What Is www.Affilorama.com? Is www.Affilorama.com Scam or Legit?!

By | June 14, 2018

Find Out What Is www.Affilorama.com



The Final Answer on What Is www.Affilorama.com.

Those looking into Affilorama reviews, and want to know What Is www.Affilorama.com, are in the right place. We will also ask and answer is www Affilorama com worth the money? Is Affilorama a fraud? Is Affilorama a great way to earn good money online? We shall further cover if Mark Ling’s Affilorama is the best Affiliate Marketing Training Platform out there. I am a basic(free) member of them, and so shall speak from this point of view. However, we will collate carefully compiled data on all their features and than find out if they are the best – Or Not! To answer this, we shall be comparing them to Wealthy Affiliate as they are Our #1 Recommendation, and see if they remain so after this member review of Affilorama. Both companies were created in 2005 and so it is a fair comparison all the way. Let us find out more.

Mark Ling of Affilorama

Founder of www.Affilorama.com, Mark Ling.

Company:- https://www.affilorama.com.

Owner:- Mark Ling.

Date Created:- 15-08-2005.

Product:- Affiliate Marketing Training and Affiliate Referral Program.

Account Type:- Comes with a Free Account and Paid Account. Several Up-Sales on Offer.

Affiliate Program:- Free Join and Earn Commissions 🙂 .

Product Prices:- Path Way to Success $37 (Special offer of $19). AfiloBluePrint System $197 ($67 Monthly Premium Fee). AfiloJetPack $997.

Total Upgrade Cost in One Go:- $1280 – not including the recurring $67 monthly fee’s.

Membership Numbers:- 642, 159!




What Is www.Affilorama.com, Owner Details and is it a Money Con.

Affilorama Review from Member

Affilorama is a Training Platform that trains people up in Affiliate Marketing. They can show you how to build a website that is very specific in interest for a specific audience i.e. ‘niche’. Here you will learn, without prior experience, what you need to get rankings, traffic and how to make that generate you an income online. And that there is the answer to What Is www.Affilorama.com – an honest Affiliate Marketing Program.

They provide plenty of Free Training Videos and notes that you can download as well. The precise details have been covered extensively online so we won’t cover all that again. Just know, it is a very good starting point for beginners, but I am still wondering, is it the best in it’sfield?

As said, the owner is Mark Ling. Mr Ling set up his Affiliate Marketing Platform on the 15-08-2005 after several years of trying to succeed online. He persevered and he deserves all the admiration in the world for that. His ID online is transparent with no attempt to hid who he is. This is the first thing we look for and it is a good start!!


What is Affiliate Marketing?

The idea behind Affiliate Marketing has been in use since the Roman Days. Simply, by referring people online to other peoples products, and should those people buy your recommendations, than you earn commissions. Do this successfully over and over etc and than you are earning a full time income online – and than some! Pure Wealth Creation and all without having to make your own product. Does not get any simpler than that and is one of the reasons I am passionate about Affiliate Marketing.

So, there are no concerns that Affilorama is a scam – but – is it worth the cash?. Before we continue, I wish once more to reiterate, I am not a paid member of this program and I am currently a free member. After many questions from my readers to help find them good ways to earn online, I have decided to research Affilorama, as a possible alternative to some suggestions out there. If you wish to read a paid members review of Affilorama than you will find plenty on Google Lets continue.



  • Free Join sign up.
  • It is an honest platform and not a scam.
  • ID is clear transparent.
  • They sell Affiliate Marketing Training.
  • Comes with a few up sales and a recurring monthly fee, it seems.
  • Affiliate Marketing can be very profitable. You must do all the hard work but than you get to keep all the profits.


*NOTE:- This post contains my affiliate links to Affilorama. Should you click on them and purchase something than this website will earn commissions.



First Impressions of Affilorama.

I was Keen and Lost – but I Still Would Recommend Affilorama.


After I first signed up to Affilorama I looked to see about their Affiliate Program. Is it Free? Is there an Affilorama Premium Rate? 25 Minutes Later I found it on the very bottom of their website. I contacted support to find it sooner but they were not online. I clicked around and seemed I was landing on too many sales pages. Frustrated slightly, I clicked on the Affiliate section below all their content, and soon realized, I had to create another account for this program. Oh Dear. OK, so I did.

A very big plus is that you don’t have to be a paid member to earn commissions on their referral program. Many platforms like this usually make that an up sale and THAT is one thing that would just make me leave. Not so with Affilorama 🙂 . I just wish it was easier to find that part is all.



  • Support not present. Participants deserve 24/7 Support and Help – Time is Precious.
  • Hard to navigate to find what you are looking for.
  • Too many sales pages.
  • Disorientated after sign up with inadequate direction as to your next steps.
  • Could not locate a forum to ask for help – too many choices – ended up being lost.

Clearly, from my first impressions, they could definitely do with having some kind of auto-directional information that is actually useful and does not lose people who get frustrated easily and leave. Only my opinion. There is NO ONE on hand to direct and you are left a little lost and not knowing what to do. Should they correct his unfortunate aspect than I think their platform would rocket even more than what it does right now 🙂 .



Free Affilorama Account Vs. Paid Packages.

Happily, and what I love to see, is Platforms like Affilorama give away a good few training resources. This orientates and educates new people into Affiliate Marketing. Albeit, there are so many offers to upgrade, at least they are generous to help people get started and give excellent overviews on how to do a number of things. For e.g.:-


  1. Lessons.

These are short articles and they precisely tell you, in easy to understand language, what that particular idea means. They have 7 Ideas to explain plus Introduction. All very good and happy to see it laid out. They are:-


  • Market Research.
  • Content Creation.
  • Site Building.
  • Marketing Ideas.
  • SEO.
  • PPC.
  • Affiliate Outsourcing.


2. Training Videos.

The following Training Videos offer Invaluable Advice for all beginners in Affiliate Marketing. I do NOT believe anyone is wasting their time in learning the basics that could end up earning that 10K+ A MONTH! I was very happy and impressed to find this free resource where you don’t even need to hand over your credit card details. Wasn’t long ago people would be charging many dollars just to deliver this kind of training. The following Free Training is on offer with Affilorama:-



Free Training Resources to New Members.



Those lessons are between five to 20 minutes long and each contain up to 7 Key Components delivered in an easy to understand, and also, to apply manner. Very newbie friendly and I am happy with it is quality as well.


3. Forum.

Scam Sites will never have a forum. Briefly, a forum is just a place online people leave comments and discuss things. So when I saw Affilorama’s Forum I was further happy and felt safe that they are trustworthy. Their forum seems to be comprised of a commenting thread under peoples blogs.

Unfortunately, I was looking for more. I was looking for immediate Help and Support should I have any navigational questions etc. Responses can be slow and that simply is something that should be improved! Content Creators (website owners) need 24/7 on hand help and advice as we do encounter real time problems and need real time solutions. Affilorama’s Forum is not real time enough for me. That is a BIG CON FOR ME! It does annoy me to see such a good platform let something like this slip so unnecessarily – Shame…but not the end of the world 🙂 .


That pretty much finishes up the Free Account with Affilorama side of things. Please do let me know if I missed something, I will go to my account, locate other free resources (if more) and be happy to include them in this article.



Affilorama Paid Packages – Up-Sells!

The Free Account is great and it is a great start for any new online entrepreneur that wants to give Affiliate Marketing a go. It really is a very profitable way to earn money online. Those wondering “is it hard work” than the answer is yes. But, the financial returns can be very jaw dropping as well. Affilorama is giving all newbies a good few lessons in achieving this goal.

One of the off-putting aspect to this program is they do A LOT of AGGRESSIVE SELLING! Not OK. That can be just plain rude. If someone hasn’t signed up after a decent amount of time then you are being too much in my face and actually it annoys me. This, for me, was very off-putting.



Also remember, paid packages DO NOT include your monthly fee of $67 – this kind of training can be and DOES be delivered for pennies a day – more on that later.


However, let us have a quick look at what they offer as their Paid Packages:-






Pathway to Passive Package.

Should you consider buying the Pathway to Passive Package you will first have to endure a lengthy sales page. This is Mark Ling telling us how he made it and how you can to. Fair enough. Unfortunately, he uses terms like ‘Passive Profit’, ‘Secret’, ‘Tricks’, ‘Barely Lift a Finger and the like. This is the language of scammers!! I KNOW because I have exposed many sites that use this kind of language. Why a man who clearly is NOT a scammer speaks like this is beyond me!!



Affilorama's Path to Passive Package

Is it me, or is that a weird introduction into Affiliate Marketing?



Additionally, in my experience and knowledge, it is misleading to put it nicely. Solution:- Re-Write that sales pitch because Affilorama is Legit and Honest and, maybe it is because I have exposed TOO MANY ONLINE SCAMS, that this why it puts me offer. However, there are many members that are happy and earning and is one of the reasons why we are still confident in this platform.

ALSO,! “HOW NOT TO MESS UP IN AFFILIATE MARKETING” is not exactly the MOST INSPIRING way to get people to believe in themselves. I found the sales pitch conjured fear and worry and a huge sense of inadequacy from a newbie point of view. The selling tactic seems to scare the crap out of you than you buy!

Personally, I have never bought ANYTHING ONLINE that has language like this. However, and once again, these guys do have a very good online reputation.


Price:- $37. Click to Buy Your Pathway to Passive Package Here! -> opens in a new tab.



AffiloTools Package.

This is Free Join Start! You are allowed to use it with a website (x1) and they will let you do research on Ten Keywords – to get you started. Below is the full listing of their prices for the AffiloTools.


AffiloTools from Affilorama

Example of the Up-Sales on Offer.


What worries me a little, given there is no “UPGRADE” option shown in the Silver and Gold plans, that I ma under the impression I must upgrade in order! This just adds now to the overall cost. As a Free Member, what else am I to assume?

So we see Ten Keywords will net you Ten Posts. We see that they only allow ’10’ for 1 Month. I do know a free resource that gives you the use of a Keyword Tool for as many keyword searches as you like. More on that later.


Price:- Free up to $97. Click to Buy Your AffiloTools Here – Free Join Start! -> will open in a new tab.



AffiloBlue Print Package.

This Package is all about Affiliate Marketing. Here we see a sales pitch of why people fail. Again with the fear of failure – it is just the wrong set for success! Anyways, they are providing a ‘Proven System that Works’! Honestly, I have no doubt that it does work. Affilorama is one of the good and trusted online companies and does offer honest and legit training.


AffiloBluePrint Package



Unfortunately, and yet again, Mr Ling is calling it a “Fool Proof System“. Anyone that knows about Affiliate Marketing, about Adding Content to your own website, about building up Social Media Presence, getting comments, shares etc – KNOWWWSSSSSS!!! – this is NOT ‘Failure Proof’. Many do fail at affiliate marketing and there are many reasons for it as well. Primarily, most just quit! Not willing to go the whole way.

Mr Mar Ling is making it sound too much like if you buy these packages than you have it made. Anyways, it is working for many members and so perhaps it is. Then someway down on their AffiloTools sales page Mr Ling warns people that this does take time.

So, this annoys me. Which is it – “it is done for you”, “barely lift a finger”, “foolproof” or You have to work at it? I am getting mixed messages but I think that is simply down the STYLE of advertising going on here.

I don’t believe there is malicious intent to deceive.


Price:- $197 – Click to Buy Your AffiloBlue Print Here! -> open in a new tab.



AffiloJetPack Package.


AffiloJetPack Package

Most Expensive 1 Time Payment Package.


AffiloJetPack is promoted as “the complete money-making system for 5 websites”. They also say:- “This system makes it pretty much impossible to fail”. Bold statements!


This package has All You Need to Make Money Online in Affiliate Marketing – Per their claims. See below for all this package offers:-


AffiloJetPack Package



Affilorama Offers a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! Also, if you are Not Satisfied and want a Refund, than Mr Mark Ling will also Give You $100!! That is pretty neat and a good guarantee you are working with legit and honest people. I may not agree with everything on this platform but I am very happy with my free account for now.

There is one thing that is bugging me though:- Does not seem you are given any Free Websites? Look like you have to Up Grade to have your own website and so the training is great, but, your kinda left in limbo without a website...more on this later.


Price:- $997! Click Here to Buy Your AffiloJetPack Package Here!



That is the ‘skinny’ on www.Affilorama.com. However, are they the best online in what they do?


Let us see if Affilorama is better value than our #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.



What About Affilorama Vs Wealthy Affiliate?

Here we have Two Titans of Industry, who started same year online, and Promote (very successfully) their respective training. Below you will see what is on with Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate for the Free Accounts and the Premium Accounts.

We have already given Identity, Site Creation date and Prices of Affilorama.



Now it is time we compare them and see if Our #1 Choice is still valid!




Kyle and Carson. Owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

Founders of Wealthy Affiliate – Kyle and Carson.

Company:- mywealthyaffiliate.com.

Owners:- Kyle and Carson.

Created:- 31-08-2005.

Free Acc:- Yes – Lifetime Free Account and Comes with Two Free Websites, Beginner Training and 7 Day Premium Trial.

Free Affiliate Program:- Yes! Free Join all Members to Earn Commissions. Commissions are Generously Doubled when Premium!!

Premium Price:- $19 1st Month/$49 Monthly Thereafter. $588 Yearly – $359 Yearly Discount!

Membership Numbers:- Over 1.4 Million Members!




Here is Our Specially Made Comparison Table:-




While we have only given Affilorama 5/10 – we still feel very strongly they are good for those that are new and what to learn more. However, from being a Wealthy Affiliate Member, I tend to look for a lot, lot, lot more from Good and Trusted Companies.


OK, so we see them side by side and we see that Wealthy Affiliate does offer more.

HOWEVER,! Affilorama does allow for One Time Payment for all of their stuff!!

Yet! Wealthy Affiliate is always adding New Training, and:-


    • Live Chat Operating 24/7, Day, Night, Weekends, Banks Holidays and Yes EVEN CHRISTMAS DAY FOR SWIFT HELP!
    • Class Rooms for Additional Training – always being added to.
    • Beginner and Advanced Training in all Aspects of Affiliate Marketing – always being added to.
    • Swift Help from the Founders of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson.
    • Private Messaging between all Members and also to the Founders. Not sure about Affilorama in this respect.
    • Two Free Websites. If you are not Premium you still get to keep your sites to work on.
    • Live Video Training Events Weekly!
    • Ask and get Feedback on yours for improvement


There are many upsides to our Number 1. Given the time spent looking at Affilorama, and all they are offering, Our #1 Has Come Out On Top!

The Training and Resources far out weight what is on offer anywhere online. The Price of admission is cheap for never ending training, help/support etc.


Affilorama Pro’s:-

  • Honest and Legit Site with Good Training.
  • Free Members Account.
  • No Fee to Earn Commissions on their Affiliate Program.
  • Forum.



  • Found it difficult to get any help.
  • No Live Chat Support. The Live Chat Support they had been not online every time I used it even though it was within their working hours. Not impressed on that point.
  • Forums is not quick enough response time to be of use in a real situation to solve a problem and thus save you time.
  • Did not know where anything was and had to waste time routing around to orientate myself.
  • NO welcome messages to guide me either.
  • Too many up-sales with highly excitable sales pages verging on misleading statements.
  • Can’t contact Founder for help.


Is It Worth The Money?

There are very expensive programs online that would be un-affordable to most. However, for me, if I had of found them before our #1 Choice, I know I could not have gambled up to $997 and higher! So, I think for a lot of people like myself at the time, this may be a tad bit pricey. I get all my Training at a much lower price and get nothing but Free Traffic to this website 24/7! 




Due to the Superior Training and Resources at Wealthy Affiliate –

Here are my site stats for 1 Month!




You may check the age of this dot com at WHOIS.COM. There you will see it was made on the 29-01-2018! Not bad for less than Six Months Online!


Now I hope you see why that our #1 Choice Wealthy Affiliate is a Tough Nut to Beat!!



Here is Our List of Internet Scammers Scam Sites.

The Online Worlds Greatest Affiliate Marketing Training Program! – Click to Read Our #1 Program Review.





Final Thoughts.

Affilorama is Legit, Safe, Honest and a Good and Trusted Online Company! It is more than possible to earn a full time income with them but I fear it is limited in what they could be offering. Should you still want to give them a try than you can see the link below to do so. Thank you for reading all about What Is www.Affilorama.com and I hope it has adequately informed to make up your own mind.

Click Here to Join Affilorama’s Free Account! – opens in a new window.

Wealthy Affiliate Review!


73 thoughts on “What Is www.Affilorama.com? Is www.Affilorama.com Scam or Legit?!

  1. Faith T

    Great post, I’ve tried affilorama in the past. It’s decent but ridiculously expensive like you mentioned. There are a lot better (and cheaper) programs out there if you know where to look.

  2. Dany

    Thank you for this complete review. I was not sure if it was a scam or not, but your review clarify it.
    I also like the comparison between Affilorama and WA and definitely I will go for WA.
    Waiting for more informative articles.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dany,

      Thank you very much for your comment here today – your time is very much appreciated 🙂 .

      It can be hard no doubt to find out the rep of an online biz at times, but rest assured, our research is solid concerning Affilorama!

      Thanks again Dany and best of luck!

      – Philip.

  3. Oscar

    Hi Philip,
    what a complete guide to Affilorama. I can definitely see why I would want to sign up for their program if I wouldn’t have found Wealthy Affiliate.

    As you say, customer service or 24/7 support is a must for online entrepreneurs. I could not have made it so far in WA without the platform where you get all-year round help, support, material, lessons, training, etc.

    Although Affilorama is legit and I believe in the successfulness of its maker, I think the cost is way too high for the service they provide.

    I’d rather pay $49 Dollars a Month ($19 1st Month) for having everything available instead of paying a fortune for something else.

    Thanks for sharing a great product review,


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Oscar,

      Thank you very much for your comment here today, really do appreciate your time.

      I hear what you are saying about Affilorama but we must not forget they offer 1 time payment for all their resources.

      However, are those resources being up dated? There have been some reports that there are or use to be out of date resources.

      Having said that I have confidence in their platform and are very happy to be a member of theirs as we as of Wealthy Affiliate.

      We will put forward more in time for those seeking other online ways to earn.

      Thanks again Oscar and hope to see you around inside Wealthy Affiliate.

      – Philip.

  4. Deanna Martin

    Very interesting post about Affilorama by Mark Ling. I also looked into his program, but I found it a little confusing and difficult to follow. I didn’t realize how expensive it is to get started now. Very well written post covering all the important points. Very interesting. Are you a paid member of Affilorama?Thanks, Deanna

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Deanna,

      Not a paid member as Wealthy Affiliate has me covered for my training so no need. However, I ventured to see if they had something more on offer and I did not find it. Its always a little disorientating starting something new on a new platform but they had no directions and that is a problem. Many will just leave.

      They really should just fix that!

      Thanks for your comment Deanna, really appreciate your comment.

      – Philip.

  5. Paul

    Thank you for the comparison. I like the point you made about having a support team and people who will help you through the process. It is important to have people to go to and ask questions!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for very much for your comment here today Paul, much appreciated.

      You are very welcome for the comparisons and I thought it would help to have a point of reference for perspective per what is on offer.

      Support is Paramount! Without it, many beginners may become confused and just leave – that is too much money being lost potentially.

      Thanks again Paul and hope to hear from you again some time.

      – Philip

  6. Emonne

    Wow, Great Post! I wasn’t that familiar with Affilorama prior to reading this review, however, I did recognize the name. After reading your review, I feel as though I don’t even need to visit their site because you have laid it all out here. I also appreciate the comparison between both Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama. Even though both companies were created back in 2005, there is a huge difference in price and value!

    Being a current member of Wealthy Affiliate, I am glad that I was able to find an affordable program when I did. Because if I were a member of Affilorama, I would probably be out of money by now.

    Thanks for sharing this, it was very insightful.

    – Emonne

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Emonne,

      I was not that familiar myself with Affilorama until I signed up and experienced first hand myself. The up-sells are not the worst I have seen but its the recurring monthly fee as well that people will have to contend with. Yes, they both started same year but it seems our #1 Choice decided to give more for less, which is just great for their members.

      Thank you very much Emonne for your comment on this article here today – much appreciated!

      – Philip.

  7. Ahmad Ballard

    Hello once again Phil, great review on the Affilorama system. I like how you have gave a great rundown on the system. I have heard of Affilorama before in the past, and I highly disapprove of the lack of support that they provide. Wealthy Affiliate is the number 1 affiliate program in my book, and I will take WA over Affilorama any day. Thanks again, and continue the work hard!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Welcome back Ahmad!

      The lack of support is just something I can’t tolerate! I see such lack of support on so many platforms and really I just can’t be bothered with them, for the simple reason, that I have not time to spend waiting on answers.

      Thank you very much for your comment here today Ahmad, feel free to come back anytime.

      – Philip.

  8. Dwyan Anthony Alford

    A great lay down of affilorama indeed! I hear you on some of the bold statements and language used that come off as scams. Since it appears the site is legit then maybe these are really true statements! LOL. But I agree with you that some of the language used is uninspiring and probably unnecessary as well. I was also thinking as I read this that maybe once you upgrade to a paid service the customer support might be better. Usually this is a feature used to draw people to the paid service. I was wondering how it compared to Wealthy Affiliates and I’m glad you made the comparison using that really useful comparison chart. That was good and its way easy to see the benefits of Wealthy Affiliates. (I am a firm believer in WA) and I encourage your readers to fully take advantage of it. Once again, thanks for doing what you do — this is a great service for us consumers!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dwyan,

      Thank you very much for your comment Dwyan, really appreciate your time here today.

      You know, I swear, I never thought that they were, or maybe, holding back quick support until you go Premium. I saw no where on the site, and sure I could be a bit blind on this point, where they say you will get better support once you go Premium. That kind of seems like a very important thing to alert new people to.

      Anyways, the language is pure old school! That was the kinda thing I would see online way back in the 90’s and so I a bit surprised they have not updated their sales pitch yet. But look, its obviously still working for Mr Ling’s Platform, so if it ain’t broke then why fix it – I guess.

      Thanks again Dwyan and of course you are most welcome as well.

      – Philip.

  9. catherine

    Thanks for this good review about Affilorama. I’ve personally looked into this program but when I put my search more further I finally stop my choice on wealthy affiliate which I dont regret.

    When I look up your stats of your website for 1 Month! I though WOW I made the right choice. Thanks for that.
    keep up your nice work

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Catherine,

      Thank you very much for your comment here today on this comparison article of Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate. I am happy you see the value in showing this website stats, for the point of it as I know you understand, is to show others how quickly anyone can do this.

      I am glad that this article served as a means to vindicate your trust in our #1 Choice and I personally know many WA members reaching traffic numbers not really seen anywhere else online, as a blogger.

      Thanks again for your comment.

      – Philip.

  10. Dan

    I found your review about Wealthy Affiliate and became a member few months ago. It was interesting to read your in-depth review about affilorama. It sure do have a lot of pros but Wealthy Affiliate is way better in my opinion and the price is lower. I’m glad beeing a part of WA community and would suggest anyone who is interested in affiliate marketing to start there. From being a total newbie, now I have my own website up and running and never felt more self-confident! As always thank you for informative review Philip. Will be waiting for more post!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dan,

      Affilorama Platform has many pro’s and they even allow to earn as a free member from their referral program. This is always an excellent sign of a good way to make some free cash online – if you can reach enough people. I am delighted you found the WA review that helped you decide on joining up. So many scams online and so it is harder for people to trust anymore. This makes our jobs, as bloggers, even harder to succeed as well. Not good.

      Thanks again Dan for your comment.

      – Philip.

  11. Will

    Incredibly in-depth review, thank you so much for sharing. While I’m glad I know that it’s not a scam, based on this review I’m happy that I decided to go with Wealthy affiliate, just seems like you get more bang for your buck. I also hate upsells, they really turn me off even if it’s for a quality product.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Will,

      Thank you very much for your comment Will, I really do appreciate your time on this article. Yes, Mark Lings Platform is solid and legit – just a shame, they have to hit the hard sell button too much! Bit more soft selling may go a long ways after their platform proves their worth with a free premium trial membership as a taster.

      Thanks again Will.

      – Philip.

  12. Jerry Huang | Smart Affiliate Success

    Thanks for this very in-depth review about Affilorama. I’ve personally looked into this program by Mark Ling before and I can agree with most of your points.

    Yes, it’s a legit program but when it’s compared to Wealthy Affiliate side by side, there’s still a gap between those two. Wealthy Affiliate is obviously superior to Affilorama in many ways like you’ve mentioned.

    Anyway, last time when I looked into it, their training is not that updated. Is it still the case as for now?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jerry,

      I have read that some of their videos need to be up dated. Honestly, I did not notice that. I did not see anything saying that this training is out of date etc. So, it would appear to be updated now, best to what I have observed.

      Hmm, yes, there is a gap indeed and the biggest point for me was a slow support system. They did reply to me by email but that is simply not quick enough when you consider our #1 offers out instant help and advice 24/7.

      Thanks again Jerry for stopping by and I really do appreciate your comment.

      – Philip.

  13. Tony

    Affilorama sounds like it has the potential to be a decent platform but I am not a big fan of constant upsells either. I also don’t like when the language of scammers is being used. Great comparison table between WA and Afillorama. The community support and site support is a big plus with WA. Great read!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tony,

      Yes, I found that very odd that they would promote in a style that is not trusted anymore. Well, I guess that was the era it comes from. Support is just one of the key components that if its missing will lose you a ton of members! Has to be right.

      Thanks again Tony, much appreciate your comment.

      – Philip.

  14. Win

    Hi Philip. Thanks for sharing this comparison about the two trusted affiliate marketing platform. This is very helpful to aspiring online marketers.
    It’s a big help for me that I read your honest review about affilorama so that I have something to share to my friends that are still looking for other sites to test.
    Having some additional up-sells is a bit annoying for me as. It just reduces one’s trust.
    I came across this affilorama website before when I was doing my research on how to get started with online business. I was trying to get some information about doing an online business without an actual store and found out that affiliate marketing is the way to do it. I didn’t sign up for the free trial because I found Wealthy Affiliate to be the #1 after reading and watching its reviews over and over.
    24/7 support is very important which I see in Wealthy Affiliate. Also, the premium price is affordable especially if I go with the yearly plan.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Win,

      Thank you very much for you comment on this article, I appreciate it very much. Yes, Affilorama are very trusted bu they do appear to be missing a few things. Slight tweaks would catapult into higher esteem and membership I’d imagine. The up-sells can be annoying because when is enough actually enough? Personally, one does not need so much to spend all that money to learn how to do what is being promised by Mark Ling’s platform.

      Thanks again Win.


  15. Jessica Lauren Vine

    Wow Philip, what an amazing and in depth review.

    I agree with your points on Affilorama. While they are not a scam, I much prefer Wealthy Affiliate since it is so easy to get help through the courses and also through the amazing community. It really blows me away!

    Thank you for the awesome read.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jessica,

      Thank you very much for your comment on this article. Seems like it is getting popular today. For sure, I just find WA user friendly and the support is nearly instant at times. Though it does have a few problems, overall I have to always give it a thumbs up.

      Comparatively, Affilorama Platform have many many happy members that are earning well and just achieving with their own websites. That was one of the reasons I knew Mark Lings product was solid.

      Thanks again Jessica.

      – Philip.

  16. Robert M Doyle

    Excellent article! With so many scams out there, it was nice to read about these that are not. Wealthy Affiliate I believe is the best opportunity. The price is the best and the experience and interaction and support is all there to help one be successful. The presence of a forum on a site as an asset was interesting to me. Your point about having one on a site as an indicator of a legitimate site was insightful. Thanks for sharing this well-written thorough post.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Robert,

      Thank you ever so much for your comment Robert, I feel very complimented as well, and thank you for that as well. Yes, many hours went into this article to be accurate and informative. Can be tough enough at times but when done it is always worth the effort.

      Oh yes, so forums as we know as places where members may gather to chat. When there is no forum, more often then not, this is to stop member complaints alerting newbies of it being deceitful. So, that is why I always look for a forum.

      Thanks again Robert – much appreciated.

      – Philip.

  17. Thabo

    This is the best Affilorama review I have seen so far. Affliorama definitely is a great platform and reputable from what I could read from your review.

    I believe people can really succeed in it. However my biggest concern is that Affilorama doesnt have a quick support.
    This is also one main thing why I would choose your number one recommendation (wealthy affiliate) any day and I am glad I did, because being in wealthy affiliate I have learnt a great deal about affiliate marketing and the benefits of getting support and a domain within their platform is the best feature for anyone who wants to succeed online.
    Thank you

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Thabo,

      Thank you very much for your comment here today Thabo. I really do appreciate your assessment of it as well for many hours and great effort went into compiling the data for others to make up their own minds.

      I was scammed a few times before I found WA. Actually, I was actively being slowly but surely sucked into another platform that, turns out, the founder had done time in prison for ripping off many of his top affiliates – WOW! It was a WA article that saved me from that, and for that, I am very lucky and very grateful for it.

      Thanks again Thabo and I really do appreciate your comment.

      – Philip.

  18. Josh

    Is great that you go into so much depth to establish best what you can get from Affilorama as a whole. I find it useful to the see the free and paid packages for the programme scrutinized as you have done in the article. For someone who is relatively new to affiliate marketing, it’s good to see it compared against Wealthy Affiliate to provide a good measure of how they both hold up.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Josh,

      Thank you very much for your comment on my review here comparing two good and trusted online platforms. Given I have sometime now been a member our my #1 Choice, and signed up to Affilorama as a free member, I had a good base line to what to look for per monies relative to services.

      Yes, those new to affiliate marketing should consider both, however, Wealthy Affiliate does indeed simply walks you all the way to online success – that is the bottom line! Affilorama is lacking support and actually bombards you with email after email of info I am already expert in – bit heavy on the sales side of things for me.

      Thanks again Josh.

      – Philip.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Derek,

      Thank you kindly for your recommendation here today. Both programs are very legit indeed, but based on the overwhelming evidence, my #1 choice has yet to be toppled. Should I find something that does – then I will be very impressed indeed!

      Thanks again Derek.

      – Philip.

  19. Tito Zella

    Hi Philip!
    Thanks for your most comprehensive reviews for Affilorama. It is so helpful for anyone wishing to pursue online business and does not know where to start. From the comparison you made between Affilorama and Wealthy affiliate, it is obvious that Wealthy affiliate offers much more training and support and even the monthly membership cost is also cheaper as compared to Affilorama.
    Thank you for such educational article, keep it up!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tito,

      I was my pleasure to actually recommend Affilorama but Wealthy Affiliate did win this comparison. I really appreciate your time regarding your comment. Yes, WA is cheaper and very affordable to every one. The Founders had a vision of wanting to make, what people had to get into huge debt via college and university to learn in the past, affordable to all who wants to earn online. For that, I am forever grateful 🙂 .

      Great to hear from you Tito and see you around some time.

      – Philip.

  20. Vicki

    Hi Phillip
    I really enjoyed this article. I have tried a few online so-called biz opportunities and unfortunately have been bitten a few times as well
    I joined Wealthy Affiliates and have had nothing but support ever since day 1
    I guess that is why Wealthy Affiliates is ranked No 1
    People have to be so careful online and this article clarifies so many things so thank you

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Vicki,

      Yes, I was scammed a few times myself. Not nice for sure. Makes one feel physically sick when it happens and there is not much that can be done about it if the scammer does their jobs right. Awful.

      I am here at Wealthy Affiliate some time and found Affilorama, though good and legit, just not quite up to WA’s standard.

      Thanks again for stopping by Vicki- Philip.

  21. Sanders

    Philip, Great review and comparison of what I think of as the Big 2. I have not tried Affilorama, I’m not a big fan of upsells or the more aggressive sales approach some companies use. The lack of Customer Support is also a concern. I am also a member of WA, and have found it to be a fantastic learning platform, for many of the reasons you mentioned. The 24/7 Live Chat is almost essential for getting questions answered quickly and the two times I have used Site Support I have had my issues resolved within minutes. Thanks for the review!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sanders,

      Thank you ever so much for your comment here today. I really do appreciate your time. I was a little surprised that Affilorama only had peoples blogs and then you can comment underneath, as we are doing here, but that is NOT quick enough for anyone! Not good and it seemed very quiet I mean there was no one there to turn to ask any questions. I can only imagine how many people have landed on their site over the years and just left. That is leaving money on the table right there, not good for sure.

      Thanks again Sanders.

      – Philip.

  22. Maun

    Great article Philip, thank you.

    I was a member of Affilorama for several months when I started out online. As a newbie, I was confused which membership package I had to choose within Affilorama. This is really frustrating for newbies.

    Wealthy Affiliate is also my number one choice for affiliate marketing. In the past a few years, they have helped me a lot in building up my own affiliate marketing business.

    Thank you for the nice review, and plan to check in, and see where you go next.

    All the best!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Maun,

      Thank you so much for your comment on our Member Affilorama Review. I too was a little confused but they are still a good quality company providing a legit service. For that we recommend them as a legit alternative to Wealthy Affiliate.

      Yes, WA has too many resources to list just here. I am glad you found it as it is an invaluable resource for earning potential.

      Thanks again Maun, see you around inside the platform some time.

      – Philip.

  23. Matts Mom

    Wow, really great review on Affilorama. I can see from all the information you have provided, that this is something I will probably not sign up with. I can see that they do have happy members, but I have found another company called Wealthy Affiliate, and I really love the platform, the training, the community, everything. They just can’t be beat!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Matts Mom.

      Thank you for your comment on this Affilorama review Matts Mom. Yes, I like Affilorama but Wealthy Affiliate really did come out on top on their own merits.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.

      – Philip.

  24. Craig

    How was your comparable experience with technical support on each of the sites? I usually do ok on my own finding my way around, but this is an open area of interest for me.

    I’ve often found even with major hosting companies that I’ve used in the past that they don’t understand the questions I ask them and simply do things like reset my server etc. which doesn’t solve my problems.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Craig,

      There really is no comparison. Wealthy Affiliate is 24/7 and help for answers and Affiorama has some way to go to achieve the same standard.

      HAHA, you should write a manual for them and give it to them – might improve the service heeh.

      Thanks again Craig,

      – Philip.

  25. Ivan Brozincevic

    Hi Philip

    Amazing review! I was a member of Affilorama for a short, very short time. I was trying to learn my first steps and I found them first. I haven’t found any value in their training program so I refused any kind of up-sale. It was even frustrating how many emails I’ve got from Mark Ling and his team. I don’t like to be pushed into anything I don’t want so I hate to see aggressive sellers like them.

    Anyway, I agree with your comparison to WA. I mean, numbers don’t lie 🙂

    All the best,

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ivan,

      I am sorry to hear your experience as a member of Affilorama was not to your liking. I hear you on the aggressive advertising and I do believe it is of its time. No longer is that 100% and people are too fast wising up to it. It can cost a lot of sales for sure.

      I am getting lots of emails from Affilorama but no answer to a question I posed 2 days ago – not good. Support needs big improvment.

      Thanks again Ivan for stopping by and hope to hear from you again.

      – Philip.

  26. hong

    I have read other Affilorama reviews. I found your by far the most comprehensive and most helpful. I liked how you compared Affilorama with Wealthy affiliate with a picture. I am a visual learner, so side by side comparison was super helpful. Wealthy affiliate definitely offers much more trainings and support than Affilorma and the monthly membership cost is also cheaper than Affilorma. Thank you for putting this review together. I am sure many others would also appreciate this information. As always, thank you for keeping all of us informed. Looking forward to your next article.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Hong,

      Thank you very much for your endorsement of this Affilorama Review. I worked on it to be as accurate and informative as possible. I am happy the visual aids did their job and one can only hope there are not too much of them.

      Thanks again Hong.


  27. Gary

    I came across Affilorama some years ago before I was even aware of Wealthy Affiliate and bought the AffiloBlueprint and Affilojetpack products. They were $97 +$67/mth and $497 respectively at the time. From you review, it looks like some of the prices have gone up.

    I cancelled my AffiloBlueprint subscription after month 2 (and actually sought and received a refund for the second month). I just didn’t feel there was anything in the course that I hadn’t already seen elsewhere. I did keep AffiloJetpack as it allows you to download a years worth of emails plus some free products to give away as lead magnets if you want to build a list – which I was trying to do at the time.

    In total, 6 of these packages were available from a collection of maybe 12 or 15 niches.

    I found that some of the emails in for the Affiliate Marketing niche were out of date (things change rapidly in this niche as we all know) and I had to alert them to this. They did issue updates some days later. So they were responsive to my support request. They’ve issued periodic updates to this and other niche packs I’ve used from them.

    I wasn’t successful at getting sales from these email series though. That probably says more about my lack of experience in building lists at the time and not driving the right kind of traffic to them. I think this applies to any email series you can buy or even create yourself, so I don’t blame Affilorama for this.

    I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate since I found it back in 2015. While it’s $20 cheaper per month than Affilorama it provides ongoing updates to its training materials and support is fantastic. The community there is another huge plus and something that was missing in Affilorama.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Gary,

      Thank you so much for you in depth review from your own experience as a member of Affilorama. The AffiloJetPack is the Top Package and I do see a lot of value in it. Just wish it weren’t so 1 time payment pricey is all. However, that is all the training they have for 1 time payment so that is good as well. However, when bought, is there any support in case you get stuck? I don’t think so – but then – I never bought it myself so when love to hear from other members who have, and, is there support?

      Thanks again Gary,


  28. John

    What a great review of Affiloramna. It was my teaching pad to the world of affiliate marketing. It helps me to discover my self. I just did a review too. I felt that they are not as relevant as they were before. Can people still make money through Affilorama.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi John,

      Wish to thank you for your comment regarding your experience with Affilorama. They could definitely improve the platform for sure. For example, I have asked a question and days later still no reply. Not OK. Anyways, I find them a little frustrating but they are selling a valuable product others are buying. This definitely makes their affiliate program desirable to join.

      Thanks Again John,


  29. Jimbo

    Great Article! Lots of information… I have been scammed a few times, its good t see a competitve company that isn’t a scam.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      `Hi Jimbo,

      Yes, I know what you mean. Affilorama is definitely a good online company, though need some improvements, I am happy to back them as a good and trusted online company.

      Thanks again John


  30. Wanda

    AH, what a great review on what is http://www.affilorama.com!

    I have been on this website before because of your review on EUmoney.win – whom I was scammed by – and after reading your article, decided to try your Nr1 Recommendation – Wealthy Affiliate! I must say, I have not looked back since and am truly happy with the platform so far.
    So, I know your recommendations are legit and that you can be trusted.

    I am glad that there are more platforms out there that will help you to make money online in a legitimate manner. So thanks for also bringing Affilorama to my attention. And the comparison between Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate was really handy as I now know the standards of Wealthy Affiliate, so it was easy to “see” how the two compares!

    Sincerely, thank you for helping people like me learn how to make an honest living online, by exposing the “baddies” and giving us quality reviews of the ones that DO matter and are legitimate.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Wanda,

      Thank you so much for you view on our Affilorama review and also on Wealthy Affiliate. We do appreciate your time in this matter and also the comment.

      – Philip.

  31. Eric Cantu

    Thank you so much for the thorough review. Wow. If platforms like Affilorama didn’t have all the upsells maybe they’d get more of my attention. I had looked this one up back when I was doing some research in this area and those prices just seemed steep.

    Thanks for your honesty. I can see it’s not a scam, just a bit steep for my taste. Thank you!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Eric,

      Thank you very much for you comment and the time it took to make it as well, it is very much appreciated. I hear you for sure on the prices but then again there are a lot of programs out charging more. I guess it seems pricey compared to the very affordable price offered at Wealthy Affiliate Minus any Up – Sells!

      As mentioned to in this article, if a little bit more support was offered when you first land, I truly believe it would make all the difference. The sheer lack of stimulation of other members made it seemed like there was no one on there. Of course, this is not true but it is a bad impression for sure.

      I think if they are going to charge $67 a month then you should get a bit more for your buck.

      Thanks again Eric and hope to hear from you again some time soon.

      – Philip.

  32. Sophia M

    Before I became a loyal member to Wealthy Affiliate, I was first a member of Affilorama . At the time I was offered a sweet deal at $1 for first month “membership” at Affilorama and then $67 thereafter. The membership came with access to a “Video Vault” of insider tips and secrets, so when I jumped on that $1 sweet deal, I immediately downloaded the videos that they had available and canceled my membership. Nothing special about those videos, no “insider tips” really just generic stuff you can find on YouTube so there wasn’t any real value there. I can tell you that they do not update their video vault at all.

    Wealthy Affiliate is way more of a better deal because you only pay $50 a month and you are given access to training that is unmatched by anyone else. The training at WA is so detailed and comes with 24/7 hour support. Forget waiting 24 to 48 hours for an answer. Our site support at WA answers your ticket within minutes. And not to mention the live chat room is always available. There just is nothing that compares to WA at all.

    I like how you compare both WA and Affilorama but overall we all know WA is WAAAAY better. I mean, Affilorama is not a scam but they just aren’t worth it. Why pay $67 a month when you can pay $50 for better value? And why on earth throw down $1000 on someone else building you a website that you yourself are going to have to figure out how to promote – anyway! Right? Wealthy Affiliate is the practical and smart choice to make.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sophia,

      Great to hear from you and thank you so much for such a detail account of your member experience with Affilorama. I really do appreciate your input here.

      Personally, I was not aware of the Video Vault! This is the problem on landing there without support. If I had of been aware then perhaps I woulda gone for the $1 deal to download the videos. I just thought that was the price of your first month, which no doubt it is, but NOT AWARE of such a great deal.

      The up-sells are a bit off putting but that is only my opinion. Affilorama has plenty happy, productive and more importantly earning members. This is only positive and is why, despite my own slight gripes with it, I stand behind it as good way to make money online – but – not the best way, clearly.

      Thanks again Sophia and I really do appreciate your input here.

      – Philip.

      1. Sophia M

        Hey Philip, thank you for responding to me!

        Some of the video tutorials in Affiloramas vault included: “Quality Outsourcing” “Facebook Traffic Secrets” “PPC Advertising” and “Sales and Traffic Secrets” but some of the information they give in the video is outdated I could tell. Google algorithms have changed a lot in the past few years since they first made these videos so don’t worry you are not really missing out.

        But I agree with you, that when it comes down to it, Wealthy Affiliate has WAY more videos and training and is a way better resource. Their videos are updated daily and you get insights from many different perspectives, not just from Mark Ling.

        So if you ask me, I would say that Wealthy Affiliate sounds like the more practical option to chose if you want to learn how to make an online business and drive traffic to it organically.


        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Sophia,

          WOW, you really are very knowledgeable of Affilorama. Thank you ever so kindly for filling in the caps about them. Really appreciate your time and another comment regarding their materials.

          – Philip.

  33. Danielle

    Hello Philip!

    Thank you for writing a review on what is www affilorama .com. It is a breath of fresh air to come across a good review of a company that is not a scam. The best thing ever is that I trust your judgement.

    Some people review programs and always put other companies in the wrong just so they can peddle their favourite. You were really fair here.

    I find it intriguing here how the two companies you compared started off almost at the same time. Probably the biggest disadvantage affilorama’s founder has is that he worked on his dream alone. I believe there is a huge potential in bouncing ideas between people with the same dream. It creates something more dynamic and more successful.

    So for those things you strongly wondered about we will put them down to Mark Ling is a man with a big dream but working all alone so he is bound to get some things drastically wrong. From experience I honestly know how walking a path to build a dream is much stronger when you work with someone who believes in the same things you do.

    Wealthy affiliate is even luckier to have a solid community that strongly believes in the dream too.

    Whilst affilorama has a forum, wealthy affiliate has a community. This once again puts affilorama at a disadvantage. His progress is bound to be much slower compared to Wealthy Affiliate. There is always that speed and strength in numbers especially with an avid community of the likes of that of wealthy affiliate community. It has a power of it’s own with industry experts and professionals towing the line. It couldn’t be better.

    All this affords Wealthy Affiliate an ability to keep their membership fee’s down and progress at an unprecedented pace. It’s no longer a two man show but a million member power.

    For all these reasons Wealthy Affiliate wins. It keeps abreast with all new things online and that is a big one. Members never fear that they wake up one morning and realize everything they are doing is outdated! Wealthy Affiliate keeps abreast with the times.

    This is one thing about Wealthy Affiliate – there is a fearlessness that comes with knowing the road one is travelling.

    Thank you for being fair in your review. Is http://www.Affilorama .com Scam or Legit? As you have said – it is not but Wealthy Affiliate comes up trumps!

    Thanks Philip.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      WOW! That is a wonderful comment 🙂 . I think I am going to delete half of this post and replace it with your words instead. Well said Danielle and thank you so kindly for your take on this article.

      I certainly do believe Affilorama is more than Legit and Honest. I do recommend them as one of the good and trusted online companies. So points not impressed with but they are avid and passionate about helping others to succeed. That is good enough for me.

      Thanks Again Danielle and for all of you nice words as well.

      – Philip.

  34. Joo

    Hi Philip,
    Thank you for the very detailed review of Affilorama! It’s great to know that this is an honest training platform. But personally I’d be put off by the cost of it, to have to fork out a thousand dollars before I start earning anything.

    I love how you dive right into their program to join the free membership in order to do this review. This really gives us an in-depth and insider view to how things run at Affilorama. This is not something every review website will do. I’m so impressed, it’s no wonder you get tens of thousands of traffic to your website per month! You deserve it!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Joo,

      Yes, I hear you on the cost. It is not that expensive in comparison to others online. I once nearly signed up to an Irish Company online. I did not know what I was doing. They nearly made me part with 2.5k for SEO and Social Media Marketing Training – I refused. I had the money at this time. Years later, if I had of run into Affilorama then I would have only taken the training but maybe no upgrade. Wealthy Affiliate however gave me a free start and I am earning pretty well now.

      Yes, the traffic side of things are going very well and one must be consistent to maintain and even add to it constantly it. It is great and I could not have imagined getting so much so quickly but that is the power of the training I receive.

      Thanks again Joo.


  35. Simon

    I wish I had read this informative review comparing the benefits of Affilorama with Wealthy Affiliate during my initial search.
    I primarily had interest in both companies to teach me how to genuinely affiliate market but chose Wealthy Affiliate because they appeared more community focussed with promises of 24/7 help & support for every member whilst their program didn’t comprise a step ladder of upsells which, to be honest, turns me off.
    On account of Wealthy Affiliate offering a genuine try before you buy package, I thought I’d step on board to see whether this style of business suited. Further on, I joined premium simply because you’re not tied to any sort of contract, you can cancel at any time.
    You mention Affilorama’s help & support is there but slow. I can say Wealthy Affiliate’s platform
    is purely member focussed, you can ask questions in every lesson, live chat, contact the founders, ask via private messaging or write out a detailed question to the whole community. I have partaken in all methods and received immediate-thorough help meanwhile I have never waited longer than 5 minutes for website support.
    Thankfully you’re honest with regards to time & earnings. Granted, there’s no ceiling to what can be earned operating this kind of business but it takes time to attract the required visitor numbers before earnings reach this level.
    All the best, great comparison review,

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Simon,

      Affilorama is one of the respected and trusted online companies of its kind. I wrote this review as a free member and only from that point of view. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over 1 year and so kept on drawing comparisons – I am just so used to having everything right in front of me I guess.

      Affilorama members appear very happy and earning and it is no way a scam – no where even close. Though I do take issue with being sold to that often as Affilorama does – its just annoying.

      I recommend them as one of the good and trusted online companies sincere in their intention to train and help others earn good money online for the long term. Approved!

      Thanks again Simon.

      – Philip.


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