What Is ZenAdvert? Is ZenAdvert A Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 14, 2017

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 With a Disappointing Fall from Grace, I want to find out, What Is ZenAdvert.

These guys used to be legit! If you are looking for What Is ZenAdvert, is ZenAdvert a scam or reviews on Zen Advert, then you have come to the right place as I do reviews on suspicious sites! This site is a sister of EpicClix. com, EpicBux and has the same owner. Only recently, October 17/017, they have variably stop paying their users! It is common for scam sites to run legitimately for a while and then suddenly withhold earnings. This is very disappointing news for their users!

As you can see, I can hardly endorse a site that has stopped being fair and legal! I do however know of one online business that can train up anyone to run their own online business successfully! This online business is called Wealthy Affiliate and have bee operating online successfully since 05. There are many free bonuses and features that come with your Free Lifetime Membership Account with no cc to sign to. Paid options are available with no nasty up sales or pressure to upgrade! Once in you should upload a picture and fill out your bio!!






Fully Informing You to What Is ZenAdvert.

This is a Paid To Click Site (PTC) which pays out $00.01 per click for being a standard user. There are between 30/35 ad clicks available to you per 24 hour period. They recently stopped being trustworthy with many calling it scam now for no payments! EpicClix. com appears to have gone the same way. I do not know the moral status of EpicBux as yet! I will look into them soon.

The Founder, surprisingly enough, can be identified on WHOIS as Hyuksoo Seo, but with no valid address or email contact! ZenAdvert was created on the 9/5/2016 and has been running honestly for quite a while.

The minimum payout is $5 via Bitcoin and Payza. Should you wish to earn more there are a number of packages you can buy, but since it is irrelevant by no payments, there is no point in detailing all of them here. BE WARNED:- PAYZA OWNERS ARRESTED FOR RUNNING A SCAM PAYMENT METHOD!




As a basic member, however, you are meant to receive 50% commissions from referrals made and 100% on rented referrals. They appear to have, or had, active rented referrals but many online authorities say buying such packages is a scam, and not recommended!

They say they have paid out over 21K to their users. NBR (netbusinessrating) says they have only paid just over $390. This tells me they were doing so to get payment proofs to get others to join up to be scammed.

It takes an incredible 25 to 30 days before you can withdraw your cash making this a frustrating waiting game just to get a few extra dollars! You really want to be making huge referrals to this site or else you will only make $00.35 per day – not worth any ones time! But, people did use it for a long time, despite the insanely low pay and long waiting times.

They also used to pay out $00.02 for every single website that you would visit, telling me, they were using their members as a form of ‘auto surfing’. This is where people give traffic to websites for small monetary rewards. Google recognizes this type of traffic and it will hurt your sites rankings if you persist. Worse than this, should you be with Adsense, well, Adsense will ban your account for life if you drive traffic to your site this way!! Not recommended!!

Additionally, should you want to advertise on this site under review, you can do so by buying ‘ad packs’. Currently, ad packs are deemed as scams as they do not pay back good ROI of any real value relative to investment. Do not buy these anywhere. Adpacks, with the majority of your returns, have a maturity waiting period where no one can say when you will get the majority of those returns.

All in all they ARE NOT A LEGIT PTC SITE and have ruined their own online reputation forever!!









PTC SITES are notoriously hard labor, long waiting periods and usually high pay out thresholds. Many just will not pay you for no legitimate reason, despite, whatever reason they give you. Many PTC SITES will operate for a while just to suddenly stop paying earnings to its members. This tells me they were just building up rankings and online trust so they could scam many more people. What has your experience been with PTC SITES? You can leave your experience in the comment box below to help others. Thank you.




You are most welcome to have your say!

You can complain! Gripe! Inform! and Ask! Did you sign up to the site under review and get scammed, or as they used to be OK, get paid just fine? Let us all know so we have a fair amount of data on past performance per user experiences. Are they still paying out and I have got all of this wrong? You are most welcome to put me in my place! I respond to all comments in a timely and respectful manner, so just because we may disagree, I see it as healthy discourse to uncovering the truth and therefore welcome all comments surrounding the subject matter. Is there a site online that is promising great money for easy work? You can ask me in the comment and I will look into it for. I would advise you to Subscribe to my Websites Newsletter to help you stay a head of the scammers online! Top right to do so. I feel confident in saying I have supplied enough information on What Is ZenAdvert and certainly hope you approach with your own questions and suspicions! I post daily so do come back soon for. Looking forward to all of your comments. Stay safe online! CHEERS!!



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