What Is OnMoney.ICU -Is OnMoney.ICU Scam or Legit PTC Website?

By | March 20, 2018

Unbiased Review Asking What Is OnMoney. ICU and is it Genuine?

Nice work on finding this article to know What Is OnMoney. ICU. This article will answer is OnMoney ICU a fraud, fake, crooked, dishonest or legal and actually paying out nearly $5000 a month for easy work? Or is On Money ICU good, safe, real, genuine, good, honest and paying out

They are a Russian Scam Network in the guise of an Advertisement Platform. They have 100’s and more than likely 1000’s of other websites that are identical to each other – except for website names of course. The owners are prolific scammers and are making a killing scamming other people online. We will answer what happens when you try to cash out and try to find out more on the owners.

SO! I saved you some time by telling you they are a scam site so early on, as I don’t like to waste anyone’s time, however if you want to know why then keep on reading. For those that are struggling to find a real online job then why not read our number 1 recommendation. They are Wealthy Affiliate and our review of them is >HERE<. Everyone can sign up >HERE< for free to learn how to make money from home online.


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What Is OnMoney. ICU And How Their Scam Works.

Lets have a very good look to know fully What Is OnMoney. ICU. This post has been updated from XY Money Site.

It is always wise to try to find out who owns such sites before answering what is OnMoney. WHOIS is where I always go and can see they have no owner name, zero email for their members to contact them with and the address is from PANAMA. It seems that address is a popular choice for online scammers to use and I doubt it is real. This info here is important as why would any founder not want his name and face attached to their website? Suspicious.


OnMoney.ICU Website



OnMoney promotes themselves as a Paid Advertisement Site that pays out 10 cents on every single ad you view. You monies is updated in real time within your account, but of course, no one ever see’s those profits. 1 TO ABOUT 3 CENTS is all any website can afford to pay their members and anything high is a lie. I can never promote any PTC sites due to the poor pay and the time including effort it takes to make any money. Such online jobs are worthless opportunities and is not beneficial to anyone’s time.


Have they got a referral program?

Their referral program is promoted and they offer a 50% commission on all your referrals job earnings. For an average of 3 to 5 hours a day you can net somewhere between $50 to three hundred dollars. $5000 a month is not uncommon for some members. This is of course another lie.

Minimum withdrawal is $300 and is $200 over what it should be. Anything over $100 is usually a total scam and the reason they set it so high is to give you plenty of time to make a ton of referrals. Not to mention all the ads you will view, for the website does get some tiny commission for, but this is never shared with their members.

Upon cash out, many will get a shock. Nowhere on their site does it say you must make 40 referrals to them first before getting paid. Unfortunately, they will insist on this and will try to sell you those 40 for $14. DON’T PAY IT! It is just another way to squeeze money out of you before they boot you from their program. Other options they may present to you, before you can get your cash, is perhaps a survey, an offer or upgrade. YOU should never pay anyone money to release your earnings and is a classic sign of something illegal.

A quick trip to YouTube reveals a few videos. Top one certainly reveals peoples astonishment when they are told they are dealing with a non-paying website. Hard not to feel sorry for them 🙁 . Twitter reveals they have no account there, unusual for sure, as legit online money making endeavors normally have such an account. I found no sign of them on Facebook either. Just today, during research, was able to uncover 16 new websites from these prolific scammers.

Their websites will typically stick around for only one year. They are then shut down once the online reputation gets bad, or they will redirect sites to newer versions, thus perpetuating themselves an income. They are a Russian Scam Network and scamwitness.com has uncovered 1667 of them to date. So, we see they are meant to be paying you to watch ads and making referrals.


What is the real purpose of them?

With high and unreal payment enticements, they are very successful in convincing a great number of people to make referrals to their websites. When your family and friends sign up then now they are at risk of the following things.

  • Having their online ID stolen because these sites download malware to your devices. This leaves your passwords, especially bank details, open to be stolen. After they got this information they are then able to sell them onto online scammers.
  • Be convinced to pay $14 to buy fake referrals.
  • Be told, upon cash out, they have to wait 3 months to get their cash. That money never arrives to them anyways.
  • Have time and effort wasted.


Ultimately, they just want you to watch a ton of ads for no pay. Every ad you watch they earn some commission that is not shared to members. They want its members to supply them with Free Traffic so they can then harvest personal details and defraud them all. Your account can never be deleted and only is so when the site shuts down.

Here is a link of one of their websites that I reviewed. Scroll down and you will see a list of some of their sites. They are e linked to their own reviews so you can see how identical the scam being run is. They are so identical they just copy and paste but only change the website name. The wording, errors on site, the payout promises and payments paid today to their members. Again, be assured, those are fake figures and no one has ever been paid a single penny.

What is YrMoney.Win?







Final Thoughts.

That wraps it up almost! The purpose of this article, as well, is to create a real forum for members and for people looking into the site just exposed. Should you have encountered any problems then why not and go ahead and let everyone know? You may do so in the comment box below and I always get back to every comment. Have you stumbled across another online opportunity that you are not to sure on? We do research requests and even write about them should those sites be illegal. Take care for now and be sure to check out your own free training below.




Stop Wasting Your Time With Scam Sites!

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