoney. club.
  • sabdengi. site.
  • donmoney. club.
  • fepmoney. club
  • zumoney. club.
  • advmoney. tech.
  • makmoney. club.
  • mesmoney. club
  • nowmoney. club.




Those sites are shut down now. Here is a list that is more up to date (see date of this post) –>>> LasMoney.Club. As you will see, they are churning them out hard and fast!


This scam website list appears to run into the thousands and is, as I have said, owned by the same people! If you see an ‘opportunity’ to earn money online watching ads then it’s probably going to be one of these or ones that are a part of the same scam network!! All the domain names are shoddy and weird sounding. Not good.





Chances are, if you were interested in ‘YetMoney, then you are probably still looking for an online opportunity. If not, no hard feelings, I would love to hear from you in the comments section. If so, please continue to my Number 1 Work From Home Recommendation that has been online successfully since 2005.


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Final Thoughts.

Do not venture into any programs offering insane monies for insanely easy work. The world does not work that way. You must learn to earn online for yourself from home if that is what you are looking to do. See the image below to click, or HERE, to find out how to get some free websites and ultimately make a site like mine. You can earn in many different ways while serving a purpose that people are looking for. That is all about YetMoney. icu and hope it has been of use to you. Do not forget you can leave us your reports in the comments also.


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8 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘YetMoney’ Scam or Legit Way To Earn Anything.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Shamshed,

      Thank you kindly for popping and saying hi.

      Much appreciated.

      Any questions please just ask me.

      Much Appreciation,


  1. Karen Noone

    Thanks for highlighting this for me. I had thought about joining but decided to google it first and came across your site. Really glad I did or I would have been ripped off big time.
    Thank you again

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Karen,

      This is why I investigate and expose scams everyday! I am delighted you were able to get the truth about the ZenDengi.Club before joining. Thats ONE LESS person online to suffer these scam sites.

      That you so much for popping by and leaving me a comment – I really do appreciate it!

      All the best Karen,


  2. Karen Noone

    Thanks for highlighting this and being so upfront as to why this is so much a scam. I nearly went for it but decided to google them first and came across your site.
    Definitely glad I did.
    Thank you again.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Karen,

      Absolutely no problem at all! I am glad your able to stay away from this site. They really do rip people off! I have a number of YouTube videos exposing some of the other scam sites as well to further spread the message.

      Thanks again for popping by and leaving a comment!



  3. Annie

    Hi Scam Detector

    Thank you for this. Was looking for a review of and they the same as who done for loads of time and nearly money till Googled it.
    People need to do what am doing now and share this information.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Annie,

      Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to comment on my post on

      Yes, you are correct. This is why I am doing a post on as many of these same sites as possible so people understand that they are all owned by the same owners, and, are all scams. seems to be one of the more ‘popular’ of their scams sites.

      I appreciate you getting the information out there and please let me know if you come across any more of these sites, for there are thousands of them, or any other potential scams you may be suspicious of.

      Thank you again for stopping by,

      All the best,



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