What Is www.Advocare.com? Is www.Advocare.com a Pyramid Scam!

By | February 16, 2018

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Investigation to Answer What Is www.Advocare.com

What Is www.Advocare.com and is it really a Pyramid Scheme.

This review will answer What Is www.Advocare.com, is Advocare.com an illegal Pyramid Scheme, can you make good money with Advocare and the Best Way To Maximize Your Chances of Making Money with them. However, it is not a review of their products of which has been saturated elsewhere. I will begin by saying – NO!they are not a pyramid scheme and this only comes from those that tried and did not succeed. This is an unbiased/unaffiliated review so you know I have no prejudice or affiliate links anywhere in this post regarding them.

Without adequate training many will/have failed to make it with Advocare. That is not their fault. Too many of their distributors are not trained in online world marketing, which, if they were would be successful indeed. Should you require full details how to do this then you can click >HERE< for my Wealthy Affiliate Review or >HERE< to sign up for such training.




What Is www.Advocare.com, Owner Details and Chances of Success.

Let’s get down to answering what is www.Advocare.com by saying they are a weight loss company. They run an affiliate program as well. The year was 1993 when a one Charles E. Ragus (Founder of Advocare) wanted to help be a “Difference Maker”.

He set down 10 guiding principles to his new company in the pursuit of developing health products for weight loss. Such products can be categorized as weight loss drinks, snacks etc. He also had a vision of helping many people earn a living by being an Advocare Distributor. Main question here is:- Is being a Distributor for their Products Profitable?


Income Disclosure for Advocare Distributors



Taken from their own website we have an out-of-date income disclosure revealing pretty poor averages for the number of distributors.


Advocare has over half a million members with 412,408 who earned nothing! All else after that is incidental and might as well-being flogging a dead horse to further prove being a Distributor is not profitable for most.


Who’s fault is this? Well, they give their Distributors a High Quality Product that you can make money from once resold. You buy it at a 20%/40% discount and make profit on the difference. Unfortunately, this is BEFORE SHIPPING AND TAX.

They are an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Company that is not an illegal pyramid scheme. Many are complaining online that it is because so much of the money goes up lines. This is evidenced by their Income Disclosure from the company, however, the company would do a bit better to teach their distributors how to market to 4 Billion Internet Users that regularly log into the World Wide Web!! This is the future and many famous real world companies have gone under because they ignored this fact.

The Fault Ultimately lies with the person signing up to be a Distributor because they are (in essence) applying for a job that they are not trained for. Sure! You can do it the old fashion way and through house parties to try to flog your items to family and friends, but, that is old and tired and actually people don’t like that kind of real world spamming – its just awkward 🙁 .

Of course, you could get a license to stand outside of a busy shopping complex all day when people are RUSHING PAST YOU to get their shopping done and go home! Every time I was stopped this way my instinct is to run – this don’t work either guys 🙁 .

The Best way to make decent money in MLM’s is to make many sign ups! Should you be able to do this then you can profit from your down line’s sales and of course their fee’s. However, it is very difficult to convince people to join such MLM’s without a Global Reach.



A Real Way To Make Money In Any MLM!

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YES! You read that accurately.




Imagine if you will being able to land your YouTube video showing people your products. Imagine that video landing top of the pile for words people used to find people like you.

It is not rocket science you know – its just some necessary training targeting hundreds of thousands of people searching for a product like yours. Even a tiny portion of the Internets Traffic would create sustainable wealth for anyone.

No more jumping around Facebook Groups, Twitter etc and landing your affiliate links where ever you are allowed.

You can learn how to make your sales leads come to you. Same way you found my article here is the same way Wealthy Affiliate can teach you to get others to find your products.


The Process is simple enough:-


  • You write about your product(s).
  • Apply SEO that makes Google land your article Page 1 – the guaranteed hot spot for free traffic!
  • People Search Google, Yahoo and Bing for the keywords you have sprinkled in your article and VOIELA – They click on your post 🙂 !!



Should you create your content correctly, and I assure you the training and myself will show you how, people will buy from you. NOT ALL! That is a fairy tale fantasy to think that. But enough to make a healthy living.

Now imagine you have 100 articles on Googles Page 1 with your product affiliate links all pointing to sales! Upscale that by 500 articles, 1000 articles and why stop there?


We are of course are talking about:-




The same skills we used to land this article for you to read it will be the same skills taught to you should you want to be a success within Advocare. Not only will you attract an audience that wants to sell your product (which is usually the main source of income in any MLM) you will also make a healthy living from selling those usually hard to sell products.

All that any member of ANY MLM business needs is to step away from warm selling and flier hand outs, convention going and other such waste of time things that costs Distributors too much money. NO! Let the Internet bring YOU YOUR CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE – this is the very real consequence of having your own website.


How Much Does This Training Cost? It is Free to Start. 7 Day Premium Trial. First Month Special is $19 and $49 thereafter. No up sales. Free Keyword Tool courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate. Free Video Training (Phase 1) Given. See tables below for further benefits for Free Members and Premium Members:-





You can click the chart above to join Wealthy Affiliate to Learn How To Make Product Sales with a Global Reach or Click >HERE< TO START 🙂 .


We will now deliver our SCAM RATING on Advocare.









THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! The way we have suggested selling any MLM product is the #1 Recommendation of this website and we will be receiving questions – should you have any – regarding it. Perhaps you signed up to the MLM we have just reviewed? What was your experience? Did you make a great success financially or was it a loss all the way through? I know those taxes and shipping costs can be a killer. Bright side though you don’t have to keep an inventory unlike some MLM’s I have investigated. We hope to have answered to your full curiosity What Is www.Advocare.com and endeavored to show the most profitable way to market your products online. Farewell every one and looking forward to all of your comments and questions to come 🙂 .



2 thoughts on “What Is www.Advocare.com? Is www.Advocare.com a Pyramid Scam!

  1. AJ

    I have to say this is not bad. I use to do mlm’s in a way, but got frustrated. This is and isint in a way. But its good. I love doing things online and if people can target mlm’s online that would be much smarter. Very nice read. Whats your number 1 recommendation you think?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi AJ,

      Thanks AJ and yes I do know what you mean. It is and not an MLM depending on the primary focus of the company. With Advocare they seem very passionate about their products but it is common for all MLM’s to make most of its income via referrals.

      I am very tempted myself to Build an Entire Website Around such an MLM and Market their products – land those articles Page 1 on Google and sit back after a year and just count my commissions!!

      My number 1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate who can show any online MLM member (Distributor) to make money selling their own products to nearly 4 BILLION ONLINE! You can’t really beat that not when Two Free Websites thrown in, Ten Free Video Lessons and a 7 Day Premium Trial with No CC TO START- I mean you won’t find that anywhere else online, I know, because I looked.


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