What Is YourSalary. biz? Is YourSalary. biz a Scam or Legit?

By | December 26, 2017

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Highlighting What Is YourSalary. biz to Warn Everyone.

YourSalary. biz claims to have paid out $133,439.43 since 10/08/2017 (in four months)! I will answer what is YourSalary. biz, is YourSalary a scam, is Your Salary Biz actually safe and really legit? They are a Paid To Click Advertisement Site that offer very generous pay outs per click and offer advertising space. More concerns arise when I read their Terms of Service and find outrageous reasons why they can ‘suspend’ or ‘ban’your account. YourSalary has already been declared a SCAM by PTC-TOP and I can see why! There is no way I could ever support them and will be allotted to my SCAM SITES section.

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What Is YourSalary. biz and Why You Need to Avoid Them!

I call YourSalary. biz an online scam site due to, in part, missing and fake details per WHOIS! No name for the site owner, the address is a fake one and the email is protected. SO, where do we go when things go wrong? I am afraid you are on your own. You can cash out at the minimum amount which is $2 and paid via Payeer or OKpay.

Always look for PayPal and Payza for payment processors as legit sites use these. Should you don’t see these payment methods then that is another sign of a scam site!!

YourSalary is a Paid To Click (PTC) where you are instructed to watch ads, wait till some ‘bar’loads, make an image to captcha and get your money instantly accredited to your fake account.

Even if YourSalary was honest, you would only earn some change for your wallet/purse that would not buy you much! It is notoriously hard to earn anything worth your time on a PTC site and many leave before cash out, conveniently leaving that site to pocket their revenue, and never return.

This is why I believe all PTC sites can not be endorsed because, per time and effort, the pay is stupendously worthless. Not even good money to buy anything decent with.

Below I will further reasons why they are extremely bogus:-



Exposing What Is YourSalary.biz




  • Commission Per Click is $1.75. This is a sure sign of nonsense as anything above 1 cent per that action is usually a scam (99%).
  • Adpacks‘ (advertising packs) are swiftly being condemned as a scam due to endlessly long returns and poor ROI – you be lucky to make any profit or even recoup initial investment.
  • Spelling mistakes are too frequent with ill constructed sentences. Another sign of deception deliberately place such errors, so when they get a new victim, THEY KNOW THAT YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE A SCAM WHEN YOU SEE ONE!
  • The Pay Out to Members is far too high for time online!
  • There do not exist any payment proofs. An absolute MUST for any PTC!
  • Their Terms of Service contains statements of pure insanity and I will cover that below.


Insane TOS (Terms of Service)!

Here are some MORE reasons why you can not trust YourSalary:-

  • No Refund for purchased items. Anything legit site offers returns for a limited time period.
  • Should you request a Refund, YourSalary will lose their minds, and ‘SUSPEND’ YOUR ACCOUNT and BAN your IP address from their servers. Slight over reaction anyone?
  • You gotta use your real and full name and this looks like a phishing attempt as they need a legit account associated with your name. Enough sensitive data to start further criminal online fraud acts in your name.
  • Should you send direct traffic and non-refferer traffic, they can suspend your account. Apparently, they got no way of telling if it is real or fake. So, they want you to send them traffic and THEN they suspend your account for it for breaking their TOS rules? This is tantamount to a blatant refusal to pay anyone worded a little cleverly.
  • Here is another ‘HOOT-NANNY’ for you (I don’t really speak like that lol):- YourSalary says :- DO NOT USE A SMARTPHONE TO CLICK ON ADS! It will lead to your account being suspended! What da….LOL! You can use it on their site in other areas of their site. Pure nonsense. Remember, their TOS is long and these statements are ‘laced’ throughout.
  • Should you possess a WIX SITE, and put your referral links there, your account gets suspended. These guys are just weirdos as this stage!
  • Did you know that YourSalary Reserves the ‘Right’ to request, from their members, to promote via their affiliate links those promotions YourSalary deems ‘SUSPICIOUS’ – or – where the quality of the traffic being directed can not be verified as quality traffic? Confusing, No? You can go to their site. Click on their TOS. GO TO REFERRALS SECTION, and they admit they are a scam site, within 3.9 stipulation. GOT’ÉM COLD AS DAY!!
  • I love this one = = = = Should lose a ton of money by using YourSalary then they ain’t responsible! Should you experience “damages” using their site = they are not responsible
  • Lastly, and apparently, they “are not an investment program“. Yet! You must invest time, and if you want to earn more money, you have to invest money for adpacks! SUCH OBVIOUS LIES!
  • Any URL that ends in ‘.biz’ is a sign of a scam site as well!


Are you still signing up to YourSalary? Of course, you can try them out if you like to know even more. I DO NOT currently know how the scam ends but usually, such sites, will just ask you to do something to release your funds and then charge you for it, whereupon, you are locked out of your account for good. PLEASE SHARE TO HELP VULNERABLE PEOPLE FROM BEING SCAMMED ONLINE – THANK YOU 🙂 .



Conclusion to my Review on YourSalary.biz








HOORAY! This is where I shut up and you pipe up! You are now invited to leave a comment below regarding your experiences with the site I just annihilated for good reasons. Did you sign up and what happened in your case? Such comments will help other people come to their own conclusions as well. Legitimate ways on How To Make Money Online do exist and I am happy to answer any questions you may have on Wealthy Affiliate. I have satiated my justified thirst for blood with these guys and hope I have completely answered for you What Is YourSalary. biz to alert everyone. I am looking forward to all of your comments, even if it is just to say ‘hi’, and I will always respond back. Thank you for reading my article and you can always sign up to my newsletter to keep a few steps ahead of online scams. All the best for now.

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