What Is YtMoney Win? Is YtMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 25, 2018

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Explanation to What Is YtMoney Win


Time to Make Known What Is YtMoney Win.

Those probing to answer What Is YtMoney Win have researched perfectly! Maybe you are asking as well is YtMoneyWin a swindle? Is Yt Money Win a proper and genuinely paying PTC Site? This article will attempt to find who owns ‘Yt’, as well, the work details and why it is a TOTAL LIE! Sorry to inform you, YtMoney is complete hog wash and a SCAM! They are not legit by any stretch of the imagination. Like a Xerox Machine, the owners have 1000’s of duplicate sites robbing people the same way! Stay Clear.

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Detailed Answer to What Is YtMoney Win, Developer ID and Efforts Required of Members.

As we begin to unfold further what is ytmoney win it is always a good idea to try to find out who the person(s) are behind such sites. However, I do NOT expect to see any transparency. YtMoney was created 06/03/2018 and ends in one year from that date. The holder of this site did not leave their name nor an email address. Same address in Panama that they use for all their sites. All bad signs, coupled with the fact, there is no legit proprietor details on their site as well.

HERE IS WHAT IS Known:- These people behind sites like ‘YT’ have 1000s of IDENTICAL SITES, as mentioned. They started in with German copies to begin with. Then Russian duplicates and now English replications of the same site – just URL and site name logo ever change.

Last count, there was 714 ‘reprints’ of these sites in English. I am only expecting that number to rise drastically very soon. In researching where all these sites come from, I was VERY LUCKY, to find a database online that is doing this for me. Now there is a list of these years (2018/2019) versions just been released (mostly in February 2018). This is good news for now people will have all correct info before joining, thus, lessening the amount time and money these crooks can take off of people this year 🙂 .

The Name of this Fraud Network is called Webdengi_Eng!!


Actually, anywhere you see words like ‘dengi‘ or ‘.win‘,.site’, ‘.club‘ should put you into a questioning nature. Just looked up the word ‘dengi’ and is a Russian Word mean ‘MONEY‘. Who Knew? Those dot extensions are favored by this particular scam network.

‘YT’ are a PTC Site (Paid to Click) bu they are not Legit! They brag each site into being by saying they are one of the #1 ways to make money online. This is nonsense. They are actually one of the most dangerous scams circulating online.

New members may sign up with a valid email address. It does not matter though if you use a fake one as they don’t even check it, and actually, don’t bother asking you to verify your email. Even for a scam site, that is very poor, and should have alerted EVERYONE that ‘something‘ was ‘OFF‘ with these scamming boys and gals.


Job Role Fine Points.


Review of YtMoney Win


After registration, you will see advertisements for you to click on. These ad units will give you 10 CENTS per view. These pennies are attributed to your account after view completion. That is all you do here to earn from ads. These ads are actually other websites ads (Third Party). These third party advertisers do pay money to the founders of YtMoney, but ‘Yt’, does not share any of this with their members.


Do they Run a Referral Affiliate Program?

Only a fake one but there is how it is meant to be run. You are instructed to hop all over the webs and spam it to hell. This means you have to place your affiliate link in FB, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs and absolutely anywhere feasible. Here is an article depicting 11 Reasons Why Your Emails Go In The Spam Box And How To Make Sure They Don’t. That will open in a fresh tab so you know good reasons why spamming is bad. Courtesy of optinmonster.com.

At the moment you start making good referrals you can start making good money. Should you refer start to watch ads you will get 50% of their profits. That is a very high commission and NO ONE pays that online

Anyways, average earning a day is $50/$300 (lol) culminating into $4800 a month – all lies. NO ONE GETS PAID EVER!


The Beginning of the End – How The Scam Occurs.

Set minimum payout is set to $150 and payable in 1 hour. Again, more lies. Despite the fact they say all payments to members occur within one hour, the reality is far different. Upon filling out your application for your earnings you will get a message saying that payout is going to take between 60 or perhaps 90 days! This so they can ‘process’ your money – just an excuse to encourage to follow the next step

With the Express Verification Option, this only takes 3 minutes or 5 minutes,. The cost of this option to you is $10. Just another added on way to scam their members. Once you pay, if you do, you are required to EXCHANGE YOUR REFERRALS! This is like saying real people are ‘commodities’ – makes no sense.

Worth Noting:- NOWHERE on their site do they say you must be these criteria for the 40 new members before cash out.

You may get these new members via spamming your link, as mentioned, or you can buy them to save you time. DON’T BUY THEM! It is another part of the scam. A constant figure that pops up for the price of this is $14. Other bloggers, right or wrong, place that price between $5/$20 – it is all minutiae anyways.

Whatever you do, Pay or Don’t Pay, you will most certainly LOCKED OUT! Support may respond but there will never be any resolution regarding your money. All members that view ads, across all the thousands of these copied sites watching an incredible amount of ads, will net the owners profits. Only the owners.


Their Real Reason for Being.

Your Account can never be altered or deleted. It is stored in their system until they shut down that site. Their sites only last for 1 year then they get re-directed to a fresher site – or simply closed down. I notice they are quick to replace such sites. MANY of their sites meet this fate sooner than one year because of quickly deteriorating online reputation. Once reputation is damaged beyond repair then they shut that particular one down.

SAMPLE OF SENTINELS! Don’t worry I have not lost my mind 🙂 . That there are the KEYWORDS for their sites – ALL OF THEM!! I guess it is to imply a virus of sorts in the ‘system’ of the net or maybe they are just Matrix fans.

FREE TRAFFIC! They want members to drive them free 40 new sign ups before they lock out that particular member. This near guarantees new potential victims. Even if NO ONE PAYS A PENNY, owners still make money from all those ads being viewed. For those that want to learn how to get Free Traffic Ethically should click on those linked words.

HARVESTING SITE! These guys will take your emails and sell them onto scammers. This is one of the most unfortunate aspects of sites like YtMoney! Furthermore, these sites are know for malware and phishing attempts. Software is downloaded to you devices where they hunt for anything personal to sell on. Names, address, passwords – and in particular – BANK DETAILS! This answer on Quora.com.com gives further info on What Is Data Harvesting? Opens in a fresh browser.


Top Five Online Safety Tips.


Bruce Lee figure in a fighting stance.



Since sites like ‘Yt’ are fond of infecting your devices, I thought a few safety tips, would be in order. See list below if you were a member of ‘Yt’ – just to be safe:-

  1. Rename all passwords for everything online you have that requires one. Scammers need but access one account to string together valuable data to sell on.
  2. After all Internet Sessions, get into the habit of clearing History and Cache. It is convenient to save passwords in our browser but that is too easy for scammers to find.
  3. Get an Anti Virus!
  4. Look out for Browser Updates and stick to them.
  5. Old operating systems are childs play to hack – update them!

Kapersky.com delivers their Top 10 Internet Rules and What Not To Do Online. Fresh window will open.



DISCLAIMER:- While all articles are researched online and put together to save others time, my rating, is based on my own opinion. Another blogger may have a review on ‘Yt’ in time (at the moment this is the first one) and may rate ‘Yt’ differently. Ultimately, in my opinion and opinion only, YtMoney is not good. Thank you for your time.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! I give all their sites the same rating because they have never paid not one person a dime for their time and work! I have no respect for the owners of ‘Yt’ and endeavor to expose as many of their sites as possible. This will have a positive effect of getting them shut down sooner via worsening of online rep! But this can only happen if you leave your complaints below – Google will notice and so will other monitoring sites online as well.


LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW IF THEY HAVE RIPPED YOU OFF! If you don’t, you are letting them away with it 🙁 .





For members of ‘Yt’ this article was created. Your experiences, regarding the website just exposed, will be invaluable for those thinking about signing up to them. Were you paid? Was support ‘Supportive’? Were you spammed? When did you first become suspicious? You are most welcome to leave your stories/experiences below in the comment box provided. For those asking What Is YtMoney Win I certainly you have been adequately informed. Farewell for now everyone and don’t forget to report any suspicious site to Scam Witness 🙂 .


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