What Is YgMoney Win? Is YgMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 23, 2018

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Review of What Is YgMoney Win


Reporting on What Is YgMoney Win – Suspicious Site Alert!

Everyone harassing Google to find out What Is YgMoney Win have found your answer! Perhaps, also, you are asking is YgMoneyWin a cheating sham? Is Yg Money Win a mandated and permissible way to make thousands of dollars every month? Well people, YgMoneyWin are run by crookedeyed, hustle addicted, morally reprehensible individuals who love to run deceitful PTC fraud sites! Yes, they are – nothing – but a SCAM! We do not recommend you waste your valuable time on a site that is using you and others for only self gain.

Quick answer, however, there will be full details as to why YgMoney is no good. For now, before we begin, perhaps you would like to know a way that can show you how to earn online? If so, do take a look at our review into Wealthy Affiliate >HERE<. Comprehensive details to show how to make an online business with a $0 Start Up. Comes with Paid Options down the road. Sign up >HERE< to Get Started – no CC for this option.




Unraveling What Is YgMoney Win, Who Controls it and Work Particulars.

Shall we find out who the operator is before we divulge further what is ygmoney win? WHOIS is a great site for finding such info. Here we see that the owners name is absent, no email and address belongs in Panama. Bad signs as no honest business hides these important at registration and on their website. A quick IP look up shows up an address in San Francisco, California.

Registrydb.com is a great place to find out all about IP Look Ups and associated domains.

What we do know about the owners is they possess 1000s of identical sites, just like YgMoney. The wording, pay out figures, job minutiae, 1 year expiration date, site faults and often Google snippet of their sites. THESE SITES come in German, Russian and now English. There are about 1000, or over, of these Russian originated sites negatively impacting the net in the niche of how to make money online, they are devastating peoples hopes, and causing great distrust to legit opportunities online.

There is no doubt, these people do make our lives harder. As for their members, well, the disappointment in the comment box at times is one of confusion and dismay 🙁 .


‘Work’ Particulars.

Free to register your account with a MADE UP EMAIL! Of course, you can use your own, but they won’t even check it is legitimacy. They will not even ask for verification! Once signed up, you can get busy viewing off site ads (third party ads) where ten cents is attached to your account. Of course, the third party advertisers do pay YgMoney Owners some commission, but it is very small. These small commission’s are not shared to members.

‘Yg’ Referral Program is another way to earn good money. Those who click on your referral link, do some work and earn money, well then you get 50% of their profits in commission’s. Not even High Ticket Affiliate Programs offer that!!!

The very least they will pay out is $150 before you can cash it out. Some of their sites will have this minimum payout at $300. The best way to earn big money is by sharing your affiliate link across the net. Such places are advised are social media, blogs, texts, PM’s and anywhere you can get away with this. THIS IS SPAMMING! Here is an article on the CAN-SPAM ACT: A Compliance Guide for Business from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission – USA). I am certain, anyone that reads that, will never spam again lol 🙂 .

However, should you have a legit product/service you would like 100s of thousands of people to know about, why not learn to Make A Business Online? Nothing like Free Traffic to sell your business to 🙂 .

Here are a few of their new versions of the same racket released, most February, to kick start fresh traffic for the year ahead for themselves:-

Those are linked to their respective reviews with many more to come!


The Sting Begins!

Problems become more than apparent when you have applied for your earnings at the $150/$300 mark. First you may be told it takes 2 to 3 months before you receive your cash. Their Express Option is available and you are more than hinted at to click it. Once done, you will/may be told to gather up 40 new members for their online mafia enterprise. Once you do this manually, YOU ARE LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT! Or, your are just ignored.

Perhaps they pretend to save you time by offering to SELL those referrals for anywhere from $5 to $20. Figure I researched was $14! Another pretense is to get you to do a survey or complete some potentially shady offer. Now, you must PAY for this to unleash your own money!! BLOOD BOILING AT THIS POINT I HAVE NO DOUBT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS!!




There is more to worry about than you think!

Sites like YgMoney are known for downloading unwanted malware to search for your personal data!

They have not JUST wasted your time or JUST taken a few quid from you. No, they may also be in possession of much of your personal online ID. This disastrous scenario needs to be rectified. Here are a few tips and articles to help you secure your online safety and, most importantly, your financial details:-

  • Alter all passwords to all accounts – Including Google+!
  • Make sure your browser is a current one.
  • Activate a state of the art Anti Virus.
  • All saved passwords in your browser must be deleted now.
  • DON’T keep a digital password notepad – use real world pads.
  • Set up Two Step Verification (via phone and email) with Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, YouTube, Google+ etc. Should someone access these places, Google will Alert You! Here you will be given a choice to accept a TEXT MESSAGE CODE to verify it is ‘you’ – thus – locking out the other guys!


Here are my recommended articles to help secure your bank details online from hackers and protecting your PayPal. Also, what to do if you have been hacked.


  1. 12 Signs You’ve Been Hacked and How to Fight Back from csoononline.com.
  2. 7 Ways To Keep Your Financial Information Secure Online by Forbes.com.
  3. How To Spot a Phishing Email by CNET.com.
  4. Using PayPal? PayPal Safety Tips by creditcards.com.


It is more than likely are going to be experiencing a flood of emails from unknown fools. They may look like stuff from your bank, your local pizza parlor or even 2 for 1 cinema tickets! Don’t click on any of them! This is phishing. That last article is going to explain to you, in exquisite detail, how to spot a phishing scam.


So, it is a scam alright! They are just a data harvesting nightmare that tries to take a few quid from their members who are just passing through. At the point where they say get 40 new people, that is just to keep and bolster memberships before they get rid of you.

While advertisers will pay ‘Yg’ very little commission watched by each member, do appreciate, ‘Yg’ owners have 1000’s of sites online running this kind of operation. Times those thousands of sites by countless thousands of members, then we can see, those tiny commissions’ ad up to a handsome sum for these people.

All they want is Free Traffic. This is garnered by convincing members the pay is real and legit. The easy work makes it possible that ANYONE can do it without training. This ‘easy work’ ‘big money’ situation now attracts any age group wanting to earn big and quickly! Well, I had to learn the hard way as well.


Making money online does require sacrifice of your time, work ethic and real passionate determination to succeed. For those interested in such a way then why not ask me in the comment box below 🙂 .



DISCLAIMER:- ALL articles at Scam Witness are based on my own opinion. My opinion of course is backed with research online and collated here. However, one’s opinion may not always be correct, and so you are welcome to continue to research on your own. Thank you for your time.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! There is no doubt ‘Yg’ is a total and obvious scam. I mean, they don’t pay out contradicting their payment promises. Founder has VAMOSHED as he/she/they can not be found anywhere online. Many YouTube videos will promote many of their fake sites as legit. Beware of false comments praising ‘Yg’ as ‘amazing’ or ‘paying out’ – NONE OF THEIR SITES PAY OUT NOR HAVE THEY EVER PAID ANYONE ONLINE – EVER!!





Shout out to all members:- This forum was made for you to ask questions and lay your experiences of ‘Yg’ below. Those seeking to join, well, I hope you don’t after reading this. All comments are very welcome, even if you want to say = ‘Hi 🙂 ‘. Needless to say no one gets paid, but if someone wants to insist they have been, then you are welcome to state so below. Anyone who has concerns and questions regarding another opportunity can ask me directly below. I will definitely investigate for you and let you. So now we must conclude What Is YgMoney Win as I am dying for a fresh cup of tea 🙂 he he. I really enjoyed writing this and very much looking forward to all of your opinions/stories below. Don’t forget, my #1 Proven Way below is available for those sick of scams…why not give it a go? Its Free to join 🙂 .



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2 thoughts on “What Is YgMoney Win? Is YgMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

  1. Trader Joe

    I agree. After reaching 200$ and trying to withdraw, I got another rule imposed now:
    “For withdraw money you must attract 40 referrals to our website*.”
    Surely, if/after I’ll do this, it will be another one, and so on. After all, who the hell has the money to pay 200$/day just to look at ads?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hey Joe,

      EXACTLY!! HAHA, you nailed the entire point of this article in a few lines. That is all that actually need to be said on YgMoney Win – the pay out for watching ads is ASTRONOMICAL!!

      If only people would put as much energy into building their own online biz then they wouldn’t be losing money, they’d be making it!

      Thanks Joe, your comment is very much appreciated and made me laugh as well. I wrote all that in the post – and you say it better in a few lines – sheesssshhhh. hehe 🙂 🙂 .

      Thanks again, always here if you would like some info in getting started for real online yourself.




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