What Is YrMoney.Win? Is YrMoney.Win a Scam or Legit!

By | February 28, 2018

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Full Unbiased Review Answering What Is YrMoney.Win

Unbiased Review of What Is YrMoney. Win.

Welcome and should you need to know What Is YrMoney. Win, asking is YrMoneyWin a fraud or is YrMoney Win real and a lucrative online job then this is the only review you need. I am not a member of the site under review so you know you won’t find any affiliate links here. We have uncovered many websites run by the owner of the website under review and all those websites have proven themselves to be illegal companies. Should this company not be illegal yet it is always a matter of time before they become illegal. Their sites have a terrible reputation of not paying out to their members with an ever worsening reputation of all their websites until no trust is left.

While Yr Money Win is a new website and may be paying, possibly, to some members we will prove why we say they are potentially a scam site or at least not a legal online operation. We recommend only good online jobs and our #1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. Our WA Review can be found >HERE< or sign up >HERE< to have a look to find a real way to make a full time income online. Let’s continue with our review.




What Is YrMoney. Win and Why You Can’t Earn With Them.

Just before we can answer what is YrMoney. Win let us find out who owns this website. Just like all of their websites there no legit ownership details with no founder name, email and only a fake address. All bad signs and to top it they are only registered to be online for 1`year telling us they could easily be a hit-and-run website when such ID online is like this.

Ultimately they are an online advertising platform offering it s members incredibly payouts for watching advertisements and referring others to them. One is promised 10 cents per advertisement viewed and 50% of referral work commissions. They put themselves forward as one of the most high payout platforms per work, time and effort.

The all important payout is (minimum) is $300. Unfortunately that is $200 higher that a normal and legit payout of just $100 and actually most websites that are legit will start payouts from pennies. Already we are seeing how the minimum payout is bogus. The reason the payout is so high is to give all their members time to make as many referrals to their site as possible for purposes of free traffic to convert into victims of their scam. They also harvest emails for the purposes of selling to online scammers for a personal profit. This is why we can not recommend them and why we only recommend #1 Work From Home Offer.

Should this company, given that it is still very young, be paying some payouts then we guarantee they will become an illegal company in a short amount of time. Actually, we predict with confidence they can become an illegal operation anytime if they are not already so. Please let us know if you have already NOT BEEN PAID in the comment box below to help warn other people. Perhaps you have been paid? Then please do let us know to give others hope of payment should they be a member at this moment in time.

In brief:- You sign up for free. You view ads to earn $50 to $300 a day potentially earning 5K monthly. Because you earn 50% commissions from referrals then naturally you will want to make as many as possible. Now we will see what happens when you hit the minimum payout and how they scam you.



How The Scam Works.

When the members apply for their money at $300 you will be told it takes three months to process your payment. However, on their homepage description we can clearly see everyone is told they get paid within one hour to their account. All monies generated by its members are kept in the account of one of their employees, which lets be honest, should of alerted everyone to this scam operation.

There are many websites online running the scam execution like these guys such as you must upgrade, fill out an offer or do a survey etc to unleash your earnings. These guys like to get you to either do a survey, simply redirect you to another one of their websites to earn money online or pay $14 for the mandatory 40 referrals. These referrals are not mentioned anywhere on their website and only comes into play when you apply for your earnings. All the referrals you have made will go through the same thing and only gives YrMoney further opportunity to scam people.

Even if no one pays money to them they will earn some money from all the ads being watched via small commissions that advertisement up given all the free traffic being supplied to their website via members. Ergo, they are a free traffic scam, earning money from you watching advertisements and harvesting as many emails as possible to sell on online fraudsters scam. We can only hope as many people as possible see this article in order to avoid having their own time, effort and potentially money being wasted.

I encourage everyone to do their own research if they do not believe what has been written here. Should there be people here needing a closer look at the EXACT SAME/IDENTICAL/ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT DOUBT REPLICA SCAM SITES then you are most welcome to view the list of their websites we have uncovered to date below. Each linked review will open up in a new page for your convenience to come back here:-


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Everything in this article and on this website is based on research, experience and opinion and where mistakes have been made they will be corrected. Nothing here should be used as ‘evidence’ anywhere. Thank you.








THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Did you sign up to the website we just finished reviewing? Perhaps you are wondering how you are going to get paid? Well, just to be 100% and without doubt = NO ONE GETS PAID! Not that we have uncovered in all the websites they own we have researched and exposed. To date, we appear to be the only, or at least, one of very few websites to expose this new scam site. Please share to help thwart their success as we finish out answering What Is YrMoney. Win. Any questions regarding what has been written here – please just ask. Please have a look at our number recommendation below to find out how to make your own full time income from home. Farewell for now and looking forward to all of your comments below.


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10 thoughts on “What Is YrMoney.Win? Is YrMoney.Win a Scam or Legit!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Majid,

      Thank you Majid for joining the good fight to help expose EruMoney. Site. I really appreciate you letting everyone know of another one of their scams sites. This will help many others from being scammed as well.

      Thanks again.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  1. mujahith

    I have now $373 my account balance and 93 referrals .so i did not receive this amount what happen ?

  2. Sandra


    They can use my account details for any reason?



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sandra,

      Your email I imagine will be sold onto others. These others then may send you emails to try and get you to be a fraud victim in some way. Just report and delete those mails as they arrive.

      – Philip.

  3. Engr Leth Aguilar

    I think there are lacking domains in your list…

    I register with UgaMoney.bid… thought the link shared to me by a friend has a domain name => iTiMoney.bid .. so it looks like after signing up. they assigned you a subdomains from Money.Bid site…

    I tried joining in and made $152 in ONE HOUR.. I stopped to view what else is needed.. and when I clicked the PAYOUT the PayPal transfer is accepted by …. my friend didn’t tell me… it requires 40 referrals before it finally goes into your PayPal..

    They have another offer to get your PAYOUT>> through buying a leads which cost only $10.. BUT should be through BITCOIN.. I will try it and see what I will discover.

    As a web designer, I alwasy search on domain owners first… but to the mere fact that there is no complaint..maybe people are getting money like what I read on their OPEN community support which I am seeing.. payout from $3000 to $4800 a week.

    I will share here what I could find.

    Goodluck all.

    Engr. Leth Aguilar here

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Engr Leth Aguilar,

      Thank you very much for your review of UgaMoney. bid. I have not got that one and so will expose them in due course.

      I seriously would not advise you waste your time. iTiMoney. Bid is no longer online.

      Yes, there are 100’s if not 1000’s of domains missing from the list here and it is only because of people like your self, who report them here, that it has grown as it has. To you, and others, I want to say thank you.

      I did not know they have a support forum – is it responsive? Are you able to send me a screen shot if you have a moment of this forum please?

      It is down to fairness and accuracy that I present the truest facts as humanlyl possibe for others to decide for themselves.

      Those payment figures per could never be real. Each person earning that would bankrupt any site. The reason is the ‘VALUE’ of the actions taken are only worth splits of cents and no one is paying those amounts. Especially, when you consider as well, that people on sites like YrMoney. Win – ARE NOT INTERESTED IN BUYING FROM ADVERTISERS, BUT ONLY CLICKING FOR MONEY – and so no we see advertisers are not stupid enough to pay such high cash to a disinterested audience.

      I am really looking forward to hearing back from you soon Engr Leth Aguilar, and please do forgive the late reply as – honestly, – I took a few days off from typing.



  4. travel and treatz

    Thanks for the informative post! It’s so easy to get caught up in all the hype on the internet! Great to have people helping to sort through the noise!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi travel and treatz,

      Yes, it does help if someone has already taken the time to sort out the legit from not so honest online opportunities. They can hide but sooner or later they do show up on bloggers like mine’s radar.

      I am my article on YrMoney. Win was of use to you 🙂 .




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