AaMoney.Club Review – Is ‘AaMoney Club’ Scam or Legit Way to Earn Online?

By | March 19, 2018

What Is AaMoney. Club?

Have you seen our Online Work From Home Scam Sites List 2019 / 2020 yet? No?! Well, if you did want to take a look, you will see www.aamoney. club is on that list ALONG with 3067 other copies of their site. The name changes but that is about it. The scam is always the same. Be also warned about some of the most recent copies such as OvoMoney. icu, OnyMoney. icu, BmaMoney. icu, EnaMoney. icu, BduMoney. xyz, UogMoney, OgeMoney. Win, PnyMoney. Win, DsoMoney. Club, RnoMoney. icu, YetMoney. icu, ApiMoney. icu, VnuMoney. xyz, YobMoney. icu, YakMoney. icu, LkaMoney, OvoMoney. icu, NkoMoney. Club, GsaMoney. icu, GipMoney, UxMoney. Club, UnuMoney. icuYniMoney. xyzWbiMoney. Club, ObyMoney. icu, PnaMoney. icu, VpoMoney. Club, EdiMoney. xyz, EziMoney. xyz   and so no. 


It is very difficult to make quick and big money online without being scammed to boot! Those sincere in their efforts to find online work can have a read of our Wealthy Affiliate Review >HERE<.








AaMoney. Club Shown to be Dishonest and a Scam Site.


do not log into www.aamoney. club!



Now you know at least AaMoney. Club is a fake you can put any wasted time down to something learned. That money, when you want to earn it, can not be earned so generously for little to no real work. Clicking on ads, sharing links, does not generate you one cent as the founder keeps everything. Out of 3068 scam sites from the same owners as ‘AaMoney’, not one has paid a single human being anything. Beware.

  • The work they offer is two fold:- Make 10 cents for every ad watched. Make 50% commissions on all of your referrals work. Average daily earning is said to be between anywhere from $50 to $300. 5K monthly salary is also on the table but no one receives a single penny – ever!
  • Minimum amount to earn before getting paid is $300. This minimum amount is far too high and normally would only be $100 and even as low as a few cents. They payout monthly and the reason for the minimum payout to be so high is to give all their members enough time to make maximum referrals. They are currently enticing a great number of people online to par-take in their fake job offers.
  • The owners set up this site to be around for only one year. When their sites start to develop a shoddy reputation they then either redirect their sites to new ones of just shut them down. However, the founders are forever setting up new and identical websites that is netting them big traffic.
  • There is one condition to cash out as well that you should be aware of:- You must have made 40 member sign ups before they say you can get paid. Members can buy those referrals for a mere $14 but it does not matter – You still won’t get paid. NO where on their website do they make anyone aware of this condition. Also, though they say you get paid in one hour, upon cash out they say it takes 3 MONTHS TO PROCESS YOUR PAYMENT!
  • Do not fill out any surveys, sign up to any offers or upgrade if they offer this to you as part of releasing your earning. This is just another way to screw you for money as they may charge you a fee doing so. Have a ‘click’ of the link below to see a list of the websites they own. You will observe they are all the same except for the URL and website names. They are linked to their own reviews and provides amble evidence that we are dealing with a very hard-working group of scammers.
  • BTW! Many are saying these sites below to a Russian Scam Network as well! The pay out, 10 cents per ad viewed, is ridiculously high as only 1 cent or even 3 cents is the max such a service can afford to pay.
  • How are they going to makes any profits is they pay out 10 cents every time an ad is viewed. No advertiser can afford to pay such a website ten cents and then even more money to the website owners so they can make a profit to!
  • So we see that they are making up stories and are not legit and safe for anyone.
  • Furthermore, they are very happy to download malware to your device! This is a little every gift they like to share with their members. The malware will seek out passwords and any other details they can sell on for a profit.
  • They are in essence, a harvesting site! This is why it is never a good idea to have your browser save your passwords because that is where this malware looks among other places.
  • YouTube has no returns for them as yet, which is normally quite reliable, for finding member complaints. Twitter and Facebook don’t have a trace of them as yet. They are only new so this does take time for peoples experiences to be revealed online. So, complaints are sparse at the moment. Should you have done work with YxMoney, and not been paid as yet, do let us know in the comment box below. This will serve to warn others.
  • Ultimately, the owners want their members to get them as many new sign ups as possible before revealing themselves as a scam site. They do this by convincing people that they really can make 50% profits from another persons work.
  • You are certainly encouraged to leave your own affiliate link in social media platforms and online blogs like this one. While they do not pay out they do make money from all that traffic because payment is received from people watching third party ads. This third party ads pay very little to the website, but if we consider this website is one out of 1000’s of others, then we can only imagine the potential for profits.
  • There are excellent ways to make money online but when online opportunities offer 5K a month for watching ads, one should pause and realize, they are dealing with a scam website. They certainly do play on peoples need for greed and there is no way in hell anyone is PAYING ANYONE that amount of cash for too easy work! In reality, these Paid To Click sites, are not legit and will waste your time and money.
  • Out of all the websites researched online Wealthy Affiliate has kept its promises to me! There no nasty up selling and no hidden charges.
  • No special experience or education is required to learn to build your own website and watch it takes off like a rocket!
  • You will also be shown the number of ways you can monetize your site so you can make a good daily profit. Also, WA has a very lucrative affiliate program that is open even to non premium members 🙂 .






Final Thoughts.

Now you are welcome to let us now what you think about AaMoney. Club below in the comments. Do not forget to leave us your reports about any other scam site also. We will leave the links below for this. Thanks again and hope to hear from you and everyone else in the comments. P.S. – Your Free Start Up Invite is Below:-




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12 thoughts on “AaMoney.Club Review – Is ‘AaMoney Club’ Scam or Legit Way to Earn Online?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi thukosibedam,

      You can’t make money with YxMoney Bid. They are a scam site and they only trick people out of their time and money as well. We do have a number of ways to help you earn online. We can direct your own self applied efforts to show you how to make good money online with many trusted online companies. Let me know if you are interested.

      – Philip.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Michi,

      Please ring your bank ASAP!!

      They may advise to cancel that card and order a new one. Do this ASAP.

      Sorry you had this experience with YxMoney Bid and do ask if you are interested if earning online properly, once you get sorted with your situation.

      All the best Michi!

      – Philip.

      1. Michi

        Hey I almost forget about you!
        If course iam interested in online earning. iam open

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hey Michi,

          Welcome back and I am glad to hear from you. So, I blog – obviously, LOL! I also earn many via one program. However, this one program has shown me how to join many other programs –>>> see ads to your right. I had to apply to those programs and be accepted. This is what can be taught to you:-

          You can learn to make a website.
          Add content.
          Get free traffic.

          If you are interested to sign up for free, no credit card to sign up for a free account, then you have 7 Day Premium Trial

          Sign up HERE

          The platform is called Wealthy Affiliate. I am currently online holidays from this platform as we all need a break, working too late lately.

          However, I shall be returning soon. You have free training, Live Chat and other resources to help you along the way.

          Let me know what you decide Michi – and also, you have given two free websites. You can contact me, or you can use the email on the bottom of this website, to ask for help.

          ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  1. Dylan

    Im thinking of ways to remove the payment information they took in… any ideas that could help, for now I just disabled my card from all transactions

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dylan,

      Once they have your data then there is no way to retrieve it. You did the right thing, I imagine, by cancelling your card for sure.

      Maybe email your bank and see if you have anything else to worry about? See what they say.

      Yes, YxMoney Bid is a new site but the owners possess 1000s more of them. Thank you so much for reporting your experience here and I KNOW it will help another 🙂 .


  2. Evelyn

    I just want to understand this yxmoney bid….I just registered and I just earned $70 but the minimum payout for the new ones is $150

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Evelyn,

      I would like to say thank you for asking this question and the time it took for you to do so.

      Now, they are not a legit site!!!! YxMoney Bid Owners have 1000s of IDENTICAL SITES just like YxMoney! Those ‘earnings’ are only figures on a screen thus are fake.

      I’d advise you don’t waste any more time on them. Should you doubt me please have a look at a review of another of the owners sites called What Is UnMoney Win

      Scroll down a bit and you will see a huge. list of the sites they have shut down and the one’s still active. That is not even a pinch of their sites. If one site is a scam why wouldn’t all their sites be one. Scam Witness has been receiving reports of no payouts for the last 9 months from their older/new sites.

      I hope you heed this warning Evelyn 🙂 . Should you need a real way to earn online please just ask or Click >HEREWealthy Affiliate.

      All the best on whatever you decide.



  3. Julia Linda

    It looks like I just got scammed, why do people do this? Agggg

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Julia,

      Sorry to hear this. I am assuming YxMoney Bid are the ones who scammed you? At what point did you realize there were not legit?

      If you are still looking for a real way to earn online please just ask me. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the most trusted way to earn online.

      Take care Julia and thanks for letting everyone know that YxMoney is a total fraud.




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