What Is Zarfund.com? Is Zarfund.com a Scam or Legit?

By | December 30, 2017

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What Is Zarfund.com and the Risks Involved.

Are you suspicious of Zarfund.com and want to know what is Zarfund.com, is Zarfund a scam, is Zarfund legit or what are the risks with Zar Fund. They payout in Bitcoin only and require donations as part of sign up. The money goes up and is dependent on new sign ups for older members to make a profit. This makes Zarfund a Ponzi Scheme and a Pyramid Scheme. So, is it possible to make money with them or are you already too late! Should you enter into a pyramid or ponzi scheme early in its life, then the answer is yes, you can earn cash. However, it is at the expense of others.

For those that say “this is a peer to peer group for humanitarian purposes speech” can save your words as 90% of people who invest in Ponzi/Pyramid schemes lose their cash. MMM Nigeria is a classic example of how devastating these schemes actually are.

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What Is Zarfund.com and What is a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme? The Risks!

We should definitely do a back ground check on Zarfund.com before explaining what is a ponzi and a pyramid scheme. A quick check shows me they have no email contact without any site address with no Founder Name. But, they do have a FB page with the owner name of HANNES JORDAAN! Excellent ‘tells’ of online deceptive behavior. Created in 2016 they intend to expire their site in 27/7/2018. Scam sites tend to stay online for only one year or even two before running off with the money leaving the majority of their members financially devastated.

Zarfund is from South Africa and has already infiltrated Nigeria’s Cyber Space. They pay people in BitCoins and there is not any other way to get paid. The commissions run 6 levels deep where everyone who signs up through you, the top of the pyramid (creators) make a profit from them as well as you. That is what a Pyramid Scheme is – the money flows up!


What is Zarfund.com and is it real.


How is Zarfund a Ponzi Scheme as well? When you sign up you ‘donate’ or cash gift your referrer (your up line) when their software matches you up. Now the ‘Referral SYSTEM‘ will get two other Newbies to you. Now, when two new sign ups are connected to you, the real world people will send money from their account to yours. There is no official financial agency controlling this and is run by the people without governance. Why is this bad? Because, when Zarfund collapses, as surely as they sun rises and sets, they will collapse, you have no come back for your money. It is important you understand you have to make these referrals yourself via all your social media outlets. I shall now just refer to such as the ‘SYSTEM‘ for brevity.

However, a lot of people know Zarfund, and their like, to be a Ponzi Scheme but hope to be the ‘first ones in’ to earn cash. So, yes, it is possible to make money with Zar fund – if you are not too late. DONATING SCHEMES, CASH GIFTING SCHEMES, PYRAMID SCHEMES AND PONZI SCHEMES ARE ILLEGAL!


6 Levels Deep of Commissions.

You have to pay to take part in Zarfund.com. SO, first level you must pay 3 btc, which is, $17. OK, now the ‘system’ directs two people to you for which you will earn $17 from them. Level 2, your new two friends who just paid you $17 a piece, will get two each. Catch is, in order for you to benefit from Level 2 sign up referrals, you must pay to level up.

The price goes up to 5 btc which is $29. You pay that up line to your referrer, as you do when in level one, and now the system repeats the same process where you will earn $29 the system. Should you go all the way to level six then it will cost you the following:-

  • Level 1 investment is $17.
  • Level 2 investment is $29.
  • Level 3 investment is $$57.
  • Level 4 investment is $114.
  • Level 5 investment is $570 (Huge Jump in ‘donations’ to qualify for level 5.
  • Level 6 investment is $1,140!!! You buy through each level until level six, and so we see, the more you ‘gift’ to others, the more you can earn.


Logically, the ‘Referral System’ will run out of people! This is when the activity ceases and desists leaving over 90% of its members heart broken and without any return per their investment. When money comes in from new members, the owners do pay out to members (selectively) and bag the rest. ULTIMATELY, and this is very important to understand….




They will shut down the site and run off with potentially millions of unpaid earnings of its members earnings. SO, if you still want to join Zarfund and see if you are in early or not, just realize it will cost you $2432 to reach Level 6 to Unleash Maximum Earnings Potential. The RISK is:- should you join, and run on up through the levels to earn quicker and maximize investment quicker, they may close down anytime depending on sign ups! It is A RISK! If this is not a scam yet it will become one as is the nature of ponzi and pyramid schemes. Without any actual product or service, such schemes offer high ROI per investment, and is solely dependent on making new members to join. DICEY!

Join up and I wish you luck if you want to but I do not recommend them.



I never promote schemes that are illegal globally. I say ‘schemes’ as ponzi and pyramid schemes are illegal everywhere. Should you want to know how devastating ponzi’s are you should look up Bernie Maddof! He looted Wall Street for $65 BILLION DOLLARS and made PAUPERS OF MILLIONAIRES OVERNIGHT!! Many lives ruined and suicides reported. As Bernie was sentence to two life sentences both his sons died soon after. His went crazy living alone and heart broken. A terrible sad story and a prominent historical case study for ponzi schemes. Risk it if you like = you have been warned guys 🙂 . The information has been sourced from several locations online and I did not join up with them.




Are you getting paid by the site I just reviewed? Let us know as it may alert and tempt others to risk investment. Have you invested but still waiting or been scammed? Again, leave your story in the comment box below to help warn others. Ironically, online scams, particularly from Nigeria, were not really kicking off with very little traffic UNTIL some Head of Security Guy went on TV to warn people about all these online schemes. That is Free Advertising and people FLOCKED in DROVES to get in EARLY to earn from others. If you are too late to the party you will not earn. Just Be Careful my friends. As always, I love to hear from you and I always respond to comments. I am satisfied I have answered What Is Zarfund.com to help you decide for yourself. All shares are welcome and appreciated. What I am about to write next is a shout out to a lady:- Come one Lisa Jayn, be a total sweetheart and leave me a comment this time! LOL = x thanks 🙂 . Private Joke. OK guys take care for now and I will be back very soon exposing more online scams and risky online ventures.



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