What Is WoWearnings.com? SCAM OR LEGIT? Reviews of ‘Suspect’ Sites!!

By | October 22, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online ScamsWhat Is WoWearnings.com Without A Little Malware.

I landed on this website and soon was smiling in disbelief at how crazy scam like it looks. It should be called WowNoearnings. Welcome to WoWearnings.com review as I do reviews to see if websites are just fraud, not legit, not safe, real, genuine or trustworthy. This one is, by customer complaints, just heartless! Why was I am smiling in no time at this site? The pay is TOO high for such easy and little work. I have been through many con sites and they always end the same way – ‘WOW‘ – no ‘earnings’. Alright, enough of the ‘puns‘, lets get going! (stop smiling…).



WEBSITE:- wowearnings.com.
CREATED:- Been around a long time. 15/7/2003.


CONTACT DETAILS:- Yes! Displayed on their website. However, it is not in email format, thus, Fake!

SCAM RATING:- 30/100%! for making me laugh so hard! Otherwise, it would be zero, I love comedians.

#1 RECOMMENDATION:- Wealthy Affiliate – The Home Of Internet Marketing Online Since 2005.



What Is Wowearnings.com and its $25 in 12 Minutes Offer.

Yes, you read that right. $25 in twelve minutes. But for what? For reading email adverts. Successfully referring other ‘unfortunates’ to this scam website. ‘Clicking‘ on advert banners. Making money by joining up to ‘exciting offers‘. ‘Offers‘ usually involving signing up to something via payment to (what?) earn money? Don’t make sense. All that would take more than that time they say thus depending on human curiosity to see if it is true as well.

There is a picture of a man and a woman with humongous smiles distastefully flaunting fist fulls of cash on their Home Page as a ‘convince’er’. AWESOMESIGN ME UP!!

They say they have fast payments for money earned by people. It is so fast it takes three whole days (72 hours) to get you duper-super fast cash! There is a ‘huge’ check of $29 trying to get people to ‘imagine’ receiving this money in three days. OK, I doing just that…I just lost 1 second of my life and I want compensation for valuable time wasted!!

I am not exactly ‘twitching‘ to quit my day job just yet. “Erm”, no, still not there.

Though from 03, the website looks like it is from day 1 of the internet, and is sheer raw HTML therefore existing in the Durassic Era! Nothing about it is believable and nothing about it should you believe.

Let us now do a fair comparison between wow earnings and Wealthy Affiliate, of which, I am one of over 800,000 other Specialists in Affiliate Marketing.

If you have a look at the table below you will see what you get for a Free and Premium Accounts. Most of what you get from Wealthy Affiliate in the FREE Account, I kid you not, YOU would Have to Pay thousands for. Don’t believe me? Have a look and Google the prices of all the separate freebies and get back to me in the comments section below. I am open to being proven to be wrong. When you Sign Up, with serious intention to making money online for the long term and with work, I know you will love it! After years of searching for a real way online WA is the best that I have found, and industry professionals, agree with as Wealthy Affiliate is the Largest Online Community Affiliate Marketing Communtiy Online:-





Clearly you can see Wealthy Affiliate wins hands down. I recently found an online training course from the US. They were offering SEO training via live video tutorials. Cool. I know all about it anyways but I was curious about the price. So, they want 2K to teach via video all about SEO. DUDE! Too much. This is ONE of the first things you learn at Wealthy Affiliate as a ‘basic‘, not, as something to pay a not so small fortune for!!! After you upload your photo and fill out your bio to register in the system, SEO will no longer be three letters. It will be your Page 1 landing spot on Google (9/10) with WA on Google.! I am saying no more.

I am done with this review.’ WOW’STUPID is so ‘overtly’ a scam I just can’t be bothered to expend anymore time on something this obvious regarding its ‘fake’ behavior.


SCAM RATING:- LAUGHABLE SCAM! 9/100%! ‘9’ for being around for so long. No Value to anyone.


Sneak peek:- I strongly suggest you sign up to my Websites Free NEWSLETTER. I post daily to help you keep a head of the scams online, old and new, that are causing ‘damage’ right now to so many people. Top right of this post to do so.



Researching this particular scam site I came across a story of a disabled woman who signed up to them. ‘WOW’ runs special offers that you sign up to. This lady, in 2010, signed up to only five of these offers, which were only surveys, and she ended up receiving over 3.5K spam emails. Absolutely DISGUSTING! This is why I said this is ‘heartless‘ in the introduction. This (talking to myself “don’t swear”) really up sets me and I wish to expose them to the hilt!!


I would love to hear from you? Do you have experience with this website? Do you agree or disagree with anything I said in this review? Have you got a suspicion about something online? Leave it all in the comments section below as I ALWAYS respond to comments. I believe I have answered the question what is wowearnings.com and know this should be enough information to protect anyone from these ‘wow’ scammers. Thank you for reading my post and I look forward to all your comments. All the best and stay safe online guys!

2 thoughts on “What Is WoWearnings.com? SCAM OR LEGIT? Reviews of ‘Suspect’ Sites!!

  1. Akki Rock

    In these days, it’s very hard to believe on reviews also because there are number of guys giving there opinion and review for particular site and at the end they start promoting their own. If we check there site review, we are finding the same conclusion by someone else and that “someone” also start promoting their own and trying to convince that his method is legit.
    And the chain Continues on and on………………..
    So, if you are giving review for any website then give review only and choose another platform to promote yours.
    I hope you guys will take it seriously.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Akki,

      I warn others of online scams while making my own number recommendation.

      You, whoever you are,

      have no right to open your mouth to me in such a manner.

      Do I not have a right to carve out a financially successful website like everyone else?

      Make sense.



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