What Is WowPTC? Is WowPTC a Scam or Legit?

By | December 28, 2017

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$150 Per Click! What Is WowPTC and is it a Fraud?

Trying to find an answer to what is WowPTC (or wowptc. com) and if WowPTC is safe or a complete scam? My review of WowPTC will explain incredible payment claims, the fake work they offer and the other option of advertising space for cash – comes with a catch in their TOS section! WowPTC promotes other PTC sites on their Home Page and I found some to be new PTC scams as well. They further ‘trigger’ my suspicions when they offer INSTANT PAYMENT = a sign (just another ‘sign’) of an online scam. I will collate all these ‘signs’ to leave you in no doubt to your next move.

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What Is WowPTC Minus the ‘WOW’ Effect.

What Is WowPTC is simply a PTC (paid to click) where you can earn $150 per click on advertisements. The average click pay is just either 1 cent or it is two cents. So, $150 for ONE ‘click’ on someone’s ad is financially not practical or even possible. This is one reason why I am not endorsing WowPTC as no legit site offers such huge pay for far too easy work. They offer INSTANT PAYMENTS which is quite unusual given that is another ‘sign’ or ‘signal’ of an on going online scam. All PTC sites pay so little and this is why they can not be endorsed. For time and effort the money is worthless to collect!

Briefly, if you see a site offering INSTANT PAYMENTS you should be cautious and not too quick to judge. Just like reading someone’s body language, just because they itch their nose, does not mean they are lying. But if they ‘itch’ their nose, pupils dilate and a ‘shifting’ away of their body, is considered to be a cluster and safely labeled as a lie! WowPTC has certainly many clusters of lies. However, for your own knowledge, ‘Instant Payment’, does not mean it is a scam site…look for other signs before drawing an accurate conclusion on determining if a PTC site is a scam or not.


what is wowptc


Incredibly, you can earn $1500 per day working on their site! Many online bloggers can’t even make five hundred dollars weekly, or at least struggle to hit that target, so how can anyone earn that amount just for clicking on ads? Well, common sense must tell us that it is not possible and so their way of doing business can not be up held and true. WHOIS details for WowPTC shows they started in 9/9/016 and expires 9/9/018! PTC sites that are not legit typically will only exist online for 1 year and for only 2 years at a time. In terms for a site online, this is a hit-and-run scenario and ANOTHER SIGN OF A SCAM! How many signs is that by now? Certainly a cluster and ‘clusters’ only exist when a lie has been told.

PTC sites will only ever net you enough cash to call it pocket money and may take months to earn a few quid! This is why PTC websites pay is worthless and not recommended.

You can upgrade for $5 (don’t do this) and earn 30 cents for every referral click. $00.30 just for someone to click on your affiliate link? Even THAT! – is too high and not true any part of the PTC Industry. Every Referral that upgrades through you is $30.00 and seems to be one of only reasonable aspects of their site. No Minimum Cash out, as covered above, simply means INSTANT PAYMENT – just a clever rewording to watch out for. You get 10 advertisements per day equating to their promised day rates.

Viewing the advertisements will redirect you to other websites which is not wise as who knows if auto download malware has just been triggered etc! Should you still be promoting them please stop for you will not get paid. Upon request for your cash, the usual rigmarole, is you will be required to upgrade or do something kind of task requiring you to pay money. This is how they get money out of you before you realize it is not real. Let us now look at their advertising scam side of things per their TOS (Terms of Service).


Advertising Space Scam.

Once you place your ad on WowPTC, per their TOS under ‘ADVERTISEMENTS’ heading, the first line states the following:- For every 24 hour period you can earn money, for each ad, JUST ONCE!!! What if you made 100 unique sales per ad in any given 24 hour period, then I would like to know, where does the rest of YOUR PROFITS GO TO!? Does not make any sense and another valuable sign of a lie. I have reworded it but that is the gist of it.

Their TOS is saying the same thing many times and thus makes that section of their site highly generic. Professional and Legit PTC sites are not generic and highly specific – thus – such language is ANOTHER sign of dishonest. You must use your full name and legit PayPal, PerfectMoney and Payoneer and looks likes a phishing exercise to sell on for further profit. REMEMBER:- NO ONE KNOWS WHO RUNS THIS SITE!!!









Do you have something to say about what has been written here? Did I get something wrong or would you like to add further info I have not covered? They still have a significant amount of time yet to scam people so spreading the word on these guys will help lessen their profits. Should you have already encountered the site reviewed you are certainly welcome to share that in the comment box below to help others avoid the same online pitfalls. I truly hope this article has answered What Is WowPTC to help one and all make a decision that is best for you. Thanks for ‘clicking’ and I hoped I helped you out a little – Take Care for Now! πŸ™‚ .


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Looking forward to all of your comments and seeing you again πŸ™‚ .

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